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  1. @Paul Buckingham Welcome to the Affinity forums. I have to start by saying I am not a Mac owner/user but I have received emails from at least two different manufacturers of audio software and VSTis asking that Mac users do not download and install Catalina because of "known incompatibilities/problems". I wonder whether Affinity apps are similarly affected? Jeff
  2. @Haisen Welcome to the Affinity forums. I think this thread might give you some helpful advice. HTH Jeff
  3. @StephenBooth_uk Sorry, but I don't agree. IMO, @mac_heibu was making a number of very valid points based on the fact that Serif made the decision in the very early stages of the development of the whole Affinity range that each app should be able to operate on both Windows and Mac platforms but that users should be required to pay the extremely reasonable price for a licence for each operating system. Most Affinity app purchasers will require/use only one OS licence since I suspect the majority of users do NOT own/use both Windows and Mac; perhaps rather more may use the iPad versions but these are extremely competitively priced and to be able to use one app on iPad alongside either its Windows or Mac equivalent for a one-off UK price of less than £70 is a real bargain! Even the less than £100 to buy each app for both Windows and Mac stands very favourably in comparison with the subscription-only model of its famous competitor. Jeff
  4. @Jeannieg Welcome to the Affinity forums. I'm not a Mac owner but my understanding is that you log into your Mac App Store account, ensuring you use the same log-in details as you used for your original purchase, and you should find your Affinity app (which one, by the way?) listed and available to download and install. I seem to remember one suggestion made to other users who have experienced problems redownloading from both the Windows and Mac App Stores to try logging out and then logging back in if the needed app is not initially listed. HTH Jeff
  5. @moon_lady12 Rather than the screenshots you posted I suspect the actual file itself would be of rather more use. You can attach it to your next reply. Jeff
  6. I'm not even sure whether this is the correct forum to post this, since it hardly qualifies as a "bug", but: I regularly run CCleaner, especially at the end of a working day. One of the file types it highlights and suggests for deletion is any Memory Dumps/Crash Reports stored on the computer. Several times recently I see CCleaner reporting that .dmp files have been created, either by Affinity Publisher Beta (latest version) or by the included Help files, even though neither app has actually crashed for me. I've tended to ignore these files and simply selected to delete them; APub always opens on the next time of asking, no message about Errors or Crash Reports. However, I wonder whether one of these reports might be useful to the developers in possibly diagnosing why such reports are being created (normally at least one every day) even when Publisher itself is rock-solid and has never, to my knowledge, actually crashed on my machine! Hence, they are attached below. If anyone can suggest why they are being created (in effect it's every time I run APub) I'd be delighted to learn! TIA Jeff Publisher_exe.1652.dmp Help_exe.10536.dmp
  7. @TeemuT I think this thread will give you the answer, especially the post from @Chris B. Jeff
  8. @WorthIt @SantaFeBill If you simply want to be able to compare the "original" image with your "edited" version, admittedly you cannot easily place both side by side, but the History panel slider allows you to click immediately between the original and your current edit, simply by clicking the slider to its extreme left. Returning to the latest version simply requires to click the right hand end of the slider. HTH Jeff
  9. emmrecs01

    Linux Flatpack Version

    @ynneBBenny Welcome to the Affinity forums. This thread is but one of several asking for Linux versions of the Affinity apps. I see the "official" (Serif) answer there as "we have no plans" to port the apps. Jeff
  10. @SantaFeBill A number of people have made the same point, but Serif have decided that 10 days is the current maximum they are prepared to allow! However, at the end of your trial period you could then decide to buy the app direct from the Serif store, knowing there is a further 14 day money back guarantee period should you decide that A Photo is not for you. Speaking personally, as one who also does not "come from a Photoshop background", I don't think you will be disappointed. HTH Jeff
  11. @BenjiGameDev Each operating system, Mac, Windows or iPad, has its own separate licencing system so transfer of licences between any of them is not possible. Where did you purchase your iPad licence? I think that if it was direct from Serif and you have owned it for less than 14(?) days you can request a refund and have that money transferred to become part of the cost of a full Windows licence, which is more expensive than your iPad on. HTH Jeff
  12. @BluesImprov Welcome to the Affinity forums. What type of presets are these and where, exactly did you purchase/download them from? Depending on the type of preset you have, the method of importing them to APh is likely to be different. Jeff
  13. emmrecs01

    New laptop and setup

    Hi @Alfred Not being a Mac user/owner I had forgotten that Serif now sell the Mac versions directly. Thanks for the reminder! Jeff
  14. emmrecs01

    New laptop and setup

    @mariopasqui I believe, from your previous mention of using a PC, that you are running the Windows version of an Affinity product? If so, where did you purchase the licence, from the Microsoft Store or direct from Serif? If it was from the M$ Store you simply need to log into the store on your new computer, using the same email address as that used on your old computer, and you will be able to download and install your software, no licence key needed. If you purchased direct from Serif go to your Affinity account page here, sign in, and go to your Downloads page, where you will find the software and your licence key. Should you actually have a Mac computer and your new laptop is also a Mac, you need to log into the Mac App Store and download your software to the new computer, exactly the same as for the M$ Store. You just need to remember that each different OS, Windows, Mac, iPad, has its own licence system which is not transferable to another OS, e.g. you need separate licences if you wish to use any Affinity software on a Windows PC and a Mac. HTH Jeff
  15. emmrecs01

    Help! Printing Problems

    This is essentially a duplicate/continuation of this thread. @artycraftyrosie I think you would be best-advised to keep all the discussion in that same thread. Jeff
  16. @Viruskiller Yes, I realised soon after I had posted that the message was in your first post! Sorry. I wonder whether this is a message from APh, or Akvis, or even Windows itself? Hopefully, a developer/Serif staff member will see this thread and let you know what is the possible source of the error. I have to admit I've never seen an error message like yours before. Jeff
  17. @Viruskiller What is the wording of the error message? That may give a clue to why you are unable to use the plugins. Jeff
  18. Hi. Thanks for the update. Because I don't have the majority of those plugins I can't comment directly, but, as I wrote before, NatureArt and Decorator both work without problem for me in the latest release version of APh. I notice you mention Magnifier and imply that it has worked for you as a plugin. Is that in APh? Because I've never been able to use it as a plugin there. Jeff
  19. @Viruskiller Welcome to the Affinity forums. Which Akvis plugins do you have? On my system, both NatureArt and Decorator work without problem in Photo (I also have Magnifier but that has never worked a s a plugin for me.) Those three are the only Akvis plugins I have. Jeff
  20. Same for me; the History slider is invaluable for this. Jeff
  21. @Ros. Riha Thanks for the update. Another example of the problems created by software listed in this post. Glad you were able to resolve it. Jeff
  22. @Pipit I really don't want to prolong this thread because I think we are all going round in circles, but, reading again your earlier posts, it seems that the high level of magenta shows on your earlier screenshot because you took your original RAW into DPP4, exported it as .tiff, imported that into APh and that is when the magenta "appears". I can't explain why this should be; perhaps there is a wrong setting somewhere in your monitor colour profile or the profile of the .tiff is being read wrongly. As shown in my earlier screenshots, if I take your RAW direct into APh, Develop it (using default settings) and then apply a little Brightness and Contrast, I get the result posted in my second screenshot earlier. Yes, there is some magenta colour-cast there, though considerably less than is shown in your screenshot, but others have suggested how you may attempt to reduce this. Why don't you simply open your RAW directly in APh, so bypassing DPP4 completely, and see what results you achieve? I actually used the latest Beta, which you can download to test from the Beta section of the forum, if you wish. Jeff
  23. @Ros. Riha Just to be sure: did you first uninstall the existing GPU drivers, as @Callum wrote (and follow that by a reboot of your computer) or merely reinstall them so attempting to overwrite the existing settings? It seems, from reading several threads in the forum from users experiencing similar problems to yours, that the uninstall (and reboot) is a vital part of the method to attempt to resolve the problem. HTH Jeff
  24. @ionCoder Welcome to the Affinity forums. Each OS, Windows, Mac or iOS, has its own individual licensing system. The software is platform-specific so if you wish to use any of the apps on a different OS to the one you originally bought you will need to purchase a licence for it and then download and install the OS-specific software. Jeff
  25. @Pipit I'm not sure what the problem is here. The first screenshot below shows your RAW file open in the Develop persona of the latest Beta of AP, no changes made. The second shows what I see if I press Develop and then apply a little Brightness and Contrast in the same version of AP. Finally, when opened in Canon's own DPP4 (latest version, 3rd screenshot). I honestly see very little difference between this and my first screenshot, perhaps a little darker. Jeff