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  1. @Ballyshannon nice work there. Sometimes we have to be imaginative with the tools to work around situations like these. What you did there was a viable and good solution. It takes time and precision but the result is there. Thanks for sharing it ;)
  2. I bought it a long ago for general use and i'm very happy with, specially with the beta of publisher (life savior). This work in particular was one time only, but I hope that they integrate the right tools soon. we never know when we will need to do other stuff ;) I got Inkscape too this week but still didn't use it much. Thanks!
  3. Hi everyone. Thank you all for the suggestions. Since the Logo was NAME+Symbol, i managed to rotate each piece and place it as good as possible along the line to create the bend effect. It was for something very small so it didn't need to be perfect. As I suspected, and as told here, the affinity designer doesn't have the tools (yet). @Pariah73 I had some text to bend to, but that i managed because the tool exist, it was easy. the problem was really with the logo because it was totally in curves, and the name is not in a regular font. But thanks for the tips, i will try to use some of your suggestions in the future ;) Thanks everyone.
  4. RM10

    Merge PDF?

    Hi, Thanks for the suggestions. I got the work done. Meanwhile I found another option to add to the list: PDFSAM.
  5. Hello. I need some help for a work i'm doing right now. I have a logo that needs to be apply to a flask. Already got a file with the lines and curves. But i need to bend the logo and I can't find a way to do it. Any help? Thanks! example (the logo is straight and i need it to be like that line):
  6. Hi there, I have multiple files and I want to join them together now. I can't copy and paste, or anything else. Merge files isn't possible or am I missing something? I work on different files so the software doesnt fill the ram to quickly (only 4gb). Now i want to join all the pages to create a single pdf and I don't know how to do it. Thanks edit: please change this to the discussion forum. Didn't notice that i posted on bugs.
  7. I really like your character concept artwork. Death, green Jack,red A and red King are my favourites. Very good!
  8. Yes, you are right. I read at first time but read it wrong As for myself I need some colour at icons, helps me find them faster.
  9. oh sorry. I didn't understood it that way.
  10. wow, awesome! Great found.
  11. RM10

    Transparency doesn´t work

    If you export for print (for example) that happens. Did you try web? It depends on the pdf type I think
  12. Hi there. So, I got an error copying text with bullets from one cell to another cell (cells from different tables) -> happened twiced I've removed the bullets manually and nothing happened. So i think there's something related to the bullets. EDIT: i've tried again with other cell and nothing happened. maybe was something about the text format, not sure.
  13. RM10

    Coffee cup with spoon

    It would be nice to have coffee like that on work. Impressive stuff
  14. I was trying to apply image to cell and wondering how to. Guess I got my answer. This would be an amazing feature. Very helpfull to align images with text and so. Will this be possible in the future?