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  1. hi, thought i had better say that i think have solved the problem, it looks like it was all my fault, i must have created another layer without knowing and got my layers mixed up, everything seems ok now. thanks for trying to help.
  2. many thanks for reply, i really think it must be a bug although not really qualified to prove it, its interesting what you said about the hardness setting, i had noticed these had been set to nought, and was wondering if it could be something to do with that, i will experiment with it, thanks again, michael.
  3. i am fairly new to affinity photo, i got an ipad pro and pen, my aim is to use a photo of my painting and change some of the fine detail with the colours i can get on affinity photo and finally make some large prints. i am interested in the colours that i can produce with the affinity photo and am trying to apply colours in a different way to to the canvas painting i made, my problem is that sometimes when i pick the colour and brush etc, nothing happens when i press down on the ipad, i don't know if there is a problem with affinity photo app or if i'm doing something wrong, i have tried lots of variations in the way i start, can anybody let me know if there one specific way to proceed ?
  4. i clicked on defaults and save.
  5. many thanks, sounds good, have you any idea why the items i savd didn't appear ?
  6. hi, i recently bought an ipad pro and pen and downloaded affin photo, i like using it very much, i previously had a surface pro and pen but the settings just disappeared and there was no way i could restore it, i find the apple pen and ipad are much better, the surface pro pen was very awkward and the line was offfset from the tip, anyway really pleased to get affinity, i am working on a photo of a painting i made on canvas and am delighted with the colours and effects i can add with affinity, the problem i am having is understanding how to save work, after working for about 20 hours i had a problem and lost the image altogether, i had been making copies after a few hours each time but when i tried to find them they were not on my "one drive" or anywhere else, i was panicking but luckily found out about history images and scrolled to the top and managed to get back, could anyone let me know the best way to back up important projects ?
  7. hi, i am new to this forum and am trying to find out if there is special way i need to pick the colours up ? i have tried all sorts of ways but still having problems.