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  1. I opened Serif Affinity Photo which has just added support for FilterForge in the latest update. I opened a 10Mb jpeg photo and then attempted to access FilterForge via the Filters menu. I immediately received this exception error (the following is the detailed log which was generated by FF. I've highlighted the line that was the main reason for the error). This may be a fault in FF but when I opened FF as a standalone and then opened the same file , it worked perfectly. Operating system: x64 Edition (6.2 build 9200) Physical memory: 16301 MB Number of processors: 4, available: 4 Processor info: Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-2500K CPU @ 3.30GHz, ~3317 MHz Filter Forge x86 4.016.40486.28338 Release, July 05, 2016 15:14 [17/03/2018 07:19:52 GMT Standard Time] Exception caught at thread 000037DC 'Application': <class XFW::ArgumentError> The handle 155FD050 is not a valid window handle. <unknown file>(0) : <unknown function>()+0 at 005C159A in K:\Program Files (x86)\Filter Forge 4\Bin\Filter Forge x86.exe <unknown file>(0) : <unknown function>()+0 at 008DBEF7 in K:\Program Files (x86)\Filter Forge 4\Bin\Filter Forge x86.exe <unknown file>(0) : <unknown function>()+0 at 008DBEF7 in K:\Program Files (x86)\Filter Forge 4\Bin\Filter Forge x86.exe <unknown file>(0) : NtGdiExtGetObjectW()+12 at 758C2EFC in J:\WINDOWS\System32\win32u.dll <unknown file>(0) : <unknown function>()+0 at 005C0A51 in K:\Program Files (x86)\Filter Forge 4\Bin\Filter Forge x86.exe <unknown file>(0) : <unknown function>()+0 at 008DA532 in K:\Program Files (x86)\Filter Forge 4\Bin\Filter Forge x86.exe <unknown file>(0) : <unknown function>()+0 at 008DA576 in K:\Program Files (x86)\Filter Forge 4\Bin\Filter Forge x86.exe <unknown file>(0) : <unknown function>()+0 at 005C144E in K:\Program Files (x86)\Filter Forge 4\Bin\Filter Forge x86.exe <unknown file>(0) : <unknown function>()+0 at 008DA532 in K:\Program Files (x86)\Filter Forge 4\Bin\Filter Forge x86.exe CONTEXT_CONTROL: CS:EIP 0023:75A308F2, SS:ESP 002B:01D3D710, EBP 01D3D76C, FLAGS 00200212 CONTEXT_INTEGER: EAX 01D3D710, EBX 00000000, ECX 00000003, EDX 00000000, ESI 00B78584, EDI 01D3D7AC CONTEXT_SEGMENTS: DS 002B, ES 002B, FS 0053, GS 002B
  2. Great to see the FilterForge plugin is now supported amongst others. Many thanks for the enormous number of changes in this update ! .... ahh.... afraid I received an exception error when trying to open FilterForge. It may be a problem with FF. Anyhow, I'll post the issue separately. On a positive note, the Topaz Labs plugin works flawlessly :)
  3. DSNet

    Colorized photos

    While I love the original black and white photos , your colourising technique brings them to life. I'm very impressed by the way the French soldiers leap out of history to become actual characters, and the blue uniforms,medals, leather holsters and belts, and helmets really tell a story. I'm inspired to take a new look at some of my family archives. I don't think I'll manage the flesh tones as well as you though. Well done!
  4. DSNet

    Wild animal texture styles

    Thanks! They look gr-r-r-reat !
  5. Serif produced their own DAM that they gave away with PhotoPlus 8 (I think that's the version I got my copy with) called PhotoStack. It has some limitations but it is fast and I found it surprisingly good, thought it's not the same as LR. It supports the following formats: Supported photo file formats Common raw files1 Description .3fr Hasselblad .cr2 .crw Canon .dc2 .dcr .kdc .k25 Kodak .dng Adobe Digital Negative .erf Epson .mos CREO Photo .mrw Minolta .nef Nikon .orf Olympus .pef Pentax, Samsung .pxn Fotoman .raf Fuji .raw AVT, Panasonic, Casio & Leica .srf .sti, .sr2, .arw Sony Standard file formats Description .bmp BMP .gif Graphics Interchange Format .hdp High-Definition Photo .jp2 JPEG 2000 .j2k JPEG 2000(J2K) .jpg .jpeg .jpe .jif3 Joint Photographic Experts Group .pcx ZSoft Paintbrush .png Portable Network Graphics .psd Photoshop .ras .sun2 Sun Raster Image .tif .tiff Tagged Image File (TIF) .tga Truevision TARGA Format 1 Lists the raw files associated with the most popular camera manufacturers; many other raw images are supported. 2 Not supported in 64-bit PhotoStack. 3 Lossless JPG is not supported in 64-bit PhotoStack.
  6. I'm not sure how you copy across styles from Photoshop. For example I have a Pattern Style in PS Layer Styles - Effects but there is no corresponding Effects Layer in AD [Edit] Would it be possible to import the PAT files from the Pattern folder in Photoshop ?
  7. DSNet

    Free 1000 Photoshop Brushes

    Thanks for the link No problems downloading in Chrome. Easy to import to AD
  8. I've received my copy of the workbook within 3 working days, delivered by Amazon! Well done Serif. I can confirm my copy also has the misprinting on page 109 reported by likeshampoo. I would like to draw attention to the links shown on page 11: the link to the forums is incorrect: the book states affinity.serif.com/forums but that doesn't resolve to the correct url, forum.affinity.serif.com the link to Facebook is incorrect: the book states @MacAffinity but you should search for @affinitybyserif within FB to get to https://www.facebook.com/affinitybyserif/ the link to Twitter is incorrect: the book states @MacAffinity but that takes you to the old twitter page. The correct handle is @affinitybyserif , in line with the FB page. the link to Vimeo is also incorrect: the book states vimeo.com/macaffinity but the correct address is vimeo.com/affinitybyserif I was a little confused by the publishing info on the page before the Foreword. it states but , at the very bottom of the page it says it is If it were actually a reprint of Edition 1.0 then I would not expect any updated info regarding the extensive changes since Affinity Designer 1.0 but , as it also states that the book has been created for AD 1.5, then I would expect it to reflect the changes made up until then. There is no mention in the Foreword of any changes. Has this version been updated or is it simply a reprint of the original book? Apart from that, the book is beautiful and very, very useful. Essential, in fact.
  9. DSNet

    Mandala maker

    Excellent! Many Thanks
  10. DSNet

    Introduce Yourself

    Maybe I was being overly harsh but , yes , it was the lack of responsiveness and also the vast amount of bespoke code that was produced that made it hard work to play with outside of WebPlus. It did work perfectly well within its limitations and provided a quick and easy way to produce static sites. However , for my purposes, I kept returning to Drupal and , once it had evolved, WordPress, in order to properly manage the database design , create themes and develop plugins. These open source solutions had their own issues, and Drupal in particular had quite a steep learning curve, but I didn't get the same frustration that WebPlus induced in me. Perhaps it's because I had been a programmer for over 20 years and used to rummaging around under the hood, so to speak.
  11. DSNet

    Introduce Yourself

    First time I have heard about Publisher. Is this a replacement for PagePlus? BTW, I've been a Serif customer since PagePlus 3 came out ( .... probably last century! ) and ended up buying just about every version of every product you've made (even WebPlus , which, sadly, was consistently unusable,imo, as a 'proper' web development environment). Now I have just recently moved over to Affinity Photo (goodbye PhotoPlus) and Affinity Design ( and farewell DrawPlus) , both significant advances on their predecessors. I still use PagePlus 8 (didn't feel the need to upgrade to the final version) and had been wondering if the original Serif core product would be reincarnated under the Affinity logo. btw I haven't bought the workbooks for AP or AF , they are beyond my means since I retired from paid work but would love to own them as they look really useful, especially for AF. Are they going to be republished with the new features added since the first release? I know they must be quite expensive to produce , being pretty hefty hardbacks for a fairly niche audience, but would be welcome and I just might be tempted to save up In the meantime , love the tutorials; they have given me plenty to go on for now, and the forums are already proving invaluable! Onwards and upwards , as they say. [Edit] I just had another look at the workbooks and they appear to be discounted by £10 so I capitulated to desire and ordered the one for AD. Oh Joy , I do love a technical manual
  12. DSNet

    simple ai files won't open

    Thanks MikeW (great detailed response) and MEB , you've resolved my problem ! Really useful info and has increased my understanding of how the ai format works. Also I had not realised that pdf files could support layers.
  13. DSNet

    simple ai files won't open

    There may be something peculiar to this file as I tried saving as a PDF (it's not an export option) ,as I mentioned in my post, but the result had no thumbnails and opened as a blank document in Designer. I did the same thing to other tutorial files , and additionally exported them as PSDs, and they look acceptable (see attached examples). On reflection I think it might be that the images on each of the 3 layers is an imported JPEG, for use as backgrounds for tracing over. I can see it might make sense not to export this sort of background. practice.ai practice.psd practice.pdf
  14. DSNet

    simple ai files won't open

    I, too, have come across the issue of not being able to import a .ai file. I am using the latest 1.61 version of Affinity Design and cannot open a tutorial file from an old Computer Arts magazine that is in .ai format. The message I am shown is: This is an Adobe® Illustrator® file that was saved without PDF content. To place or open this file in other applications, it should be re-saved from Adobe Illustrator with the “Create PDF Compatible File” option turned on. This option is in the Illustrator Native Format Options dialog box, which appears when saving an Adobe Illustrator file using the Save As command. I can see it when I open it in Illustrator CS5. It has 3 layers. I tried exporting from Illustrator as an .eps and as a psd (to preserve layers) but that didn't work either. I have no idea where to find the “Create PDF Compatible File” option though there is a facility to export as a pdf file (and that didn't work either). I've attached the tutorial file in it's original ai format and a snapshot of how it looks in Illustrator CS5 ink.ai
  15. Hi Alfred, This is printed just under the heading for the EULA "Version 2.0: 7th November 2017" Hope that helps!