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  1. Sure thing I have attached the zipped folder. I have tried removing the user folder just in case, but that didn't seem to make a difference, though. user.7z
  2. Severity: Minor Designer v1.9.0.932 on Windows 10 Opening the character of paragraph panel causes Designer to crash. Opening other panels like History does not cause crash. Opening the character and paragraph panels via the toolbar buttons do not cause a crash. Steps to reproduce: 1. Create empty document 2. Click on menu View-->Studio-->Character 2021-02-24_09-57-27.mp4
  3. Thank you for the replies @haakoo and @v_kyr 🍻. While dragging to the asset panel does not seem to work with already embedded documents, the asset tip is a great one for the next time around! Thanks! nd the whole copying and pasting shebang is kind of what we're trying to avoid The transform, positions and filename(/layername) would have to be redone in such a workflow. Thank you though!
  4. Just wanted to chime in as well. Like @tmikaeld said; this is a real time-waster. It's quite cumbersome to not have a simple menu option to "unembed" an embedded document. For example - I have a sheet of icons to layout. All saved as SVG. I add them to the document via the Place command, set their scale and positions to match my grid based on their document boundaries (great). But now I need to manually(!) open each single icon, copy their contents, rescale by eye, position by eye, _and_ rename each layer to match their filename to boot! Holy manual labor batman!
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