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    Colorized photos

  2. Designer keeps crashing when I'm tracing any image with the pen tool. The whole program just freezes for a few seconds and is not responding to anything, then it crashes. There is no error or notification, it just crashes to desktop. Happens every time after about 5 minutes of tracing. Windows 10 64bit 16 GB RAM GTX 1070 i5 4690
  3. voitek

    Designer PDF Has No Images

    Try to reinstall Designer. Maybe you've changed something in your settings that causes this.
  4. voitek

    Designer PDF Has No Images

    I used the default PDF(for export) preset without changing anything. Are you sure it's not a problem with the PDF program you want to open it with?
  5. voitek

    Designer PDF Has No Images

    It works for me
  6. Sometimes when exporting the project, Designer adds additional pixels to file dimensions, even if all objects are within and none of them are crossing the frame. Why is this happening?
  7. I think you're both right. I accidentaly applied fill to the artboard. Thanks!
  8. I meant the artboard and the workspace themselves were grey instead of white. You can't change the color of them in Preferences. It's just fixed itself randomly ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ BTW Is there a way to make Designer create artboards by default without checking the box everytime?
  9. For a few days now, the working space background in Designer is slightly greyish instead of being white.
  10. That's actually what I wanted to know. Thanks!
  11. I mean features that are on the roadmap, like the knife tool. But that's the point, they are just there and nothing happens, we don't even know if they're in development.
  12. As much as I like Affinity, I must say that the lack of implementation of new features people were asking for in years is damn sad. Even something so basic as a damn knife tool is still not present.
  13. Then you just have to wait for someone from Serif to help you. I hope you'll get your account back.
  14. Just reset your password through the login page? It sends a reset link to your email. And change your email account password also.