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  1. @Lauren07 Welcome to the Affinity forums. Have you opened Photo at least once since installing Publisher? I'm pretty certain that is the route to enable the link between the two apps to be successfully created. HTH Jeff
  2. @henryg Just to follow up and confirm what @walt.farrell has just written: I have all six products installed in D\:Program Files\Affinity\..., NOT C:\, and all exist without interference with each other (each has its own, independent installation directory within the main "Affinity" directory) and run normally. Each set of user settings etc., for each app, beta and release, also has its own separate directory so that any updating of this data CAN only occur when a new version of either the beta or the release is installed and then will affect ONLY ITS "OWN DATA". Indeed, it should not and, unless the user chooses an installation location that is ABSOLUTELY IDENTICAL for both release and beta, it does not. Jeff
  3. @TonyGamble Affinity Photo does not create those "sidecar" files that you mention, though the facility has been requested by a number of users, so there is, currently, no method within the app of storing the information about the changes with the RAW files. HTH Jeff
  4. @vortex Welcome to the Affinity forums. In addition to what @carl123wrote, do you have a 64 bit version of Windows 10? HTH Jeff
  5. @Afflatus Welcome to the Affinity forums. All updates to the current version 1 of all the Affinity apps are free. Only when Serif decide to develop version 2 will any additional purchase be required, but there is nothing that says a user must update. Version 1 of all the apps will continue to work for as long as the OS manufacturer makes no major changes which could result in the older versions ceasing to function. HTH Jeff
  6. @KoBu Personally, if I needed to use Canon DPP to open my RAW files I would export to .tiff rather than .jpg.
  7. @Phunkfarm Welcome to the Affinity forums. Not correct, thankfully! Assuming you bought the app(s) direct from Serif, simply go to your account page, as @walt.farrell said. All your account keys will be listed there. Jeff
  8. @Malti45 If your only purpose in acquiring Affinity Photo is to print Passport Photos then I would have to agree with you. Is that really the only use you would make of this extremely comprehensive (and growing in comprehension) application? Jeff
  9. @Mary222 Welcome to the Affinity forums Since you purchased the app (which one, by the way?) on the M$ Store you do not receive a product key nor do you need to register at Affinity. com, otherwise known as the Affinity Store. This is because the various "stores" (Affinity, M$, MAC, iOS) do not share any customer information between them. So Affinity.com has no knowledge of you or your purchase of the app. The lack of a product key is because your M$ Store account permanently links you to your purchase, so you can redownload it from that account as many times as you wish and to as many computers as you own and control. Any updates will also come directly to you from the M$ Store. You have clearly been able to register at the Affinity forums so that is really the only registration you need. HTH Jeff
  10. @Nolly This question should really be posted to the Serif legacy products forum. Jeff
  11. @varied Welcome to the Affinity forums. I don't have any Fuji camera but followed your link to download the sample .RAF for your camera. I opened it directly in Affinity Photo, the latest release. The two screenshots below show how it opened and how it appeared after pressing Develop. So, AP can open this file natively, and without problem it seems. Why do you need that intermediate step of converting to DNG? Jeff
  12. @GraemeKB Welcome to the Affinity forums. Each OS platform, MAC Windows or iOS, has its own separate licence so there is no way for you to use your current MAC licence to download and install the Windows version. The "multiple installs" feature refers to the fact your computers must ALL be running either Windows or MAC, or iOS for i-Pads. The reason why the Affinity Store does not recognise your Apple ID is because Serif and Apple do not interchange ANY customer data; each "store" has such data completely isolated from any other store. HTH
  13. @tony semmens Welcome to the Affinity forums. Unless I am completely misunderstanding what you are asking (which is entirely possible) what is to stop you opening a file, then immediately selecting to "Save as.." and choosing a file name, perhaps the same as the original, but without your signature? You will thus have one "signed" copy and one "unsigned" copy of any photo you wish to print, perhaps a little wasteful in terms of disc space, but presumably you do not want/need to print every photo you have edited? Jeff
  14. Like @DWright found, both pdfs open and display for me without problem, using pdf XChange Editor. Jeff
  15. @neon I think you need to be much more explicit in your post about exactly what is "going wrong" for you! You've posted a screenshot, with some annotation, but without any detail of what you perceive as the problem. Please give us a step by step process so that we fellow-users can follow your procedure and see what results we get; attaching to a post the actual image shown in your screenshot would also be invaluable in offering you the help you request. Jeff
  16. @Dawn Hair Welcome to the Affinity forums. Yes, you are entirely correct! Simply log in on your new computer to whichever store you used to originally purchase the app, making sure your log-in details are still the same as when you first bought it, and download and install it. Jeff
  17. @benrymnd I have this tablet running without problem under Win 10 Pro (1909) so, as @Cecil seems to imply, this may be a MAC-only problem. What OS do you use? Jeff
  18. @bse2506ma Welcome to the Affinity forums. Since Microsoft and Serif share NO customer data, this is a problem that only the M$ Store support can resolve for you. However, the fact that you say the "status of order "canceled"" seems to suggest there was a problem with the actual payment. But again, this is something you will need to raise with M$ Store. Jeff
  19. @champgod Welcome to the Affinity forums. Each licence for any of the Affinity apps is OS-dependent. So, if you are moving from a (Windows) PC to a Mac then you will need to purchase a new licence for your new macbook air. Similarly, the i-Pad versions of the apps also require a separate licence. HTH Jeff
  20. @aavishkar Have you downloaded and tested this on the latest Beta, available in the beta forum here ? You will have to select the appropriate OS for your computer but I'm pretty certain the Canon 90D is supported in that release. HTH Jeff
  21. @Letty My post referring to confidential information etc. was in reply to another user, @titulinus, whose post has now been removed or hidden! It was certainly NOT a comment on your posted images! However, I do think you are right to remove them. Are you absolutely certain that nothing is retrievable from that laptop? It is possible that a computer repair shop or similar might be able to retrieve your old codes and so enable you to continue to use MoviePlus. Jeff
  22. @titulinus It is my understanding that these codes are specific to the original installation key of the computer on which MoviePlus was installed. IOW, even though you are attempting to help another user by giving access to your codes they are highly unlikely to work since the MoviePlus installation on any other computer than yours will NOT have the same installation key. It is also moot whether you should be publishing to a forum data that is connected with proprietary licences that were originally paid for by Serif. Jeff
  23. @Letty Welcome to the Affinity forums. First, did you follow and read carefully the link @StevenS put in his reply of September 26th? Were you able to export the codes from your old laptop? In which case you simply need to Import them to your new computer, as per the instructions in that same linked post. OTOH, if you are not able to export the codes from your old machine, there is nothing anyone can do to help you. If you read the very first post in this very long thread you will see that the unlock codes for MoviePlus are no longer available and Serif cannot create any to send to you. Quite a number of users of the software have complained, vociferously, about this situation but there is no solution to the problem other than that given in the thread linked by StevenS! Jeff
  24. @anthony trujillo Welcome to the Affinity forums. Where did you buy your copy of Affinity Photo, from the M$ App Store or direct from Serif? If it was the App Store, simply log into your App Store account on your laptop, making sure it is the same account name and password as the one on your desktop, and you will be able to download and install APh to your new laptop. If you bought the app from the Serif store you need to go to your Affinity account log-in page, log-in and then go to Your Account>Downloads and product keys page and download the app installer. It is clearly best to do this from your laptop but there is nothing to prevent you downloading the installer to your desktop and then putting it onto a USB memory stick and transferring it from the memory stick to your laptop. HTH Jeff
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