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  1. The Context toolbar for the Fill Tool in both Affinity Designer and Affinity Photo on iPad includes a ’Type’ control allowing you to choose between no fill, a solid fill, a gradient fill, or a bitmap fill.
  2. Another useful trick for multiple gradients is to select the object that has a gradient applied, group it (which is allowed even though there is only one object) and then apply another gradient to the group. Repeat as often as necessary.
  3. Alfred

    Adding Text

    In particular, the ‘Number of Columns’ control (not actually highlighted in the screenshot) will be relevant if you don’t have sufficient screen height to see all of the tools. Try changing the value to 2.
  4. Without knowing what happened and at which step in the procedure, I’m not sure either! ‘Paste Inside’ option gives you a clipping/nesting result (where the ‘clipview’ object remains visible) instead of a cropping/masking result (where the cropping object becomes invisible).
  5. <pedantry> Déjà vu! </pedantry> I’d love to see an alternative to that RMB+LMB monstrosity. The construction of the touchpad area on my Windoze laptop is such that it’s physically impossible for me to press the two buttons simultaneously.
  6. Welcome to the Serif Affinity Forums, @BenjiGameDev. From the in-app Help:
  7. A fair point, as usual, Mike! My comment was based on the fact that PagePlus could interpret embedded fonts in PDFs several versions before passthrough capability was added.
  8. As mentioned elsewhere, that won’t happen until the Affinity apps interpret embedded fonts so that they can preserve the correct appearance of the ‘passthrough’ PDF.
  9. Alfred

    Templates and Education

    This post in particular may be of interest:
  10. It seems to be a rolling daily (i.e. 24-hour) quota. If you try again an hour or two after you get that message, you'll usually find that it works again.
  11. Alfred

    Cog Tool

    Just as an FYI, there was a limit of 48 teeth in the original Windows beta version.
  12. Alfred

    Won't Install On Windows 10

    Please note that the minimum supported version of Windows 10 is 1607.
  13. Alfred

    Digital Art Question

    Affinity Photo is a raster graphics app, so it’s more like Krita than CorelDraw. Affinity Designer is a hybrid vector/raster app with the emphasis firmly on the vector side of things, so it’s like CorelDraw. All of the desktop Affinity apps are free to try: https://affin.co/designertrial https://affin.co/phototrial https://affin.co/publishertrial
  14. Alfred


    What is clear from the answer is that Serif is unwilling to make a public commitment to a particular timescale. On past evidence, I don’t think they can deliver RTL functionality without help from a third party.
  15. This answer is from two years ago, but I imagine it’s still valid:
  16. It’s pretty straightforward in the Affinity apps, too. Cover the image with a semitransparent shape such as a rectangle or a polygon, convert the shape to curves, use the Node Tool to edit it and then go to the Layers panel. Set the layer opacity back to 100%, drag the shape layer and drop it on the thumbnail of the image.
  17. Alfred

    MacOS 10.13.6 & Affinity Photo 1.7.1

    Since you’ve only just bought the app, you can safely press the ‘Select All’ („Alles markieren“) button in the dialog without fear of losing anything important.
  18. Alternatively, Mike, you could include a phrase such as “generally affordable”. Esko ArtPro+ costs, at a minimum, an eye-watering 3650 EUR. That’s per year, per user.
  19. I imagine that the OP tried and failed to attach the files, rather than actually forgetting. As an anti-spam measure, new users cannot attach files to the first post: attachments should become enabled for subsequent posts.
  20. Here’s one particularly useful application of the Coverage Map feature:
  21. I’m glad to hear that, but it might help other users if you were to post a brief description of what you figured out.
  22. Welcome to the Serif Affinity Forums, @nimrod666. You need to omit the quotation marks, as shown here. (This is assuming that you’re using the Affinity Store version of the app. The Microsoft Store version would probably require a different approach, if it allows you to do it at all.)