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  1. You have a ‘Circle’ line end enabled. Go to the ‘Advanced’ section of the Stroke Studio and change the setting to ‘None’.
  2. Thanks for your input, Dave. Having reinstalled the configuration profile, I can confirm that the font shows up in Pages and displays as expected. So whatever the issue is, it does seem to be specific to the Affinity apps.
  3. Welcome to the Serif Affinity Forums, @Murali Krishna and @Ashwin_Chandarana. The Affinity apps currently only support ANSI Indic fonts.
  4. I’m not sure why you tagged me, @Aftemplate! You created this thread to argue in favour of changing the existing layer-based system to make it “nodey”, so @anon2 thought it would be helpful for you to know that it’s only the user interface which is layer-based:
  5. That would work fine for a static arrangement, of course, but it doesn’t address this requirement:
  6. Welcome to the Serif Affinity Forums, @Forcy. There’s no one-click way to do this, but you can avoid the separate ‘new document’ step as follows: 1. Select all the layers in the Layers panel 2. ‘Edit > Copy’ 3. ‘File > New from Clipboard’
  7. Isn’t RGB(0,255,255) out of gamut for CMYK? Although we call it ‘cyan’ I don’t think we should expect it to look the same as CMYK(100,0,0,0). It’s the same the other way around: CMYK(0,100,100,0) is red, but it doesn’t necessarily look the same as RGB(255,0,0).
  8. I’m using a humble iPad Air2, and I don’t often work on huge documents, but I also occasionally find the app crashing in the background. It’s far from obvious why it sometimes does and sometimes doesn’t.
  9. Why not simply return to the home screen before switching to another app? The Affinity apps shouldn’t crash, of course, but at least returning to the home screen will ensure that you can pick up where you left off.
  10. Different keys generate different signals, of course, but that’s not what I meant; I was looking at it from the user’s perspective. If your keyboard doesn’t have an AltGr key, you can’t do as suggested here:
  11. The link in @Leigh’s post takes me to another FAQ article, but it’s about the ‘no hardware’ flag instead of the ‘no DWM’ flag.
  12. Hmm ... ever so slightly different! Your second example is what I would expect with a tone curve applied. Over to the Sony experts out there, methinks. I don’t even shoot raw, so I’m not exactly well placed to offer any other potentially helpful suggestions.
  13. AltGr is the same as Ctrl+Alt on a standard UK keyboard, and I believe the same applies to a standard German keyboard. As far as I’m aware, a standard US keyboard doesn’t distinguish between the left and right Alt keys.
  14. Welcome to the Serif Affinity Forums, @Pike11. Having quickly read a little about what S-Log is, my best guess is that you’re seeing the effect of the default ‘Apply tone curve’ option in the Develop persona in Affinity Photo. Try clicking the Develop Assistant button on the toolbar and changing the tone curve setting to ‘Take no action’.
  15. Like Bahnschrift, Cascadia Code (or at least the most recent version of it) is a variable font. The Affinity apps don’t yet support this relatively new font technology.
  16. No worries! It’s an easy mistake to make, especially if you haven’t had the benefit of experiencing the capabilities that PagePlus acquired over thirty years of development.
  17. That’s the wrong way around, Joachim! What @MoiraH wants to do is not to fit the frame to the text, as you’ve described, but to fit the text to the frame; i.e. automatically adjust the point size of any typed or pasted text so that it fills the frame.
  18. Without the ability to interpret embedded fonts, how could the Affinity apps create a set of paths/outlines on import? And once they become capable of interpreting embedded fonts, they will be able to display them correctly and (optionally) keep them editable.
  19. I would prefer to describe them as pretty, clear images!
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