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  1. The APub file has a linked APhoto file as a layer. That resource is in a picture frame and has 3 adjustments layers added using the Photo Persona within APub. However, on export, the PDF preview has that image darkened in any PDF export setting. It exports okay, but the preview is wrong. Other export formats show the image just fine (JPG, PNG, TIFF, etc.) with the exception of EPS, of course.
  2. Those are in v2. Try the free 30 day demo. The preview is in the export window and reflects your export settings. Metadata removal has always been in the More section of the export dialogue.
  3. As an update, I just updated my M1 MBP to Ventura 13.1 beta and I no longer get the crash. Not definitive but may be a Ventura issue that will be resolved with the new version soon. Update: Spoke too soon! After trying it about 10 times, I let it sit for awhile. When I tried it once more, crash.
  4. On the Serif website, there is a massive amount of information regarding the changes and improvements, including short videos that depict those new features/changes. MUCH easier than someone trying to type out that much info.
  5. I’ve been doing very, very complex APub multi page docs in v2 with no issues like that. Runs quickly with little hesitation doing massive copy/pastes. Guessing it’s something unique to your computer or configuration.
  6. If you are currently running CS6, just be sure you check the OS minimum requirement for Affinity V2 apps to be sure you don't purchase if you're on an OS that's too old to support it. FWIW.
  7. A 10-minute free download would answer your question quite quickly. But OTOH, I found over the many, many months when Affinity was developing the IDML import in numerous betas, that any time my company came across an IDML import problem, it was very easy to upload it to their tech staff for evaluation and troubleshooting, which always resolved the problem, sometimes albeit after an upgrade. There are, of course, many things that can be done in ID that don't export well, much less import properly, but Affinity staff has been relentless in working on those issues to get them resolved, assuming they can be resolved. Sometimes it is the fault of ID, not Affinity that causes the import problem. May not be the answer you're looking for but it is a viable path.
  8. In Publisher, you can select the Picture Frame, then check the Contextual Menu area for the Properties button. Change the Properties to None as far as scaling. Then using any of the corner points, you can resize only the frame. Also in this mode, when selecting the Picture Frame, the bottom right will now have a scaling dot that you can use to scale both the pic and frame.
  9. The "solutions" have already been, very fairly, explained. If you just recently bought V1, Affinity has provided an email address to submit for possible resolution. If you bought so-so recently, and aren't ready to pay for the new version, don't upgrade. No one has to upgrade. Use v1 for a few more months or a year or so to amortize the cost over a longer period. V1 runs, produces massive amounts of pro-level media for our company's clients, and will keep running for the foreseeable future. Then later when you feel you've gotten enough "use" out of V1, then buy the new V2 version. That said, as been the history with Affinity, they are truly giving this fantastic software away at a very, very, very competitive price, whether at full retail or right now at the introductory price. Just seems strange that people are somehow construing that Serif are somehow forcing people to upgrade just because they launched a new version. If you don't want to pay the price, don't upgrade. Keep using V1 apps. They're great.
  10. Best not to try then. Change is difficult for many people. And free is a pretty tough deal to accept. Personally, my media production company has imported hundreds of legacy ID files, most all without significant issues. And V2 of Publisher is dramatically better than V1 in my brief testing.
  11. His answer seemed to indicate that he "meant" to say switching WITHIN Publisher (thus, the Photo Persona. When he said "Starting APhoto separately lets the menu entry appear again." seems to be in agreement with your instruction, Walt. Think he just isn't clear on the difference in the terms "Persona" versus full App.
  12. Be pretty easy (and free) to simply download the 30-day free trial and give it a go. Easy way to test it.
  13. As a media production firm, we've been running CS6 in a Parallels VM (Sierra for max compatibility for a bunch of software) for the last couple years with no real issues. Runs fast, works, shares files with the main OS, etc. Allowed us to upgrade the main host OS for newer software like Affinity.
  14. Ah, yes. Driven past there many times! Amazing that a company this size can turn out such fantastic software with such great and personable support. Thanks to all involved! Good people!
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