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  1. What's the estimated release date?
  2. I've been testing the PDF (print) exporting and I've a problem with preserving gradient/transparency in the pdf file. What settings should I use to have it look the same way as it was designed? This is the original: And this is how it looks after export to PDF print
  3. I really like the tower in one of the images. How did you achieve this metallic texture?
  4. Hey, is there a way to create masks that are already filled with black? I've been working a lot with masks lately and it's really annoying and time-consuming that I always have to create the mask, then go to fill, then select the color.
  5. Original:
  6. Mostly filling a layer with a color, setting a layer blend mode and painting the mask white in desired areas. It's not difficult.
  7. Original black and white photo and source: https://www.theatlantic.com/photo/2014/04/world-war-i-in-photos-soldiers-and-civilians/507329/
  8. Thanks! It works great with the frequency separation!
  9. Most of Photoshop tutorials are easy to recreate in Photo, but I've got a problem with the one in the link below. The problem starts when the guy uses the Apply Image. I know there's an option in Photo that's called the same and tried to use it, but the effect looks completely different than it should. How to use this retouch method in Photo?
  10. Would be useful. Also I would like "create artboards" checked as default.
  11. Greatg news about Shadows and Highlights, but this glitch is still not fixed, unfortunately:
  12. What? Racist? Are you special? At this moment anyone could tell you're American, even if you've never written you're one. Everyone is racist to you. All I said, was a complainment about someone posting in French and asking if it's just a stereotype proof (in a rude way, I don't deny that, it's just because I've kept seeing that more often lately). Do you deny that stereotypes exist? Do you really think stereotypes are just coming out of the blue? (Funny thing is that the guy actually confirmed he doesn't know English. SO RACIST) There is no problem if you use a translator, it seems to do a pretty good job. I guess it translates the forum for you automatically because of some browser plugin. I don't really understand why people don't like Affinity programs logos. They have their own style and are easily recognizable. People keep complaining how everything starts to look the same, but when something stands out they say it should look like everything else.