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  1. Many thanks for that Roger, it worked a treat. Thanks also Garry. I was trying to place a coloured star on a black and white photo but it did not work until I selected DOCUMENT and from the dropdown the CONVERT. Regards Colin
  2. I just cant seem to be able to work how to do it? I am working with black and white photos and images. The images are mainly of lists of genealogical information. I wish to highlite some of the persons shown by placing a small red star alongside their name to show them up. I just cannot fathom any way to be able to do it. I have tried by selecting the star and opening New Adjustment Layer and trying to use the Gradient Map, but the colour slider is only in B & W. Can anyone help please?
  3. Many thanks for the input into my problem. I shall just have to use 'Levels' and give plenty of white for the background and a little black and hope that when I print it onto browned paper that it looks OK> Regards Colin
  4. I am a very amateur bookbinder and I am putting together a book of spells. I have the copies of all the printed pages, however, the copy of the book is so old that the paper has browned. I now wish to print the pages out, but on pre-made brown paper to save wasting so much ink on every page being printed brown. I will get the same effect of a browned old book, but my own way. My question is, how can I make the background of each page white, but make the actual writing brown? I have tried many ways, but I just cannot get it right. I have attached a couple of images of pages as examples of what I have. Any help would be most appreciated.
  5. I have a number of books which are in Pdf format. Some of them are very old books and the pages are brown in the scan. I open the Pdf file in Affinity Photo and select a page but when I do so, the pages it opens appear all smeared as though the ink on the page is wet and has been sponged down over the paper. Is it because my settings are wrong or can anyone tell me how to get the Pdf image to appear correctly please. The second image is that of image 3. Many thanks for any assistance.
  6. ColinSmi

    No Acquire

    I wished to scan a picture to AP, but cannot find a way of doing it. I see that suggestions on Google tell me to go to File>acquire, but when I open File Acquire is not anywhere on the dropdown. I am using a Brother scanner, it is fully connected but that makes no difference. Is there somewhere that I can go on AP that will allow me to add ACQUIRE to the File? Many thanks for any help.
  7. Hi Chris, I dont know what happened, I did send the files, but will send again. This is one giving the trouble. I hope that you can work it out, but when I open it in Affinity Photo and the window opens, I try to put in the page number and it shuts down and sends me the message shown above. The same thing does not happen to all Pdf files, but it does with a number. What I wanted to do was to make each page white (not brown with age). Many thanks Colin Smith Collection_of_all_Wills_now_known_to_be_extant.pdf
  8. I am sorry but I sent a message a little while ago and wish to edit, but couldn't. I downloaded a book from the net which was a pdf file. As the book was old when it was scanned the pages are a quite brown and are no good for printing. I therefore wished to make all the pages lighter using Affinity Photo, however, whenever I tried to open the book in AP it stopped working and just sent me a message stating that it was sending a message to AP (see attachment). I have since tried other books and have some success on some of them. I have now downloaded the same book I had the original trouble with but from a different source. Now I go to open and select the book and the window opens and when I select the page that I wish to edit, that page opens as a blank page. Am I doing something wrong, or do some pdf files cause hiccoughs in Affinity Photo? Any help would be most welcome.
  9. I have downloaded a book from a royalty free source. When I open Affinity Photo and then open the book the window opens to allow me to select a page(s). If I then hit the OK button it shuts down and sends me a message that 'an unhandled exception has occurred and it cannot continue and then gives me a 'crash report' file number. No matter how many times I try to open the pdf file I get the same response. This is most frustrating. What can I do about it please?
  10. Many thanks for all your replies. It certainly makes more sense now.
  11. I am brand new to this so it is probable that my answer is shown elsewhere. I have been using Photoshop CS6 for a while now and when I was finished editing a photograph I used to go to the 'Levels' window on the bottom right and click on 'Merge' before saving to JPEG. When I have completed my editing in Affinity Photo, do I do a similar thing, and if so how do I do it please? In doing so, am I still saving the original photo, or just exporting/saving to a different file name? Many thanks for any help.
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