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    Keyboard shortcuts - Tools

    If modifiers are not permitted, how come the ‘Artistic Text Tool’ and ‘Background Erase Brush’ shortcuts in the screenshot include the Shift modifier?
  2. Your email address is only used as a login name for your account. It shouldn’t matter that you no longer have access to the mailbox associated with that address (and if it does matter, that’s something you need to sort out with Microsoft rather than Serif).
  3. Welcome to the Serif Affinity Forums, Alexander. If you’re saving files from the version 1.7 beta you may be unable to open them in version 1.6. The only other explanation I can think of is that the files have somehow become corrupted.
  4. Thanks. As you may have gathered, I only looked at the poster image and didn’t actually watch the video!
  5. I think the pencil in the Inkscape video is just a bitmap image (so not really any different from my quick example).
  6. You can achieve the same effect with a textured image brush, can’t you?
  7. Alfred

    Version Updates

    All version 1.x updates are free to current owners of the app on the same platform (Mac, Windows or iPad). You only need to pay again if you switch to a different platform, or if you want the new features in version 2 when it eventually arrives.
  8. I’m not on my Windows machine at the moment, and I don’t shoot raw, but I think it may only be available in the Photo persona.
  9. So are the Affinity apps for iPad (especially with the Spring Sale which is on at the moment).
  10. ‘Levels’ and other adjustments are applied via the Adjustment panel. https://affinity.help/photo/English.lproj/pages/Adjustments/adjustment_levels.html https://affinity.help/photo/es.lproj/pages/Adjustments/adjustment_levels.html
  11. There may well be other ways, but one simple way to do it is to start by creating a rectangle whose height corresponds to the desired gap. You can then select the three objects and use the alignment options to arrange them vertically; once you’ve done that, delete or hide the rectangle.
  12. There should be an ‘Edit’ link at the bottom of each of your posts, but I wouldn’t worry about it. The thread title says ‘covert’ instead of ‘convert’, having remained uncorrected for almost five years now!
  13. That isn’t currently possible in Affinity Designer but it’s on the 1.x roadmap. Meanwhile, you will need to use a separate application such as Inkscape or Serif DrawPlus and save/export to SVG for import into AD.
  14. Please don’t make multiple posts on the same topic, with or without grammar corrections!
  15. The latest Affinity Photo 1.7 beta version for Mac allows the user to select the compression method for TIFF export. I would hope we’ll see this added to a Windows beta version quite soon.
  16. It does seem inconsistent that *.giff is quietly saved as *.giff.gif but *.tif isn’t likewise quietly saved as *.tif.tiff — not much “sanity” there, methinks!
  17. There is no need to work out that the inverse of 75% is 133.33333333333%: you can let the app do the arithmetic for you. Having scaled the picture down by *=75% you can simply scale it back up by /=75% (and then apply the new scale factor).
  18. If you search for .mov you’ll also find a couple of videos accompanying suggestions posted by Alex (@A_B_C) but they’re worth seeing, too.
  19. The file extensions ‘giff’ and ‘psdd’ aren’t valid extensions for image files, so I’m not surprised they’re treated differently. However, I don’t think it’s unreasonable for users to expect that they can choose freely between ‘tif’ and ‘tiff’, and likewise ‘jpg’, ‘jpe’, ‘jpeg’ and even ‘jfif’.