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  1. @zypher69 Thanks! Now that it's been brought up again I've had several new ideas for the cards! Will post an update when I get them into the design.
  2. @kpshk I did it all from scratch. I haven't been working on them for a while though so I'm not sure if/when they'll be finished. Maybe now with this whole corona thing going on in the world I'll actually have some more time to work on it since everyone seems to be staying home for the foreseeable future here.
  3. Update with the numbered cards included. Still struggling with choosing the colors. Aces still need a lot of work. Court card faces need color... Also still working on backs. (Click thumbnail to see full size version)
  4. Here's another attempt with coloring. The color of the K,Q,J, and A letters share Red/Black colors while the pips are still 4 colors. I still need to redo the numbered cards with this design but I have the court cards updated so far. Thoughts?
  5. As for the 4 color suits. I'm really on the fence about this one. I really like how they look but I understand a lot of people prefer standard red/black decks. I need to think about what kind of audience I'm trying to make this deck for. Here's super rough mock-up of red/black to see how it could look. What do you guys think?
  6. A new update with some added colors and also some more court card additions/modifications. I'm thinking maybe the gold colored parts could be printed with gold foil ink and the rest would be regular colors. Still a lot of work and refining to do but let me know what you think so far!
  7. Thanks for the tips! On vacation this week but will be back next week and will post what I’ve come up with.
  8. Anyone have suggestions on how I should choose the color pallet? I’m having designers block…
  9. So I've been trying out some variations on coloring. I'd like to keep the 4 color suits but also thinking about what @GarryP said about some games needing to pair up traditionally RED and BLACK cards together. So in this example, each suit still has it's own color but the Diamonds and Hearts also share a central banner color while the Club and Spades share a common banner color so if you're playing Solitaire then you'd know the central banner colors would need to be alternating for proper play. The common banner colors here are Yellow and Purple. (Keep in mind the actual colors aren't really finalized. I just quickly chose these to see how it looks roughly. I still need to come up with a proper color pallet.)
  10. Few updates: I worked on the Pip design. They're a little more geometric and I kinda of like it. Started adding some color to the court cards. Arranged all the other pips the way I did the the diamonds to see how they all look. Few of the court cards and Ace's got updated with some new details. Still lots to do but I feel like I'm making some progress!
  11. You're absolutely right. The pip arrangements aren't for the holder of the cards. They're for the other players to quickly see from afar. Thanks for pointing this out!
  12. I wonder if the ease of counting the pips is actually important when there's already a number in both corners to tell which card you're holding. Most of the time, Someone is holding their cards in fanned position to read just the corner number. I figure since this is the case I could be more creative with the pip arrangement instead of worrying about ease of counting. If a lot of people disagree I would consider making it more "countable" but I'm not sure I'm convinced to go that route at this point. Messing around some more with pip arrangements and also a different style diamond:
  13. I kind of figured people wouldn't have to count since they'd default to looking at the number in the corner anyways and that meant the pip arrangement could be more creative rather than functionally quickly countable. Before there were numbers in the corners of the cards that was definitely more important. Just my line of thought as to why I'm trying some different arrangements. Thanks for the suggestions!
  14. I've been playing around with pip arrangements for the number cards. The last row in the picture is really rough. That one is me trying to experiment with an asymmetrical layout of the pips and also have different sizes. The rest of the rows are variations of cards that probably already exist in some form. Row 4 is essentially the layout a deck of bicycle cards has. Rows 1-3 are just something I quickly came up with when trying to keep the pips symmetrical and on a grid. I'm leaning towards trying to make the last row style work since the asymmetrical aspect of it would make it easy to tell the top from the bottom of the cards. Being able to tell if the card is "upside down" would help with them being used as a tarot deck and also be fine for regular card games. Heart, Spades, and Clubs are pretty easy to show upside down but the Diamonds are symmetrical so trying to portray them upside down would need something like the last row in the picture to convey. Or I could change the Diamonds shape to being asymmetrical too but I'm not sure I'd want to do that. I'll stop ranting now.... Lol.
  15. 2. Yeah. I'm gonna think more about this 4 colors before setting it in stone but I'm leaning towards keeping it 4 colors. 3. That's a great point I didn't think about. Thanks! 4. Totally agree. Will consider this when spending time finalizing the text. 5. I'm going to give them all a splash and then decide if I want to try coloring further to see how it looks. Coloring is a whole other thing after the line work so we'll see how that goes. 6. I think you're right about the 4 finger route. I drew up some 4 fingers hands last night and didn't like them. I asked my girlfriend which she preferred and she said the 5 finger looked better so I'm gonna keep the 5 finger hands. You're right that just because it was useful for animation doesn't mean it's useful in all situations. Even some animated shows have 5 fingers and it looks fine. Really appreciate the feedback!
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