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  1. Please. Have custom swatches on desktop glaring omission on iPad
  2. Not regretting my purchase at all. I have sketchbook and paintstorm studio for when I need ruled lines. But I would love to see rulers like Morpholio Trace (iPad only) and their perspective grid although having n-point perspective would blow everything out the water. N-point perspectives cause not everything in the scene is neatly arranged to the same vanishing points. currently working on some stuff where this would have already saved me hours bouncing between apps loving Designer on iPad more and more, and rulers/perspective grids would allow me to pretty much drop everything else. Though would not object if this landed on desktop too
  3. Thank you both. Have Recently begun using the iOS version. Learning taps and double taps is a whole new experience and having to unlearn right click
  4. Not sure where the problem lies to be honest, might not actually be Affinity But I am unable to print to a Canon iPF8300 large format printer. In our office all our printing runs through Canon's Uniflow Software and I thought this might be the problem, but no, I can print to other printers in our office running under the same system. I have considered page size too, but having just failed to print an A4 extract of a larger file I cannot say it is the final print size that is causing the problem. I get the following message An error occurred while printing. The print job was cancelled from Print Manager Obviously this is not a particularly useful message either (perhaps the devs understand?) I can say confidently it is not a specific file causing this, just finally irritated enough to post. I have had this problem in both Photo and Designer and am currently exporting to pdf and printing from there, obviously though this is not ideal and negates affinity being able to use printer settings to optimize output. Also it wastes my time Am open to all suggestions Thanks in advance
  5. I think this is the problem we face, we have been doing things a certain way using PS and ACAD, now the new kid on the block is forcing us to reconsider how we work. The current behaviour has been quite useful to me when we have received PDFs from consultants without CAD files. Being able to access the vectors had allowed me to save to SVG and then use Inkscape to DXF (yes would love DXF export in Affinity of course) so I do not want this to go away. I can only imagine we will have to be patient with the developers, there is a lot of stuff we'd love to have, yet the software is still quite young. Just hope the devs can grow the software fast enough for us impatient users
  6. Hi Tom Yes have the same problem here, I have suggested an "Open As" feature so that we could elect to have the PDF come in as a Raster rather than a vector. What I have done as a work-around in the meantime is open with Designer and flatten/rasterise the image first. At least I can then continue working as I did with Photoshop, or colouring & "hand drawing" with my Wacom in Clipstudio. For some reason I find that Designer deals with the complex vector layers from AutoCAD far better than Photo does. I have similar issues to you (having read a couple of your posts now) in that the firm I work for uses the Architect PDF Base (or CAD) to generate a plan that we then hand draw our soft landscaping elements. I disposed of Photoshop for Affinity, though I use either Sketchbook or Clipstudio Paint for this aspect of the work, and neither programme opens PDF directly. An alternative might be to open with GIMP or similar (eg Irfanview's PDF plugin) just to get a flat image. Not ideal but I am not adverse to using multiple softwares if that is needed to get my work done.
  7. Would it be possible to select how Photo/Designer open PDF files? I often use PDF Plots from Autocad as a base for a drawing that will then be rendered digitally (hand/tablet drawn landscape plans over an architect's base drawing). In the dreaded photoshop the PDF will open as a raster image with transparent background and is quite quick to get going. Affinity's intelligent opening of these same PDFS and recognizing their vector content can actually be a bit of a bind in this instance as I then have to go and group layers and such to separate the printed data from what I am going to add. In many instances the current behaviour is beneficial and should be kept (ie DTP usage), but perhaps a flag on file import/open to rasterize on import could be implemented? (I have found sometimes I need to use designer to "flatten" the image as photo does not want to do a whole stack of layers).
  8. DXF out would be great. I am also using Inkscape as a bridge for that (usually Affinity -> SVG -> Inkscape) but that really means keeping inkscape around just as a file translator, workable but not really necessary? As an aside, If you have CAD the internal PDF plotting results in a vector based PDF which Designer and Photo both open as vectors which is quite useful.
  9. I am having the same problem on Windows 10. Got a pretty decent machine with 16Gb RAM Though for me this is more than just at the export stage, having had several years of Photoshop working on large format files I find that Affinity is significantly slower both in performance and export. Left a file exporting to pdf last night, was still processing this morning (over 10 hours later!) and had hit perhaps 30% export progress. Never had that PS. And to be clear, I do not like comparing to PS or any other app. Hate those threads where we get Program such and such has these features and you do not. But when performance is literally wasting hours of my working day I do need to know if it me, or perhaps some limitation that comes out of being iPad friendly? Otherwise loving Photo and Designer and will not go back to Adobe Subscription
  10. What a pity the drop box link is giving an error Desperately looking for RGB Named Copic Palette (the one from the Copic site is CMYK - you'd think they could do an RGB one too).
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