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  1. I have downloaded the newest Beta of Affinity Publisher. Every time I go to the Pages or Master Pages Panels to click on another page the app. instantly quits. Is anyone else having this issue?
  2. Working with the beta version today. So far...Awesome. I think the Resource, Font, and Section Manager panes should doc next to the Preferences tab. The current state of these panes reminds me of old Quark with window panes scattered all over the desktop. Also it would be nice to have a choice to add automatic text boxes to each page in the document setup.
  3. luv2draw

    Slide a node

    Another thing I would like to see changed is for the Node Handles to be a different shape or color than the Node. When they are close together it makes it difficult to know what you are grabbing.
  4. Liking where Designer and Photo are going. Tested out Designer simultaneously with Adobe Illustrator. Designer faired well. Sure not as many features yet and the import export to and from AI had a few issues but I would love to see someone make a viable alternative to the overpriced (but very good) Adobe Suite. I haven't found a DTP that comes close to Quark or Adobe ID yet so I am anxiously waiting for Affinity Publisher to come out. PS I hope you include Spreads and with separate inside and outside page margins and export to ePub.
  5. luv2draw

    Zoom Tool issues

    The zoom tool works but does not feel as refined as the Photoshop zoom. A keyboard command to have it zoom more slowly would be great. Sometimes I accidentally zoom in so quickly I get lost in the artwork.
  6. One small suggestion. When scrolling over the tools in the tool pallet, it would be nice if they gave you some feedback like highlighting or enlarging. Make the app feel more responsive to what you want. Also some of the shapes in the tool pallet should be combined to save space. This will give room for other tools that will be added later.

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