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  1. HI, I have added hyperlinks to document pages. Will adding more pages within the document, which will change the page numbers, affect the hyperlinks? If so, how can I prevent this? Thanks
  2. Maybe in the future they will make it an option in the preferences.
  3. That's just it. Is there a way to turn it on across project files? Thanks
  4. Hi, is there a way to permanently turn on Scale with Object in the Stroke panel? Thanks for the help.
  5. I am creating a book cover in Publisher and need to export as PDF only. I also need to maintain all vectors. Which PDF export option would be best to use. Thanks
  6. That was it! That's what I was doing wrong. Thank you so much.
  7. I have built a master page in Publisher that has 11 binder rings and a picture frame placeholder for the cover design. The 11 rings are synced symbols. Now I want to make the back cover master page. I can duplicate the cover master page and move the picture frame to the left and the rings to the right. But all 22 rings are now synced symbols and when I flip the rings horizontally on the back cover master page, the rings on the cover master page also flip. I've managed to unsync the 11 rings on the back cover master page from the cover master. What would be the most efficient way to resync the 11 rings on the back cover master so that they all work together. If I make one ring a new symbol, how do I sync all of the other 10 rings to the new symbol. Do I need to delete the 10 and drag 10 new instances from the Symbols panel or can I select all 11 rings and sync together somehow. This is for a tutorial series I'm posting, so I want to teach the correct method. Thanks again Design a Digital Planner in Affinity Suite https://www.bellaonline.com/article.asp?id=23070
  8. I have a group of 11 symbols on a master page in an .afpub doc. I want to duplicate this master page and make changes to the symbols on only the dup master without seeing the changes reflected on the original master page. I tried to select all 11 symbols on the dup master and detach. But how do I get those 11 symbols to sync together as one symbol and 10 instances of that symbol. Thanks
  9. In Publisher, how can I use a table to create a group of dotted lines. I've created a one cell table and styled the stroke to dashed. But how can I remove just the side vertical borders, so that is looks like lined paper. Thanks so much.
  10. I'm writing a few tutorials about creating digital planners in Affinity Designer and Publisher. In the online Designer help, there is a section entitled Panels and all the panels are discussed, ie Transform panel. However, in the help in the iPad Designer the same section is entitled Studios, as are the individual studios ie Transform Studio. Should I refer to these as panels or studios? Should I use panels for desktop and studios for ipad versions? Also, how do I refer to all three software ie Designer, Photo and Publisher? (ie Adobe Creative Cloud) Is it called Affinity Studio? Thanks for the help
  11. I am trying to export (PDF for export) a document that is 2244 px by 2904 px at 264 resolution dpi. Publisher lets me set the dpi to 264 when I create a new document but when I export, I get the default dpi of 300. Is there a way to set the export dpi? Thanks
  12. This has bugged me for years. Thanks for the great answer!
  13. Hi, I have a file in Publisher and Designer that is 2904 x 2240 at 264 ppi. When I export a PDF from either Publisher or Designer, the resolution changes to 610 x 795. Why? How might I maintain the pixel sizes and the 264 resolution on export for pdf. Thanks all,
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