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    Sheffield / Tram / Transit diagram

    @ChrisSmere That's a great design, and an excellent clear lay out. Yes, it has a classic look. Lovely style. Wow! It seems transit maps can make anywhere look good, don't you agree @Alfred?
  2. Until I saw your Instagram page I had never seen maps done in "Dark View" before. It makes a great change and the result is really striking. I was too simple minded to think other than white for land, blue for water. Nice work.
  3. Roger C

    Eskişehir / tramvay ağı / another transit map

    @ChrisSmere Beautiful work! Calm, cool and collected. Your Instagram page is delicious. Were these all done in Designer? You could post the San Francisco map here, as well. It looks remarkably like a Unicorn. Is that just coincidence?
  4. Are the missing blue lines just a UI bug?
  5. Aha! Those suggestions are going to be useful for a problem I've been stuck on for some time. Thanks (yet again) Toltec for helping me think outside the [marquee] box!
  6. With all due respect to everyone at Serif, Affinity's 'Help' sections are more what you'd call.... ...."guidelines" ....
  7. Holy Mackerel, Batman. Did you juggle on a unicycle at the same time?
  8. Thomas, This excellent video by James Ritson shows what I believe is the behaviour you are looking for. R
  9. Thanks, Patrick. That search engine is......at best....shall we say.....rather..... inadequate.
  10. Roger C

    Affinity illustrations and experiments

    ... And again here. Never has the forum designation "Newbie" seemed less appropriate!
  11. Roger C

    Editable 3D text in Designer

    Your English is great and so is the technique! Thanks for sharing.
  12. Roger C

    Focus stacking - 160 and 25 frames

    That'll make a great advert for Affinity. They should pay you!
  13. Roger C

    Focus stacking - 160 and 25 frames

    Superb. Your best effort yet. The image, the lighting: exquisite. This iconic image would be at home in National Geographic magazine. Yes really. Seriously well done. (And that's not taking into account the technical limitations of your equipment). Bravo! (If I wasn't such a nice guy I'd be feeling jealous.)
  14. Roger C

    Focus stacking - 160 and 25 frames

    The size of the 1:1 image we can see obviously depends on the pixel dimensions of the image you choose to upload. You'll notice a variation of this around the forum depending on how much detail people are happy to share. You have generously posted a wonderful hi-res image for us to enjoy. The detail on the coils of the proboscis is amazing. R Looking again at your photo, don't you think it also looks like a parrot wearing super-bling designer shades? (No disrespect to you intended).
  15. Roger C

    Focus stacking - 160 and 25 frames

    You've gone to great lengths to capture an astonishing image, especially when viewed full size. Maybe you could edit your post to remind people to click on the posted image to view it as a (much sharper) pop-up, then wait until the mouse cursor turns to a plus symbol before clicking again to open it larger in a new window, then click on that image to finally view your eye-popping full size photo. It's certainly worth it!
  16. Excellent presentation! A great showcase for your skills. The interactive illustrations really reinforce the text. A superb "hands on" teaching resource.
  17. Roger C

    Editable 3D text in Designer

    Is this tutorial any help?
  18. I'll have a guess... It looks like you're stretching data that isn't there, e.g. manipulating a compressed file. The algorithms in the software can't replace what has already been discarded. Try ignoring the (technical) histogram; if you just look at the image you've created it still looks fine doesn't it. So don't worry. Affinity is manipulating your image just as well as anything else would.
  19. Hi @Marty Koopmans I think your post will get lost at the bottom of this thread. Try posting a new question to the forum. (Top right of the page next to Reply to this topic, click on Start New Topic. Call it something like "Inpainting Tool" and explain the problem). Affinity Photo Video tutorial playlists: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCQZN-kIrZUQyoTnexM3jJAw/playlists?shelf_id=0&view=1&sort=dd For some reason the above address won't paste properly, but if you copy it and open it as a new tab it will take you to a page of themed playlists. Scroll to the bottom to find the beginners section and start from there.
  20. Absolutely! This forum is all about sharing experience. We've all come here to learn. So, Thanks @Vince42
  21. Hi @Vince42 What did you find when using your new tablet with Designer? We're always keen to learn here on the forum. Could you share your method of creating that pleasing "scribble mode"? Even tiny tips are fun!
  22. Roger C

    deaf people.

    When watching on YouTube you can enable subtitles. They're not an official script, but they're certainly useful.
  23. Tiffs - where are they? The computer is a simple creature.They'll be wherever you told it to put them. Whether you meant to or not. The saver's twitch: double checking which folder is selected.
  24. @owenr, that works delightfully well! Super useful. Thanks. How do you and alfred know all these tricks? ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ And now... ... I realise I forgot to write "correctly guesses". As I don't want any virtual litigation, it's Reactions to everyone who had a go. So, whose loud checked jacket was bursting through the threshold? If you squint hard you can just make out... Monsieur Poisson himself! And refreshingly he's forecasting some traditional British Summer weather. Well done @- S - ! Your Superpowers make you the undisputed silver lining of all the (magnetic) clouds on the board. R
  25. That sounds like an excellent idea. But I can't reproduce it. When I ctrl-click the image's thumbnail the whole image is selected, not just the white pixels. What simple mistake am I making? R (An "Affinity Reaction" for whoever guesses the weather person hiding in the image!)