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  1. Thank you all for your help. Photoshop does this job perfectly and of course there are workarounds with the help of the 3D software. But to be honest: A Photo editing software that cannot handle alpha channel transparency correctly and lacks of alpha channel editing options, does not seem to be an alternative for professional photo editing. At least not for me. Too bad, I would have liked to give Photo a chance. Maybe with a future version.
  2. It seems to me like the ability to edit channels is very limited in Photo. I cannot edit the alpha channel with anything other than white. This might be part of the problem.
  3. This doesn´t solve my problem. The white pixels are still there. But I need the original background anyway. I attached my original file and a flat (without the alpha) jpg copy of it. 19-12-06_EPC_DL-T2_05.tif
  4. Hello, I am new to Photo while have been working with Photoshop many years. I have problems with alpha channels in Photo. My rendered 3D images usually have alpha channel already for backgrounds. Opening them in Photo will show the background 100% transparent. I tried to get the background back by selecting the whole image, creating a spare channel and load this into the alpha channel. This brings my background back but creates white pixels at the borders of my foreground (where alpha isn´t 100% black or white?).
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