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  1. I wouldn't be upset. I would be sad to see another company using the subscription model. It's not sustainable for not professional users and small companies. I don't think Serif will do it. Paid updates with a "fair" price is the more reasonable way to go in the future. I'm very happy with their software. Using Designer daily, with Photo to learn and waiting for Publisher!! (really need it)
  2. I can't seem them too. I thought the problem was mine. Maybe it is or maybe it doesn't work. Any feedback about it?
  3. RM10

    Curated list of Free for Commercial Use Fonts

    Seems nice. I'm also trying the Source Sans Pro. I will present these solutions and see. Thanks!
  4. RM10

    Curated list of Free for Commercial Use Fonts

    Great! I been looking on google for some fonts for a catalogue (mainly for print but also available in the web). Catalogue of products, with references, attributes and small descriptions. I will check your list, but I would love to hear some recomendations for my purpose. Thanks! ps: anyone knows if the MOSK font is free for commercial? Can't find valid information about it.
  5. Nice, I will surely have a look. Good to see more and more people sharing their knowledge about Affinity Apps