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  1. I received the scan in PDF format (not OCRed, just images) of an old and not more printed book from an university researcher, that is using it as introduction to a topic we need to discuss about. I think the original format it's something less than landscape A4 (not a printing expert at all, so can't really judge), and next an example It's really unease to read on a laptop, needing constantly to shift back and fort between the left and right page. Asking if there is a way to automatically split every page on the same vertical line, and rearrange the pages as a sequence of s
  2. Not a Photo expert unfortunately. I have seen your file, but I need a transparent, not a colored background. Also need more thick lines but I think can be made using Outline effect. Achieved removing your background color and just choosing Transparent background for the document.
  3. This method didn't work, result in totally transparent image. Tried also color replacement brush but with no luck so far. Attached the images I need to work on (cosmos controller) and the target result (two controllers icon), I supposed working with Photo no difference in starting from the PDF. vive_cosmos_controller_left_top.tga vive_cosmos_controller_left_side.tga two_controllers_icon.tga
  4. Having a 2D PDF with technical drawing of a VR headset controller similar to this one Vive controllers technical drawing white blank https://imgur.com/gallery/5rTX05h Need to change the lines color from black to white so to have it on transparent background, can use Affinity Publisher or Designer, I'm missing any easy solution
  5. For a presentation I want to recreate from an high res image such as this one the VR screen door effect and also the problem with anti-aliasing for near horizontal or vertical lines due to limited resolution So instead to eliminate an image defect I want to introduce them. Any hint will be really appreciated.
  6. Apologize for not answering before, need to finish the 3D topic I was working on. Yes as @James Ritson state it's a format used for realtime engines heightmaps. I discovered with Houdini I can directly export in the correct heightmap format, but is useful to have also a pipeline with AP to fast correct them if the landscape didn't come from Houdini. Btw I just used AP for patching a boken heightmap coming from a cartographic source, so always useful tool here.
  7. Seems this is generating still an RGB image and not a single channel. There is not such a control for enabling or disabling color channels in Photo?
  8. Want to save an image with just the red channel enabled instead of the whole RGB. I can't find a way to achieve this, but sure there is one.
  9. Looking at image organization or DAM solutions the most obvious are Lightroom: does have the Senseai engine for automated categorization, but of course require the subscription that's a no deal for me Capture One: a bit pricely and focused also on image editing, not needed since I already own Affinity Photo iMatch: interesting, lacking some automated categorization features digiKam: interesting, also fully manual and not sure his compatibility with Windows Darktable: also focused more on editing than categorization I've seen also some cloud services such as Cloud
  10. Collaborating with a NPO organizing ballet courses and events, I find myself after some years dealing with serveal thousand of photos coming from different sources (professional photographers, amateurs photographers, smartphones, etc). Needing to manage the creation of posters, refresh of the website, booklets and so I need to search for the best photos needed for the specific goal: i.e. single dancers full figure for the poster, groups with good light for the website. This is becoming increasingly difficult, with the regret of missing great images just since I didn't have the time n
  11. +1 for Data Merge, using PP for our associates certificates creation
  12. So this topic can't be in the (Resolved) subforum I suppose, or need to be merged with other tracking.
  13. Filter Forge: "AND´╗┐ while our developers try to solve this official support problem with Serif, there's one nice and simple workaround: copy and paste to use FF and AP together." "Filterforge 6 isn't working anymore. In the latest 1.5 it works fine..." Not my job to check but the post in the beta section is referring to FF 6, we are in the 8 version, the other post state you are working together to solve the problem, are you? Since appear nobody is doing anything...
  14. Tested today since I'm evaluating FF 8 to be used with AP, and with any kind of selection in the photo if I try to open FF give me an exception <class XFW::ArgumentError> Unexpected mask presence state. FF is shown with Unknown status in the Plugins and I allow "Unknown" plugins to be used. In this FF thread the moderator state This was in December 2018, it's expected something is happening, or FF will remain in the limbo since neither FF nor Serif are working to find a solution? This happens both in stable 1.6 than in beta
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