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  1. Hello everyone Can you please help me with the following problem? There are red lines visible on the artwork which I placed in my Designer document. Also around the text I type is a a kind of red outline present. When I export everything to png then those red lines are no longer present. However it is very confusing those red outlines in the design environment. I tried everything but cannot get rid of those lines. Can you tell me how I can get rid of those frustrating lines? Thank you very much in advance for your help. Chris
  2. Hello walt.farrell, Thank you very much for your reply. Indeed, they are showing up every time over the whole design. But in the meantime I find the cause of my problem by the reply of Dutchshader. I appreciate you and Dutchshader advice very much. Have a nice day. Chris
  3. Hello Dutchshader, Thank you very much for your help, exactly what I was looking for. My problem is solved now. Have a great day. Chris
  4. Despite the fact ebook creation would be a nice feature, I think the main purpose of Affinity Publisher is in Desktop publishing. Adobe Indesign can produce epub, mobi ebooks. However, dedicated ebook creation applications like Jutoh are far better than Indesign or Publisher will ever be. Not because they are not capable but because paper publishing is very much different than ebook publishing. With Publisher format and style is very important. For ebook creation formatting and style is very important as long as the generated ebook is easy to read and navigate. Creating bookmarks and notes is much more important than layout. PagePlus also could generate ebooks, however there where many problems with it. Atlantis WordProcessor, Microsoft Word can create ebooks too, however Word add a lot of garbage. One good advice, if you really want to create ebooks, use dedicated applications like Jutoh. It is worthwhile the steep learning curve. Chris
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    Arrow Tool

    You can also use "Convert to curves" which lets you change the individual nodes with the "Node" tool. Also take a look at the context toolbar for the arrow tool. I experimented a little with it and it gives fine control over the arrow. What puzzles me is that you can draw vertical arrows. Maybe you are using the 1.7 beta but I can only draw horizontal arrows in the 1.6.x version. Can you tell me how you can draw vertical arrows? Thank you very much. Have a nice day. Chris
  6. Hello all, Can you help me with editing styles. I created my own style and add it to several objects. Now I want to edit my self created style so that the change reflect in all objects where this style is used. Can you tell me if that is possible and how? I created that style in the "Default" category. Now I created a new category "Bad_Wolf". How can I move my styles in "Default" to "Bad_Wolf"? Thank you for your help. Chris
  7. Hello everybody, Thank you all very much for your advice which is very helpfull and let me think in a different way. I made my own style category "Bad_Wolf" and wanted to move some styles I created in the "Default" category. It is not possible to drag and drop them directly, nor is there a menu command which do this. So I took an empty document and placed an object (rectangle, oval, ...) onto the drawing area and gave it the style I wanted to move. Then I switched to the "Bad_Wolf" category and selected "Add style from selection". Now I just have to rename this style and bingo. @Petar PetrenkoYour suggestion works only for text styles. When using object Styles, that is not possible. Thank you anyway for the suggestion. @Petar Petrenko
  8. Thank you for your reply which I appreciate very much . I was afraid of this answer because I searched for hours and experimented a lot but with no result. Like you, I also hope linked object styles will be added. Chris
  9. Epubs should be a reflowable layout. Ereaders have problems with fixed layouts, they mostly do not look good. I think Apub is targetting tradional printing instead of the ereader/epub market segment. I am using Jutoh for my epub documents. I do not think it is a good idea for Apub to support epub/kindle compiling. Good epub documents do not contain much formatting because the user can change it in the blink of an eye. For true traditional printing or wordprocessing documents it is another matter. There layout is much more important and necessary.
  10. Hi, Our replies crossed each other. Why not creating the chart lines with a rectangle and the divider lines with the pen tool? However I added a second page and now used a table, grouped everything and when resizing everything resized perfectly. I attach the update project again. Chris GroupedRaster.afpub
  11. Hi, I drawed your raster with those rounded rectangles and some text. then I selected the chart, those rounded rectangles and the text by drawing a selection rectangle around them. Then in the context sensitive toolbar, somewhere in the middle you see "group". Just click on that and everything will be grouped. When you now drag the resizing handles, everything will resize with respect to the other grouped objects. I attached the demo project with this reply. Hope this helps. Chris GroupedRaster.afpub
  12. No, there is no word/character count in Publisher and it is not necessary. I am using Atlantis Wordprocessor and there is a very nice word/character count feature. You can even set a target to write. When you finish your text, you can copy and paste it in Publisher. When the import function is ready, you can import your text file.
  13. Inline graphics is a very important and necessary feature especially for the first release version.Many people are gonna be disappointed when it is not in the final release version. However, for those using math formula's and other objects, if you have a font creation program like Font Creator, you can made glyphs of your formulas and create it as a font. I do not know if OpenType is supported in Publishers yet, but when it is you can even create multi color glyphs if you wish. It is different when you want a photo or drawing flowing with your text. If the inline graphics/anchor feature will be implemented as in PagePlus, that would be perfect. A big "thank you" for the Affinity team. I like Publisher more and more with every update. Keep up the good work! Chris
  14. Hi all, I like to make a kind of splash in 3D. Like paint which was fallen on a paper and then stretched out in all directions, just with an irregular shape and some drops. I wish to make this in Affinity Designer. I am looking for a tutorial how to create such a paint splash but I cannot find it. Do you know of any such tutorial so I can design and create my own splashes? Your help and advice will be very much appreciated. Thank you in advance. Have a very nice day. Chris
  15. Hi Gdenby, Thank you very much for your example project which put me on the right track. Your help is very much appreciated. Chris
  16. @Dave Harris That will be great! Thank you all for Affinity Publisher which is an excellent tool already. You seem to be a cat lover, me too. Chris
  17. Individual colors for guides, so that guides can have different colors would be great! Hope the Affinity team can implement this. As an example I included a screencapture from another program. Chris
  18. Hi, There is affinity Designer for iOS. It should be nice if there will also be an Affinity Designer for Android. Any plans for creating an Affinity Designer for Android? Thank you. Chris
  19. Thank you Alfred, you are a very sharp reader. To be honest, I did not notice it at all. But yes, it does what Affinity does for Android. You are very good with words, so I am sure you are a talented writer. Thank you for sharing your thoughts. Chris
  20. Hi again, Just found out when reading other threads on the Affinity forum, they will never plan an Android version like I will never buy any Apple device. However I have to draw on my Android based tablet and do not like to use any Adobe software too. So I looked for a replacement so I can finallise my sketches on the tablet in Affinity Designer for Windows. I installed "Infinite Design" which is free with the possibility to purchase additional content (which I did). I am still learning this nice app, but it looks a very promising alternative to Affinity Designer on Android. So if you are in the same situation like myself, try Infinite Design. I am sure you will not be disappointed. Chris
  21. This is not possible in any of the Affinity programs... yet. What I do is saving the empty file with the styles, formatting, colors and then open it again and use "Save as..." so not changing the original file. I know it is not optimal but works for me.
  22. If I remember correctly someone of Affinity mentioned that e-publishing is not a target of Affinity Publisher. If you want to create ebooks for all the platforms you mentioned, go for Jutoh. Jutoh is relatively easy to learn and very powerful and precise. I tried many ebook creation softwares including Scrivener and none of them get close to Jutoh. I am using mainly Jutoh and sometimes Kotobee Author (for true interactive ebooks because it is easier in that category). With traditional desktop publishing, layout is very important. With ebooks it is just the opposite, mostly the reader controls the layout and the ebook reflows accordingly. For example, a font in an ebook can be choosen by the reader as also the fontsize. So your beautiful crafted ebook with fancy looking fonts, can easily gets lost because a reader choose another font. Or are you going to put a message at the start section of the ebook, please don't change the font, mine is better? Something else I do not understand, is that and correct me when I am wrong, you want to use the same layout for DTP in an ebook. I assume here you want to publish a paper and electronic version of your publication. For the reasons above, that is simply not possible and practical. Chris
  23. If you rather prefer to put your fate at Microsoft instead of Affinity, go ahead. If you want to use bloated software based on a decades old codebase; it is your decision. I know why I am choosing for the whole Affinity range for sure. When you compare Microsoft Office 365 then you have to admit that Affinity is cheap. Most updates of the Affinity range where free. If you already have Designer and your DTP needs are not so demanding, you better use Designer. I used it to create one or two page documents and it works fine. Also Affinity Publisher has a more comprehensive toolset for images and drawing than MS Publisher. As you said yourself, you are doing minor skilled publishing work. Why not keep your old publications in PagePlus and do any new work in Affinity Publisher? On this moment it is in beta stage but I have the feeling Affinity Publisher is on the right track. Give Affinity Publisher a chance, download and try the beta. Only then you can make the right decision.
  24. @Martin Hutter Affinity has to move forward not backward. You are using PageMaker 7 which is now a decade old but is an excellent tool even today. Since 2008 the DTP market changed dramatically which makes it hard to keep up. Because I started DTP in 1991 with Quark Xpress, I also keep comparing with Quark. This is only human I think. However we all need to evolve to the latest innovations and keep up. Despite there is nothing wrong with working with PageMaker 7, it means basically standing still while the world around you moves fast. I myself are using RagTime, a document processor since 1994. I can still remember that when I started with RagTime (the company I started working for used RagTime), there was nothing good with it. Quark was so much better. However I kept hanging on and succeeded in creating great documents with it. Even today, I am still using Ragtime together with Affinity Designer and Photo and soon Publisher. RagTime is still unique in its own right but it is aging fast, the same with PageMaker 7. We both have to adapt to new ways of working and our experiences builded up during the years will help us with that. Does that mean we have to give up the softwares we know best? Probably over time, but for now, we can just keep using them for projects we believe they are best or better. That also means the change is less abrupt and we can adapt more easily. Since the end of Augustus when Publisher beta became available, I am learning to master it. I know Designer (Photo lesser) and find my way around it. When used to Designer, it is much easier to find your way in Publisher. If you have difficulty with Publisher, maybe it is easier to start with Designer. What is keeping you from sharing your insights in DTP here on this forum? It is always interesting reading about how other people do their work or learning about different insights.You can specify what you liked in PageMaker and how it could help Affinity Publisher. It is possible the Affinity development team pick some things up they find usefull, who knows? You will also receive feedback on your ideas from other people, which is invaluable. I wish you very much success and fun exploring Affinity Publisher. Chris