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  1. Better to say a 250 pixel images so it is not confused with the PPI. But yes, 72 PPI has nothing to do with resolution on a screen. Like I said - PPI is for print. Not for display. And the weird thing - this is sometimes confused even in documentation, training manuals etc. Even by Adobe :-) If anyone is in doubt: When you are making graphics for web, screen etc. you do not have to set PPI to 72. Actually, it might be better to set it to 300. In some image editing programs, the PPI has an influence on how the sizes of fonts are displayed inside your document while you are creating it. With 300 PPI it might be easier to do finer adjustments.
  2. Two images 1000 px wide, but with different PPI will display exactly the same on the same monitor. I am not talking about differences between sizes of monitors Same display, two images, different PPI for the images. And yes, you should be able to do the test with Affinity as well!
  3. Yes and no. It has to be resampled as the number of pixels will be different from the original. But resolution as you call it, is not relevant for a digital file. Only for print. It is just a flag that tells a printer how close to output the pixels. So you could easily keep the same resolution when you change the number of pixels in a file. If you print the file, it will of course be a different size. A file that is 1000px x 500px @ 150 PPI will print much bigger than a file that is 1000px x 500px @ 3000 PPI. But both of them will look exactly the same if you put them on a web page. This is easily demonstrated by opening a file in Photoshop, changing only the PPI and save it with a new name. The file should be the same size as the original give or take a few bytes. PPI is just information to a printer.
  4. Sounds great! So I am hoping this release comes soon! Really need this functions. Preparing images for a webshop is a real pain if it has to be done in multiple steps. And I was hoping to avoid buying Photoshop for this... Any chance of letting us know a ballpark time for the update?
  5. Here is what I am used to do in Photoshop: Select crop tool Enter specific size in pixels Drag/resize the frame so I get what I want from the picture Hit enter to crop AND to resize to the exact pixel numbers I chose. When I try to do this in Affinity Photo, the pixel numbers I chose changes when I drag the frame. The reason for choosing and exact number of pixels was to lock that. But it seems like it behaves exactly as the unrestricted crop. Is there a setting I am missing?