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  1. I would like to switch over to Affinity Photo entirely, but I very much like Bridge in Photoshop 6; it allows me to use Bridge as a light table-like work space. I'm planning to get a new camera, one that Photoshop 6 doesn't support, so I'm going to have to go entirely Affinity Photo soon anyway if I don't want to be an Adobe indentured servant.
  2. I would like to see a Digital Asset Manager similar to Lightroom, or even as simple as Adobe Bridge from Photoshop 6 added to AffinityPhoto, particularly now that Lightroom is going down the same rental path as Photoshop. I am at a bit of a loss as to how I would process an uploaded SD card's worth of images in Photoshop without using Bridge. This is all that's keeping me from migrating entirely out of PS and into AffinityPhoto, which I bought when it first came out.
  3. Does AffinityPhoto have a Digital Asset Manager similar to Lightroom, or even like Adobe Bridge in Photoshop 6, and if not is there any plan for one now that Lightroom is going down the rental path along with Photoshop?
  4. I notice that there are two Affinity Photo books out in German: Affinity Photo by Marcus Wager and Das Praxisbuch zu Affinity Photo by Gunter Schüler I know that there are loads of excellent tutorial videos available for Affinity, but often I learn better referring to actual pages in an actual book. For example, Classroom in a Book from Adobe and numerous Photoshop books by Scott Kelby, Martin Evening, and others I have found very useful. Are there any English language Affinity Photo books in the offing, either translations of the above German titles, or other titles in English? I
  5. Does Affinity Photo have anything equivalent to Bridge in Photoshop?
  6. Yes! Lighten the UI and increase the size of the icons (even on my 27" iMac they are too small. (I love the program though.)
  7. I find the user interface much too dark, and would like a much lighter one, perhaps something a bit lighter than neutral grey.
  8. "Affinity Photo Help," under the Affinity Photo "Help" drop down menu, is a great resource. Is there any way to download it so that I can read it as a stand-alone on the desktop?
  9. Is there a way to lighten the user interface? In Preferences>User Interface I am able to change the Background Gray Level and UI Gamma, but that only affects the picture area. I'd like to open up the area outside the picture area, the frame, so to speak. I spent over 30 years working in a real darkroom, and one of the great pleasures of the digital age has been being able to work in the light.
  10. How can I find out whether my Photoshop plug-ins can be imported into Affinity Photo, and if so, how to actually do so?
  11. Has anyone written, or is there on the horizon a text book for learning Affinity Photo? I know that there are loads of great tutorials and videos, but sometimes books (like the ones Scott Kelby, Martin Evening, et al write for Photoshop) are very useful, even more helpful that a tutorial.
  12. To "straighten" an image - that is, make its verticals parallel to one another and its horizontals also parallel to one another - I've had to open my Photoshop CS6 images in CS5 and go to the crop tool. There I can grab a corner (say the top left corner) of the crop tool and align the left side of the crop with the verticals at the left of the image. then the same with the other three sides of the image. CS6 no longer allows me to straighten this way, as far as i can tell, which is why I have to reopen the image in CS5. Can I straighten an image in a similar way in Affinity Photo? The Stra
  13. Is anyone working on a guide book for Affinity Photo? I'd like to see something as comprhensive and user friendly as the ones Scott Kelby or Martin Evening have done for Photoshop.
  14. I am a photographer limited to Photoshop CS6 because I am unwilling to indenture myself to Adobe, which places me in an end-game with Photoshop. Affinity looks great to me, and I expect I'll be buying it soon. What I'd like to know is does Affinity have a component that serves the same function as the Bridge does in Photoshop? Andif so, where can I find out more about it? Thanks. Rodger Kingston
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