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  1. Fantastic news. Is it possible that it would be added before the 2.0?
  2. I can't find any information regarding licensing.
  3. Did you even watch the video I posted? Just set the curves stroke to 0,1.
  4. Then you have to expand stroke on the dividing curve, as I said before. You just have to set a minimal stroke on the curve first.
  5. Expand stroke on the line first
  6. I hope you'll address this soon:
  7. Yeah, I was finally able to replicate this even in the beta. HOWEVER I've noticed that in the beta this doesn't happen when I create a new document and place the image I want to select and copy. The "ghost pixels" appear when I directly open an image, then rasterize it, then select and copy. Too spooky for me.
  8. Well, now at least I know that it's not a problem with my PC and it's a replicable glitch in the code. Please read this devs Edit: I can confirm that this has been fixed in the latest beta. Can't replicate it there!
  9. I can replicate it everytime on any version of Photo. Happened in beta, happened after the Windows release and happens on current version. This is exactly what I do on the second clip: 1. Place an image. 2. Rasterize the image so you can copy any part of it. 3. Make a selection. 4. Copy the selection and paste it to make it on a new layer. 5. Move the layer with selected part to some plain white background. 6. Press Ctrl+C to copy it (don't paste it) 7. Move the selection somewhere else. Now it leaves "ghost pixels" where it was before
  10. It doesn't really matter what image I use, because it happens every time. I used this image in the second clip https://www.pexels.com/photo/adult-beautiful-blond-casual-355164/ I am aware that in the first video the pixels left behind are due to selection not being perfect, but that doesnt explain why does it happen in the other case when I select with the lasso tool.
  11. They don't disappear as you can see that in the second video. They are also visible after exporting the file, so it's definitely not just a visual glitch. Exported file:
  12. I just found out that the problem also exists when using any kind of selection. "Ghost pixels" happen everytime after pressing ctrl+c to copy the selection.
  13. No one else has this problem?
  14. A spiral shape tool would be vert useful for Designer. Now we have to do some weird workarounds. It would be nice if it had an editable number of arms I mean this kind of spiral