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  1. Hi, so it is solved. It was related to the second monitor as suspected... I again disconnected it and finally found them flying at the bottom of my first monitor... For some reason I wasn't able to se them te first time I disconnected the Cintiq. So it is solved! Thanks a lot both.
  2. Yeah already tried that too thanks.. but nothing... they literally disappear not to be found anywhere once I click the separate mode
  3. Thanks h_d but no, that´s not it... still going crazy over what the hell is happening...
  4. Hi, not sure what's up but this morning when I go into "separated view" on Affinity Designer, all the menus except for the left side tools disappear and I have no clue what's up as it's been always working well. thinking it might be an issue related to using the Cintiq and a second monitor, I opened Affinity Photo but it works there perfectly. I think I might have done something weird that I cannot figure out what could be, and I can't work on separated mode now which I so much need cause I have to have a New view window of my file. Which also leads me to ask why it is not possible to simply detach windows from the interface by dragging them like it always has been in every software. Sometimes this is a bit annoying tbh. Any good advise? I attached a video of the experience. PS - Since when the Vector persona is called Designer persona? I just realised of this change and I think it was much clearer before... but just a thought. I guess I will still call it like that when I explain it cause it makes lots of sense to me. Now maybe the vector brushes can be called designer brushes? hhhh that'd make for a lot of frustration resolved when users realise they are actually not real vector brushes My 4 cents. Thanks! separatedmode.mp4
  5. Yeah, that's what I meant by working... In any case, and on another slightly different note, I sometimes really feel lost with some brushes, like I won't get them to do what I want and some are strangely lagging and impossible to use. Or maybe it's also some brushes that I seem not to understand how they're supposed to work and I feel overly clumsy using them and end up desisting. So I need to understand this, as I never had such an exhausting experience with Photoshop brushes. Overall they feel way more responsive in Photoshop... not to mention the above mentioned little nightmare about What efffng brush am I using.
  6. Any of those would at least ease the pain. I don't think a brush tool can be left to work like this anyway. Thanks for the input! I feel understood
  7. It keeps deselecting on a mac... randomly. Desperating to find which one I used before... or even which one I am currently using.
  8. Yeah thought so too.. it's just that I didn't expect it as I don't remember having it off by default on past versions. I can tell you the so so so many times I would accidentally rotate it with the touchpad and yes... really annoying
  9. Fixed it> go to Affinity Photo/Designer Preferences, Tools section and tick Enable Canvas Rotation with Trackpad if you have one available. This one rotates the view freely using a two finger rotation gesture. why on earth this is disabled, I have no clue.
  10. Fixed it> go to Affinity Photo/Designer Preferences, Tools section and tick Enable Canvas Rotation with Trackpad if you have one available. This one rotates the view freely using a two finger rotation gesture. why on earth this is disabled, I have no clue.
  11. Been looking around and see some people were alredy reporting this back in 2017... Does it work and it's only me or still not possible?. It makes my workflow quite slow while paintig and can't find a solution. I'm on Adesigner MacOs Cintiq touch. Thanks.
  12. Has anything happened to this at all? I'm desperate trying to rotate my canvas on Adesigner via touch on the Cintiq.
  13. Likewise, it's very motivating to keep working and sharing when I read comments like this. Thanks!
  14. This was it! Thanks all for the quick and helpful replies. So for whatever the reason it wasn't enabled by default for me on 1.7.3 on a mac. I had to input "C" on shortcuts preferences as it was empty, just as Gear maker pointed out. Also, just found out the zoom tool was assigned to "B"...
  15. Hi, What's the reason behind removing the shortcut "C" to activate the corner tool? I just realised as I finally updated to 1.7.3 and I really miss it! Please bring it back if possible?
  16. Hi Mike! Thanks! Regarding your doubt, I'll answer for myself and how I do it: I do only share work when I am 100% sure I can, and in most cases, this is good also for the client, since ppl get to know the product. I might ask once the project is finished or even before by stating in the contract itself that I will use this or that for my own promotional portfolios. One of the latest posts I created here showcasing work, I had in storage since 2017 and hadn't shown it much as I wanted. But I couldn't and had to wait until I knew it was ok. For this, I asked but still had to wait +2 years to be sure it was fine to air it as it wasn't finally released. In this dragonflies case for example, this is an academic project, a research work I am writing about and not a client's one. It's my own work. Cheers and thanks for commenting on the work! Kiss.
  17. Thank you very much Roger C! As I see you missed it I leave here a link hehe https://affinityspotlight.com/article/a-designer-on-a-mission-isabel-aracamas-quest-to-teach-the-world-about-affinity-designer/
  18. That is true! and that's why I need to post these things 5 times here or there before considering them finished geeezzz... there's always something I won't see until I post it and either me or someone else sees it.
  19. Created these two last week as part of a current project I'm working on. It's done fully on Affinity Designer with a mixed workflow of vectors and bitmaps.
  20. Hi Bethany! Lived there for almost 5 years but now I left and only visit friends every now and then, as I consider Liverpool my second home. I loooovee it and will always be in a very special part of my heart.
  21. Very excited to finally being able to present this class: “REALISTIC VECTOR ART PRINCIPLES“. In this class you'll learn all the techniques, methods, tips and mindset to achieve professional results like you see in these samples of my own work. HOW to observe, HOW to think, WHAT to do and WHY. Watch the video to get all the information about this class. See you there! Thanks. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZgYN2MRcl2w -- 10 FREE Udemy coupons for this class will be raffled among anyone asking for them with a comment on the Youtube video. I will reply commenting back with instructions for winners on Friday 13th - Good luck y'all
  22. All information is good and useful, so thanks a lot to you too, Alfred. Always helping. Kiss!
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