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  1. Good, because it’s a show stopper if it’s not fixed. And just to be clear, this refers to a K only graphic in a CMYK document that’s exported as a PDF.
  2. Tried that. Doesn't make any difference. The problem remains. :-(
  3. Yes. Is your drop shadow K only? Seps.pdf
  4. OK, That's a major bug. See attached view of the seps using the pdf/x-4 stock profile Seps.pdf
  5. I was using PDF for print. When I use the pdf/x-4 stock profile the text is 100K over printing a 4/c drop shadow. Which is still wrong. Seps.pdf
  6. Sorry, but I didn't use the swatches palette. I specified the text as 100% K. Your version appears identical to mine. And when I export yours as a PDF it also converts from 100K to 4/C and the same wrong profile is embedded. I.e. There is no difference between your file and mine.
  7. A CMYK document in Black only (100K text/50%K drop shadow) with GRACoL profile selected and embedded still converts to a 4/C Black when exported as a PDF and the embedded profile changes to US Sheetfed Coated V2. Testing K only.afpub Testing K only.pdf
  8. Ah, a user bug. I'll have to talk to my developers about it.LOL I've never had that option with other apps so I never looked for it.
  9. No red dots for me. There is an inconsistency in how the text boxes work. Video "Text box 1" shows that sometimes you can make the text box shorter and the box gets shorter but the text doesn't disappear. But sometimes it works properly. Video "Text box 2" shows that sometimes you can make the text box shorter and the box gets shorter and the text does disappear. Note also that the red flag briefly shows but then disappears as the box gets shorter. However, no red dots appear. Text box 1.mov Text box 2.mov
  10. Or the flag flipping to inside the text box. I can see a lot of folks not realizing that text is being cut and only discovering it after the document is printed.
  11. Not sure if this is a bug or a user issue..sometimes the red flag indicating that there is more text in a text box appears and sometimes it does not. See video that show the red flag appearing with one text box but not another. Text box.mov
  12. As far as I can see, if you place an image in PDF format that has one or more spot color channels Publisher doesn't see the extra spot channel(s). Acrobat shows the channels correctly. If instead of placing the image that has one or more spot color channels you open it in Publisher then the extra spot color appears as a layer below the cmyk and that layer looks correct color-wise however it's no longer a spot color. Attached is a quickly done image that can be used to test. (I use this functionality to do packaging and Hi-Fi color separations) CMYK + 2725.pdf
  13. That seems to just be a screen refresh issue. If you change the view zoom the text looks right - but the wrap around is still gone. But now we find out that we're using an old rev of the program! ROTFL!
  14. If you crop an image that has text runaround of a PSD image the text wrap around is lost even though Publisher thinks it's still there. Attached is a video that demonstrates this as well as the source image and page. Text wrap bug.mov Wasp leaving.psd Text wrap test.afpub