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  1. many thanks carl i23 and walt farrel, this is a great forum.
  2. hi, i think this may be a step too far but is there any way to alter the angle of the square pixel ?
  3. many thanks HVDB, i really appreciate the help, all the best, mick.
  4. many thanks Dan C, i just checked and my square brush is there, I really appreciate your help, all the best, mick.
  5. hi, i am having trouble trying to get a square pixel, i am using the basic brush which used to get me the square pixel and i have clicked on the "create square brush" but it stays round ?
  6. hi, i am trying to find out if affinity will at some time be creating an easy way to rotate the image you are working on, i can't even find a shortcut, i found a nice app in the microsoft store that rotates the screen but it loses the the app control as soon as affinity screen is touched.
  7. does anyone know if affinity can or will in the future get a quick and easy way to rotate while using the paintbrush, i can't even find any decent shortcts ? i'm using a microsoft surface studio pc and although i think they are working on an actual rotating screen i'm sure it would be well out of my budget.
  8. hi, i am having trouble with my paint mixer brush, it can be working fine for a short while but then just stops, any help please ?
  9. hi, i used to be able to import brushes from deviant art with no problems but since i have reinstalled affinity photo have not been able to, i just get error message, any help will be much appreciated, thanks, mick.
  10. hi, yes its the same message i am getting, some of my brush tools are playing up now as well so i need to do a factory reset but can't because like i said before, when i hold the control button down while trying to open affinity photo nothin happens.
  11. hi, i am having a problem with affinity photo, every time i try to close a document i get a message saying. " At least one file is being currently opened, Please wait for file to load before quitting the application". i tried to reset affin photo by holding control key down when opening but it won't let me because there is a file already open.
  12. many thanks for your help
  13. thanks, so should i just experiment then ? can you advise anything please? thanks, mick.
  14. did you give up ? and could you tell me if there should be more than four options on my dial ? I didn't even know about the other three I saw till you told me to tick the box, or are they experimental?

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