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  1. Short and simple answer: No. HTH Jeff
  2. @Charley Parker Welcome to the Affinity forums. Serif has no record of any purchase made through any of the App Stores, either Mac or Windows, because Apple and Microsoft do not share information about purchasers with the software manufacturer. So, your Affinity Store account will never show any record of any App Store purchase, only a record of your purchases direct from Affinity/Serif. Jeff
  3. @PSt1 Welcome to the Affinity forums. You say you are a registered user. Of what and registered where? If your registration is for Affinity Photo, there is no need or point in downloading the Free Trial of said program! OTOH, if you are a registered user of Affinity Designer then that has no effect at all on any download/purchase of Photo since the two apps, though clearly sharing much of their codebase, are actually two completely independent programs. You cannot use your Designer key to register Photo. To add Photo to Designer, or vice versa, on your computer requires the separate purchase of each app. HTH Jeff
  4. emmrecs01

    affinity photo product key

    @neil hudson Welcome to the Affinity forums. Where did you purchase Affinity Photo, direct from Serif or via the appropriate App Store? Are you using Mac or Windows or iPad? If you purchased direct from Serif, sign in to your Affinity account, find the list of your purchased products and you will also see your personal key. Purchases from any of the App Stores do not need a key and the update will come direct from that store, not by download from Serif. HTH Jeff
  5. @Denver3001 You've posted to the Suggestions for Affinity Photo on Windows area of the forum but I suspect you are not using Photo and nor is this a suggestion for future development of Photo. If you post back to say exactly which Affinity app you are using I am sure a moderator will move it to the appropriate forum! Jeff
  6. @GarryP They aren't. All the Affinity apps have always been exclusively 64 bit. Jeff
  7. emmrecs01


    @UnicornTapestry I'm not sure I read either of the replies you received as "snide" or "snarky". I think the point that both @Tourmaline and @Ron P. were trying to make is that Affinity Photo is NOT intended by Serif to be a "photoshop-clone", but an ever-developing program, some of whose features are also to be found in PS but others are not, and may never be, and vice versa. Hence, as @Tourmaline indicated, it is necessary for users to try and "forget" their prior "workflows" when moving from PS to AP and to try and find a "similar" approach to that that they used before. Many features are "similar" between PS and AP, some are not and some, perhaps, never will be. It is never easy to transition from a very familiar software platform to one which is new and @Ron P. was simply making the point that if you find PS suits your workflow and AP doesn't, why not stick with PS? Jeff
  8. Or try the free FotoSketcher.
  9. @Chris McKay Your problem seems to be with Affinity Publisher but you have posted to the forum for Designer Bugs found on Windows. Perhaps a moderator will move your post.
  10. Why did you pay, or rather, where did you originally buy AP from and where did you "buy" the update? I suspect you made the original purchase via the App Store for either Windows or Mac, and then "bought" the update from Serif Affinity Store. Is that correct? If so, originally buying from one of the app stores means the update would have downloaded automatically and free from whichever store you originally used. I think Serif Customer Service should be able to give you a full refund on that 1.7 purchase, but you will clearly need to uninstall it and then download the update from your app store. BTW, I would very strongly suggest you remove your personal email address from your post if you do not want Spambots to harvest it and deluge you with spam.
  11. No, it doesn't matter because Serif/Affinity do not receive ANY information from the Windows Store about who has purchased the software there. ANY purchase made via the Windows Store or the Mac Store will never show in your Serif/Affinity account.
  12. Perhaps you should tell us what these are? Other users may then be able to suggest how to work around these missing functions. Jeff
  13. @walt.farrell Was the payment literally "refused" or did you experience what happened to me, the payment appeared to "fail" (the PP screen froze) but a quick log out and log back in showed the payment had gone through? If it was, for you, a complete "failure", rather than anything similar to my experience, I think you need to ask PayPal some rather direct questions. Jeff
  14. I'm not sure who "they" are, presumably Serif? But "they" do accept CC payments and surely Visa is international in its scope and acceptance of payments from any country to any other country within which it operates. I honestly don't think there is anything that Serif can, or indeed should, do to help alleviate your situation, sorry.
  15. In which case, surely this is something you should take up with your bank? The "problem" is of their making after all, not Serif's. Are you averse to having a PayPal account? I'm in the UK and my PayPal account has made the purchasing of items from a variety of countries, including the US, very easy. Or, perhaps, consider changing to a different bank??
  16. @Smee Again Can you not use a Credit Card or PayPal?
  17. I don't know whether this will prove "helpful" to other posters here, or not. I placed an order for APub this morning, selecting to pay by PayPal. Unfortunately, when being redirected to PayPal, everything seemed to freeze once I was past the log in page. I left the link to PayPal open for some minutes but eventually closed the page, apparently without being able to complete my order. But I almost immediately tried to log in to my PayPal account again, this time successfully, and was able to see that the payment to Serif had gone through. An order confirmation email arrived a few minutes later so clearly, whatever caused the initial "freeze" did not actually interrupt the order process. Jeff
  18. emmrecs01

    Imported PDF Errors

    @Nathan Shirley I realised after posting previously that the Properties of the pdf file showed it was created in Sibelius, latest version. I also have that same version of Sibelius; I wonder if there is anything to be gained or learned if you were to post here or PM to me the actual Sib file which you used to generate the pdf, for me to open on my machine, export to pdf and "see what happens"? Jeff
  19. emmrecs01

    Imported PDF Errors

    @Nathan Shirley Which app did you use to produce the original notation? Was it Finale? Perhaps have a look at this thread. I do see the problem when your supplied pdf is opened in APub. Screenshot below. Jeff
  20. @ivbera can someone explain what a "Legacy White Balance" is? Perhaps an indication that the change was made in an older version of the software or even that the White Balance has undergone some code change and the older code is now "legacy"? Jeff
  21. @Pebowski Unfortunately, no. Because they have no access to the app store data for either Microsoft or Apple, Serif has no record of who has purchased which app. Once you purchase Publisher at the Affinity Store you will have an Affinity Account but there is no way to transfer your data from your MAS account to that new Affinity account. Jeff
  22. Hi, welcome to the Affinity forums. I think this page will provide you with the answer. HTH Jeff
  23. @Marvin Dantas Welcome to the Affinity forums. I downloaded your file (808 MB), clicked it to open in APub and very quickly saw the attached error message. Perhaps because the images are now linked and so not in the afpub file? Jeff
  24. @clyall90 If you click the "here" in @Jon P's post, it is a link to allow you to upload the file direct to Serif.