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  1. Those pictures are three screens I took from AP while using sRGB profile (1), blade profile (2) and blade profile with blade color space in AP to show that then it is back to how it's supposed to look like. You can see that middle picture is different from the other two while it shouldn't. Like I don't know what more to say. When I use custom calibration icc profile in Windows (that is affecting only output - my screen, not a source and so every screenshot should be the same, AND it is actually) AP decide to F**k me over and for some reason it will change the colors slightly in whatever I import.
  2. I did a screenshot of my settings in Windows and AP itself. Yes I see this with every picture (my camera pictures, my phone pictures, screenshots in .png, also files from the internet like those random two i found just to make a comparison, first and second picture there should look the same since I changed only my display color profile and it should not affect the app in my opinion, also every time AP used the same sRGB color space for those.)
  3. Well obviously I don't want to use display calibration profile inside my working space but if you didn't noticed that is the reason why I'm here. I was using sRGB since I'm working with sRGB files but when I do and have my custom calibration set in Windows my colors (as you can see in those pictures) are different and that's the reason why I'm going batsh*t crazy over it. Then I find out that using this custom profile inside AP will make everything look normal again. So basically thanks for confirming that something is seriously not working here.
  4. Hey there, thank you both for the link and for the explanation, however this is just confirming that I have right settings. But I did more testing as you mentioned AP doing things with color profiles at import and figured out that if I leave my color profile in Windows at default sRGB, everything is fine. I can even change my profile to blade and everything is same nice looking. Once I restart AP with my blade profile active, trolling begin. Then if I want it to look how it should I have to choose my blade profile inside AP as a color space of the document. I find some random images to showcase this and I opened one with sRGB profile in Windows active, one with blade profile active and the third one after applying blade color space inside AP. In these images it's not even that bad but on my last project it was straight up terrible and it ended up really dark because of this. One thing I don't understand is why is AP doing anything with my custom color calibration since that is for the display itself and it's capability of displaying proper colors.
  5. Hey everyone, I have a problem with Affinity Photo and totally broken color profile management. I'm using Razer Blade with factory calibrated screen, let's refer it as blade.icc profile. Every time I import something into AP it will brighten all shadows for no reason. In order to work with proper colors in AP I have to import file without converting it automatically into working space (that I want to have set up as blade.icc) and after that I have to manually change document icc profile to my blade.icc. If I let AP change this automatically after import, colors will stay the same. It's even more funny when I try to export something. If I want to export the picture as I see it in AP I have two options: change document color space to sRGB and export or change the option to embed icc profile to off in export menu, otherwise I will get image that is darker then what I'm working with in AP. All this is so weird since icc profile is color profile not a "let's F**k this guy shadow details" profile and even when I disable this custom calibration profile in Windows and use it's default sRGB same s**t is happening. At this point I have no idea if it's me or what is happening since I never had any issues like this with other programs.
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