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  1. sadly not that easy, I've tried every zoom and setting to no avail. Guess its a glitch on using a PS plugin on Affinity.
  2. Hi there, I've seen many images like those and from what I can see a lot of them are using photoshop actions. Bellevue and others sell them, but sadly they are not for us Affinity users. It is possible to get close to them by colour grading and careful use of smoothing and HSL/Curves/Blur etc. There are other tricks built into the actions too for example Peek Throughs which is basically a large soft brush of the right colour applied to both bottom corners of the image on a new layer then blended in to give a certain hue and atmosphere. If you get the chance have a look at some of the actions and see what they are made up of, up to now I have not found one with magic in it lol........
  3. I get the same problem but with the Portraiture Full Screen mode split into 4...... MacOS Catolina, latest Affinity Photo update.
  4. Hi, I'm new to Affinity and am keen to start making composites involving photos and digital art (eg a composite of a boy fighting a dragon). I am just at the beginning of this journey and have found some dragon brushes which I have imported. The brushes give a basic outline of a dragon and I want to add a skin type texture. I have found up to now that the texture paints a single colour, or a variety of colours if I use the Hue Jitter slider in the Dynamics section of the brush adjustments. However, I have been unable to see where you can adjust the colours it jitters - I want it to jitter between two set colours and the tones in between them. When I slide the Hue Jitter slider over to the right the texture brush will change colour but I can't see how to control or limit the colours it jitters between? I have looked for obvious tutorials but can't see anything. Any advice please?
  5. Cheers, I'm working my way through videos to use the workaround routes with grey scale masks etc... Completely new to Affinity and I really should have checked for this feature before pressing the button. Still, it has Frequency Separation which was my "must have" feature as ON1 Photo raw has not got that yet, anything to avoid the dreaded Adobe subscription lol !
  6. Plus another for colour matching, brand new to Affinity and was expecting this feature to be part of the app. Guess I should have read the feature list more closely lol!
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