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  1. No, installed just fine for me. (macOS 10.12.6)
  2. I have the same question: How can I buy a gift copy of the Windoze version for someone? Really hoping there is a solution as I would like this young person to be able to get started with this software.
  3. Currently in AP when you try to close a window/file that hasn't been saved, it gives you a pop-up to Save, etc. However, it does not then complete the Close of the window/file. You have to do a new Close command. Normal behavior in all other apps is the do the Save, then complete the close. Really slows down a workflow as is.
  4. SOLVED! Stumbled across the Layer/New Live Filter/Depth of Field Filter. This is, essentially, the typical and common blur vignette, but also has the option for the "Tiny Town"/Tilt-Shift effect. IMPORTANT: Took me a while to figure out why I was getting a white border around my picture after applying the filter. Apparently you need to check the Preserve Alpha option in the adjustment pane. Not covered in the Help, but found a reference to it in the forum.
  5. These are two that I found for AP. Affinity Photo_2017-03-24-163508_TRAC.crash Affinity Photo_2017-04-01-112908_TRAC.crash
  6. On MacOS, not really an issue. And don't have the issue with any other media production, etc. software. The cpu usage is shown as being A-Photo only, nothing else using much.
  7. Not been able to isolate any specific set of conditions. Typically I will have 4-8 photos open in tabs (24 megapixel), but all sitting idle in the background. None are in the Tone Mapping or Developing persona, all being in the Photo Persona. All files have been saved. Wasn't hogging cpu when I left AP, but starts while I'm working in something else (but not immediately after leaving AP). App isn't hung, so can quit it normally. But have to quit it to get it to stop hogging the cpu.
  8. Yes, having processed several hundred pics recently, some needing cropping, I WHOLEHEARTEDLY AGREE! Seems the default should be constrain to original and darken in the first place! A real pain to have to switch it every time. Just more steps in the workflow.
  9. Yes, and routinely do so.
  10. Aha! Solved! Yes, for some strange reason, with the upgrade the Presets pane had become floating instead of docked. Didn't want to dock too easily, either. But once docked, solved the issue. It is odd that the upgrade would have caused it to undock. Had started and quit AP many, many times, and have run batches of a couple hundred photos per session, all with the pane docked and everything working fine. But after doing the update, that's when it had the issue (came undocked). Just glad it's solved! Now back to work! Thanks.
  11. Yes, very familiar with these type of drop-downs. Use them in a lot of different apps. In playing with it right now, it appears that if the single click is off target by a couple pixels, it won't stay down (perhaps the target area is too small??). If I am extremely careful in picking the exact center of the arrow, then it stays down each click. This is using the Opacity slider. Using the Corner Radius slider, I get the same results — exact center, no problem. A pixel or two off center and it shows but won't stay down. In the end, it appears it may just be that the target click areas for the drop-down arrows are simply a bit too small, thereby requiring an exact hit in order to make the dropdown stay down. As a media producer, I do this exact same thing all day long in a wide variety of apps and the only ones that give me this issue are AP and AD, so not a lack of understanding or proficiency in how these drop-downs work.
  12. A variable could be that I routinely have 6 or so tabs/files open at a time, but that shouldn't be making a difference.
  13. I have been getting a few crashes on HDR merges, but only once in a while. Merging 3 Nikon RAW files. But doesn't seem related to any particular sets, just happens once in a while. A-Photo 1.5.2 crashes after the initial dialogue box is clicked to begin the process. Normally do 40-60 sets in a batch and will typically get 1 crash during that batch.
  14. Happens in both apps. Generally on 1st click. If I click a couple times, it eventually stays down. Didn't have the issue prior to 1.5. This is happening despite numerous restarts of the app, the computer, etc. Plenty of RAM, etc. on a newer 27" iMac. No similar issues in any other apps. No excess CPU usage when this is happening. Standard Apple touch mouse, but not related to that. Plain, straight click (Apple consultant for many years). And as I said, did not have this issue prior to versions 1.5.x.
  15. For the last 2 versions (including 1.5.2), routinely the drop-downs for scaling/sizing (such as Opacity) are not staying dropped down. Much of the time, it requires clicking and holding the down arrow while you then drag to adjust the Opacity, etc. Wasn't a problem before 1.5. Also seems to happen on some of the other arrow drop-downs in the tool bar and some panels. Intermittent, but happens about 50% of the time. Doesn't seem related to anything else processing, etc.