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  1. Fist off, I'm so happy with Publisher, it is an amazing piece of work. Thank you guys! Today I was working on various web and print projects, and noticed a few things: - The resource manager of Publisher is ace! Can we have this in Designer and Photo as well? - In Publisher: From the resource manager I would love to convert the colorspace/color profile of the embedded document. I re-used some web-assets in a print project. On the final check before printing I got RGB alerts. It would be so helpful if we could change this from the manager, or have an option to convert embedded documents to the document profile on import. Keep up the good work! /martin
  2. @Sean P Thank you so much, followed your instructions, brushes are back and everything is running. Cheers! And congrats on the 1.7 release!
  3. Oh my...No idea then! Might be a clue, I had some custom brushes as well...
  4. @postmadesign Try zipping only the com.seriflabs.affinitydesigner.old directory, not the entire \Users\username\Library\Containers\
  5. That did the trick! Running now! Yay! The crash-report attached. The affinitydesigner.old zipfile is about 150 mb's! Would you still like to have it? crash-87092.dmp
  6. Hope I do not spoil the party, but after installing the 1.7 version update from the Mac App Store I keep getting crashes when I start up the program. If needed I can reproduce and send crashreport. I'm on Mojave 10.14.5 (18F132) I tried deleting the app and reinstalling it. Same problem...
  7. Yesterday, when sending my work to the printshop, I got a phonecall about a few graphics still being RGB / sRGB instead of CMYK. I fiddled around with all the graphics, exporting them again, replacing them. But then I remembered the resource manager, opened it and could find the RGB images quite easily. But also, a small request came up while doing this: Showing the colorspace and/or profile in the table of the resource manager, next to size maybe. I can imagine cases where it could take a lot of time to locate the one image that is still RBG instead of CMYK. ~ Martin
  8. Version Beta Just a small issue: when I delete a page, the 'delete' button (bin icon) is still enabled, but no page is automatically selected. I pressed the delete button again but nothing happens, and I feel confused, because I think some page somewhere is deleted. Idea: Disable the bin button after deleting, or auto select the next available page (blue border).
  9. Right now I work arround this changing the document layout from 'facing pages' to single page. Pre-press often needs bleed on four sides of the page. Perhaps add a viewmode that allows for pages to be viewed next to eachother, but each having their own bleed that can be toggled? Keep up the amazing work, love Publisher this far!
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