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  1. Yesterday, when sending my work to the printshop, I got a phonecall about a few graphics still being RGB / sRGB instead of CMYK. I fiddled around with all the graphics, exporting them again, replacing them. But then I remembered the resource manager, opened it and could find the RGB images quite easily. But also, a small request came up while doing this: Showing the colorspace and/or profile in the table of the resource manager, next to size maybe. I can imagine cases where it could take a lot of time to locate the one image that is still RBG instead of CMYK. ~ Martin
  2. Okay, guess this will be solved with 1.7 versions of Photo and Designer... Thanks!
  3. I've done a search but did nog find this earlier, if this was already reported I'm sorry for double posting this. I'm trying to copy content (shapes, text, curves) from Affinity Publisher (.227) to Affinity Desiger (1.6.1). When pasting, everything shifts, becoming a mess. Somehow it loses the registration points I guess. Tried some different approaches, (Copying group, no group, etc) but the same problem recurs.
  4. Will try that next week, keep you posted!
  5. Addon: Just discovered, this is also hapening when exportin the file from AF-Designer to PDF...Same bug? Or am I doing something wrong...
  6. This issue has been arround the whole beta now, I guess it has been reported before, but nevertheless, my take: I've made a front for a book in AFdesigner/AFPhoto, and placed it as a embedded document into the Publisher file. On export, the used layer-adjustments are garbled, somehow it looks like another documentsize is fed to the renderer, losing parts of the adjustments on the page. To clarify, this screenshot, the adjustment is only visible on half the image, and also not in the bleed area... Hope this helps, keep up the amazing work!
  7. In Beta 133, Mac. This is the case: I have a picture frame, filled with an .afphoto document. The pictureframe is extended into the bleed area. On PDF export, the .afphoto document is rendered with errors, it seems the adjustment layers are scaled wrong on export-time, resulting in garbled images. When 'rasterizing' the image in Publisher to prevent this, the image is rasterized in document bounds, not in the bleed bounds, so the bleed is lost when rasterizing, the pictureframe shrinks to documentbounds. Hope this description is clear.
  8. Beta 133: Small issue, but there nevertheless. I observe a color difference between my actual document and the thumbnails in the pages panel. Might be a RGB/CMYK thing?
  9. @Patrick Connor Yes, I've made that same observation. And the two options are not linked. If the 'bleed' is turned off under 'more' it will still be on in the export dialog, and vice-versa.
  10. Version Beta Just a small issue: when I delete a page, the 'delete' button (bin icon) is still enabled, but no page is automatically selected. I pressed the delete button again but nothing happens, and I feel confused, because I think some page somewhere is deleted. Idea: Disable the bin button after deleting, or auto select the next available page (blue border).
  11. Right now I work arround this changing the document layout from 'facing pages' to single page. Pre-press often needs bleed on four sides of the page. Perhaps add a viewmode that allows for pages to be viewed next to eachother, but each having their own bleed that can be toggled? Keep up the amazing work, love Publisher this far!