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  1. Thanks IanSG I have signed up for the free trial and will set some time aside over the next day or two to familiarise myself with the programme. I have a lot of photos to experiment on! 😉😁
  2. Hi thanks for the info I will sign up for the newsletter now! Best wishes Dave.
  3. Hi Thank you for your response and advice. I have also received a response from the FB which was very helpful! It sounds very much like AP{ is would provide me with what I want i.e. somewhere to learn the basics but also provide more advanced features as I getter better! I like the fact that it uses layers which I believe means that it is non destructive! Being retired I have the time to spend learning and the fact that there are tutorials is also a bonus. I think I will take advantage of the free trial and go from there! It certainly looks a good programme and it receives good reviews!
  4. Hi I am an enthusiastic photographer who would like to start playing with editing my photos. I am currently doing my research to find an alternative to the app on Windows 10 which does not have the capabilities I would like to use. Your product looks very good but I have some concerns. I have asked the questions on your FB page but as yet have not received a response. The main concern I have is ease of use, also can I / could I import my pics from other sources i.e. Windows photos and finally how easy is it to upload from Affinity direct to social media? I have also
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