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  1. Si les courbes sont groupées et que celle à sélectionner se trouve derrière une autre courbe, on peut aussi utiliser la combinaison de touches ctrl+alt en cliquant plusieurs fois (tout en maintenant ctrl+alt) jusqu'à atteindre la courbe désirée.
  2. Bonjour, Si votre courbe se situe derrière d'autres objets, appuyez sur "alt" en cliquant jusqu'à arriver à la courbe désirée.
  3. Hi everyone ! Copy artboards adds 1px to the slices of new artboards in 1.8 and 1.9 beta :
  4. Indeed, it works ... \ m / Do you think this problem will be resolved in the future? I work a lot in large formats and I often need this history ... Thanks for the responsiveness! Have a nice day !
  5. Hello everyone ! I create a document: 2000x2000mm 300dpi I create a shape of this size I select it and try to copy (ctrl-c) Crash! A solution ? Thank you !
  6. Most grafic designers need to work with partners who use adobe products. Exporting in idml format is essential for most of us and I think Serif knows this. Anyway, I hope so ... I don't think anyone here wants a world where you only work with one brand of software. :p ++;
  7. Hi, The font style does not match selected one... https://i.imgur.com/aZKccY3.gifv
  8. Hi everyone ! "Find" works for me but "replace" do not... https://i.imgur.com/ixb939u.gifv
  9. Hi, I'd like to see a tablet version, like the ipad version for win 10. It would be great to use it on microsoft surface pro or on convertible pc... Another idea would be an adaptative version where you could switch between laptop mode and and tablet mode. <3 :p Have a good day !
  10. htaccess is useful for complex addresses... But when I use something like QR code, it's my costumer choice, not mine. A professional software must allow me to meet the demand of my clients. (QR code could be useful but no one use it. Useful but obsolete).
  11. I think it's a bad idea... It's better to keep this option in the saved presets or in both... When I work on a magazine, I use 3 or 4 presets. The export takes time and separate options is a source of potential errors.
  12. The "include bleeds" option has disappeared. So, impossible to include bleeds in a pdf...
  13. I recently worked on a project. Out of 8000 people, only 5 used QR codes. The QR code is obselete BUT it was a request from the client. And this request, it is often done to me ...
  14. IT WORKS ! ...And it keeps text formats with ms office and open office. <3 Thanks !
  15. Highly essential! I receive texts in word format. It always contains tables. I can not count the number of lines and columns, create the table and fill it manually... Copy the text in the word table cell, alt tab to switch to AP, paste in the good cell, alt tab... For a small table, it's ok ... But most of the time the manual filling would be painful.
  16. I work on several magazines and I use grep styles every day. Working without it would be a huge waste of time for me. In this kind of job, texts change constantly ... Applying character styles manually in hundreds of lines whose text changes every day could drive me crazy ...
  17. Thanks ! Now, I'm waiting for the final result and tasting it with my clients... :p
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