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  1. More 'Realism' from me again and yes... more 'fluid' and glass, just plain old water in this instance. It's 100% vector..... not even a vector brush used even though I was tempted to use some here and there. Looks a little darker in places than I had wanted compared to the reference image but 'hey ho' I think without the comparison 'it ain't too bad'. As always C & C is welcome 2021-09-01 21-44-30.mp4
  2. So, another realistic one from me (this time non-alcoholic) 😀 I've included the outline view and the reference image used for comparison. It's not the best I've done but not the worst either and once again a little more knowledge gained as it's the first time I think I've done a Plastic bottle. About a Gazillion layers and 10 Gazillion objects in this one but it was fun to do. Its all vector done in AD with the exception of a few vector brushes for texture (I never refer to Vector Brushes as pure vector).
  3. Well done and your off to a great start 👋 Keep practicing and I'm looking forward to seeing your future work.
  4. Thank you @sacboiI have to admit being T Total I had to google what a Black Rat was
  5. Thank you @dannyg9 and an excellent question about 'line between obsession and madness' and I think as long as you can stay on the obsessive side of that line your ok, incidentally I'm quite obsessive and totally mad. I'm not sure what would count as madness in doing realistic vector work, I know a friend once said "if you want to be that realistic just get your camera out." My reply to that is "I could but that's the same as saying to a mountaineer if you want to get to the top use a helicopter". As to methodology all I can say is I try to incorporate as much detail as possible and regularly zoom in and out to make sure what I have put down makes a difference, if not I'll remove it or change it. I usually spend around an hour studying a reference pic before I start to draw planning what I am going to do, the hierarchy of layers and roughly how much detail I think needs to go in. I will also at that point work out how I am going to achieve various textures and highlights/shadows. To give you an idea of what I consider essential detail I have include two pics of a Fountain pen I did a while ago. I did it Inkscape before I found the joys of working with Affinity (I am sure If I was to repeat this project I would save a lot of time doing it in Affinity over Inkscape and I would make a better job of it) You can see in the close up pic (450% zoom) the detail of the lettering on the pen nib is merely a bunch of rough shapes but that it really matters in the final 1 to 1 vector. On saying all of that, I now try to always remember something a good friend and the brilliant artist @IsabelAracama put in a tutorial I did a while ago "draw what you see in the reference image and not what you know is actually there in reality". As to when the decision is made when a piece is done..... I put my work side by side with the reference image to see how close the match is and then post it in an FB group to see what response I get but, I very often go back to a piece of work days, weeks, even months after and make the odd alteration. You say that the possibilities of vector work is "both enticing and overwhelming" and to that I would say I envy your traditional art skills (I have none) but certainly give vector work a bash; nothing to lose and a lot to gain.
  6. Another of my recent works. I enjoy doing realistic pieces and this one I really enjoyed doing. It's all vector, With afterthought I maybe should have omitted or blurred the reflection of the glass on the table as it probably too 'clear' for a reflection on wood. The reference pic was one from Pixabay and there was also a Wine bottle in the pic but I left it out as I wanted to concentrate on the glasses and fire.
  7. One of my recent works. I enjoy doing realistic pieces and this one took quite a while. It's all vector, not sure what the drink is inside the glass but suspect it's Rum & Coke, and the reference pic was one from Pixabay.
  8. 1948 Buick Streamliner created in Affinity Designer.
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