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  1. Thanks a lot for help and solution :-)
  2. Hi, strange?! I tried many times and nothig. What about fonts: that's right. Original was created within Adobe InDesign with specific fonts. But moste imported for me is that's working, unfortunately not by me. Coud You send me imported Affitiny Publisher file? I need exactly only German part of it?
  3. Hi, a few weeks ago I have reported problem with import (open) PDF specific file. Now I see in this issue of Affinity Publisher Beta 1.7.2 the problem is fixed. In theory! In practice there isn't possible to open (import) the file either in Anffinity Pablisher or Affinity Designer! In one of previous version of Affinity Designer I did it. I only don't know what kind of version (number). mont_easycon_de_en_fr.pdf
  4. Baton

    Import/Open PDF-file

    This and other were created from SolidWorks and not by me only main firm I'm working together. Now I only muss to create Polish version from German and rest pages will be deleted. But thanks for an solution and YES and unfortunately I need to invest a little time and work. For the future will easyer, I hope so
  5. Hi, I have a problem to import/open PDF-file into Publisher (and Designer too). Program open import dialog and after confirmation doesn't respond and finally crash! mont_easycon_de_en_fr.pdf

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