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  1. My workflow is a secret I am willing to share :-) I would like to use Designer to create schematic illustrations. i mostly use combinations of simple shapes, lines and text with mouse and keyboard. Sometimes I need pressure sensitivity to add organic shapes like tree branches or blood vessels. From your replies I get that drawing with a tablet pen just does not work that well in Affinity Designer, it is probably not a specific xp-pen problem and there is nothing that can be done about it right now. Individual strokes can be fixed by adjusting the pressure profile. THanks for your replies!
  2. Hi and thanks for replying to my question. And welcoming me. And sorry for not introducing myself properly - it was late and I was frustrated, if that's any excuse :-) I just started with Affinity Designer and I had this problem right from the beginning. before I updated to the latest version it happended with every single stroke, now it happens frequently, but not with every stroke. As adviced I captured it on video (thanks for the recommendation of OBS): Please have a look at 00:23 00:29 (here the artefact is seen in preview, but when I release, it is gone. But the line thickness is not what it should be - I start with a lot of pressure, releasing it) 01:07 (artefact and zoom-in on what it looks like) 2019-10-07 21-37-54.mkv The video is 4 MB, I hope that is ok. If not, let me know and I will have to look into how I can reduce the file size. I have not done video editing before on my computer (i.e. no clue and no software, probably), so that's why here is the lazy version. It looked to me like the initial max pressure was not transmitted and then there was a very abrupt change in line thickness when this pressure was transmitted, leading to this artefacts. You can see when I move the handles, that it is just a really abrupt change in thickness. I thought I will just try to delete the first node. My reasoning was, that if it is a problem with the pressure not being correctly detected / translated / whatever for the first node, but then being ok for the second, that should remove the artefacts. However, the artefact is following to the second node, if I do this. Thanks for taking your time to read this, it is appreciated
  3. When I start drawing the line it begins with a small circle even if I apply full pressure. When I continue to draw the line strange artefacts are produced. In the sample attached I tried to start with maximum pressure and releasing it while drawing further to the right. Is there any way to fix it or work around that? beispiel.afdesign On Windows 10 latest version of affinity designer is installed

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