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  1. nwhit


    In all Apple apps, the Zoom In is CMD+ and does NOT require the shift key. ...and it works that way in Affinity apps.
  2. In final MAS 1.7.3, Eye Candy still does not open. Really wish this could be fixed. Hate to have to do all that work in PS, especially since it worked (sort of) in the betas.
  3. In Publisher, it's pages. And it happens when I drag the marquee down past the end of the page bottom, which is a very common thing when selecting either all elements on a page or even when selecting elements at the bottom section of a page. Do it almost everyday and have for years. Not sure when this started in APub, but don't remember it prior to the newest beta, but could be wrong about that. Have normally used ID for most client work (doesn't happen there) but trying to migrate as best I can. My best guess is that the software "thinks" I have tried to select a part of the next page, so shuts off the marquee. But that makes it pretty tough to use the selection marquee to select things at the bottom of a page, much less all items on a page (and not get items on the aside/pasteboard). But I'm just guessing. Just hope they can fix it.
  4. Thanks. I thought I remembered reading that but a search didn't show it. Guess I'm not as crazy as many people think!!
  5. Same problem if I Place the original APh file into Publisher, then export as a PDF.
  6. Thought I read about this somewhere else, but search didn't find it. I exported an APh to pdf (PDF 1.7) and a Live Filter (Distort/Swirl) on the Star shape layer did not get reproduced in the PDF. Saves fine in TIFF, PNG, etc. Series 3 Logo - final - test live filter.pdf
  7. Playing with it some more, if I hold the drag and move it back up above the bottom of the page, the box eventually comes back in a sec or two. But once I drag even slightly below the bottom of the page, the box disappears.
  8. Just started with the new beta on a couple projects (6-page A4 pubs) from ID pdf files. Just noticed that with a full-page 100% view, if I draw a selection rectangle around everything on a page, if I stretch past the current 100% view on the bottom, the marquee disappears and I no longer see the blue selection box or outline. It does select things, although I can't really tell where it left off with a lot of items/layers since the selection box disappeared. I end up deselecting everything, then carefully dragging the marquee and avoiding going off the edge of the window. Thinking it has to be a bug since it makes it pretty tough to drag a larger selection of everything on a page and adjacent pasteboard.
  9. nwhit

    Text Style/Flow Issue

    Have used that same "feature" in ID for many years for some of the same reasons others have suggested. Very useful and time-saving in layout/composition.
  10. Aha! I think you are correct! I just downloaded a purchased set of raster brushes and a couple of them have a "smudge tool" icon next to them. When I select one of those, it does auto-select the Smudge Tool in both Photo and Designer. That said, still in Designer Brush Editing, there is no option for setting or changing the Associated Tool like there is in Photo. Curious! But at least answers my main question I guess. Unless Affinity Staff can shed further light on this issue????
  11. Do I understand correctly then that the brush icon means nothing and was simply added to the brush example graphic by Serif when they designed some of the stock raster brushes for Designer? It does not automatically select the brush tool when I select a brush with that icon (Designer/Raster brushes), so still wonder if it serves any purpose. Understood. As a long-time Apple hardware/software trainer/consultant, I'm familiar with "normal" pref locations. Typically in the past few years, the Application Support folder contained most of these (and still does for Affinity Publisher). But I do see the newer trend in using the Containers directory, then burying things way deep down. So thanks for giving me the file name(s). At least now I know where they are stored in case of emergency! Still a mystery as to what that stupid little brush icon is on some stock brushes in Designer/Raster brushes panel! Hopefully Affinity staff can answer this mystery!
  12. I checked one of the Designer brushes that is also (apparently, since it has the same name) in Photo and it does not have that option selected (no associated tool is selected). Yet in Designer, that brush has a "Brush" icon next to it. Of course, there is no option to select an "associated tool" in Designer, so still not clear why some brushes in Designer's Raster brush panel have that little icon and others don't. And I have not at this point imported any Designer brushes into Photo. As an aside, where is Serif storing brushes, etc.? I'm not seeing anything in the typical Application Support directory.
  13. Just digging into Designer's brushes and noticed that some have a brush icon to the right of the stroke example, but for the life of me, I cannot find in the Help or online what that icon means and why it is only shown with some of the raster brushes. Could someone explain what it means? Thanks.
  14. I know I was surprised because during the 1.7.2 beta testing, Eye Candy did launch in most (but not all) versions. Thus I was surprised when it did not launch in the final release. I did just try removing the directory listing in APh Plugins prefs, then adding it back in (relaunching each time). I also restarted my computer just to be sure. I trashed and re-downloaded and installed 1.7.2 from the Mac App Store again. But no joy. Still will not launch. I've also checked the Security/Privacy/Accessibility and tried adding APh for access, but that didn't solve it. Meanwhile, my Topaz Labs filter works fine and my Google Nik Collection filters all work. Eye Candy has and still does launch and work just fine from PS CS5. The only variable I can think of is the diff between the betas being from you versus the final release being from Mac App Store. And while we still haven't solved the bigger issue of rendering the Eye Candy interface correctly to be fully usable, I had been creating a few common presets in PS, then using those presets in APh betas, even though I could not correctly preview them. But now I'm stumped! Hope we can sort this out! I imagine if I had to, I could always purchase APh again through your store, but really hope we can get it work in the Mac App Store version (if that's the problem).
  15. nwhit

    Text Rulers Do Not Show

    Interestingly, after going from the latest beta to the Affinity Store final 1.7.2 update, I also lost the text rulers on new and old documents. I quit the app and restarted which gave me back the text rulers, but odd they disappeared with the final version update. I'll have to watch if they disappear again.

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