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  1. Just tried this again in the newest beta (133) and does same thing. Opened a PDF of an ID file as a new document, opened the Resource Manager, selected all images, clicked to make linked, then when the Mac Open Dialogue opened up, I clicked Cancel and the app crashes. Did it multiple times.
  2. Tried opening a pdf from ID. It said several fonts were missing. When I tried to select the replacement fonts and styles, the styles refused to stick (selected CondBold and it kept reverting to CondLight). Also refused to accept a selected font for several other instances of a missing font.
  3. Yes, that has worked somewhat for us. However, on several documents text blocks in the Opened pdf are connected across a page — unrelated text blocks. But many of the text blocks do stay together fairly well. On anything more than a 2-page pub, would take a bit of work to clean up and create/correct all the text blocks, but better than nothing at the moment. Just be glad when they can at least get copy/paste to work, much less importing an ID file. We also just dead-ended on trying it for a job today where we could have Opened a previous ID pdf and worked with it, but the end product (PDF) required hyperlinks, which don't work yet. So much of what we do nowadays is to create our "print" projects as pdf's that can be electronically delivered, but they have to have hyperlinks back to the client's website embedded.
  4. Thanks for both of you confirming that you are getting the same thing — text blocks from ID pasted in as separate lines of text. I could have sworn that in the first beta I had successfully copied entire pages from an ID file and pasted into APub with text blocks intact, but perhaps my drugs were improperly adjusted. Hopefully this gets fixed since it appears to be the easiest way to get existing smaller ID files into APub. All of our company's work involves using a client's past work as the basis for any new items, so right now having to start from scratch on any new item wouldn't be approved by the clients since it would simply cost way too much in time charges. Is there anyone who actually has been able to copy ID text blocks and paste into APub intact? While the two posts about seeing the same thing I'm now seeing reassures me that my version isn't "broken", I just wonder if I was hallucinating back when I tried it with a few different ID files. Thanks.
  5. Does this mean that it is not possible to copy/paste text blocks from ID into APub and retain the blocks? This is really holding us up in testing APub.
  6. Unless a moderator has other info, I don't think documents store user interface prefs such as the Background Grey Level, Font UI Size, UI Style, etc. No matter what I delete, no matter which version of the beta I reinstall after trashing the app, all those prefs are still there, which indicates I have not fully "uninstalled" the app. And trying to resolve my issue with copy/paste text blocks from InDesign really needs to see if deleting the app (completely) and reinstalling will solve that serious problem. I wish someone from Affinity could comment on this.
  7. Nowadays most all prefs are in the user Library (~/Library). Anything with Pub or Publisher was deleted. I also did a search in the main/System level Library but didn't find anything there. After doing the Ctrl Open routine and selecting everything, that didn't clear all prefs - just the things it listed. There were still other prefs that had been set at the original install, so that method doesn't "uninstall" the app. Apparently Serif is storing APub prefs somewhere else in addition to the Library items with affinitypublisher in the name.
  8. What your saying is that we never have been able to copy text blocks from InDesign and paste them into APub without them becoming single lines of text? I could swear we had done that and had posted that the ability to do so made it possible to use APub with our existing ID files and client work. I'll admit that we've been doing a lot of other things while testing APub but I sure seem to remember copying/pasting successfully.
  9. This is the same file as the screen shot done before back when copy/paste worked. Other than it tied together the headline text block with the first column of text, most of the multi-page document came in pretty good as did several other ID files. But now none of them will copy/paste.
  10. As per the request of the Moderator in Suggestions/InDesign thread: "I am not aware that this code has been changed. If you are sure this is true of the same ID file coming into #58 and #128 please can you make a new thread in the Affinity Publisher bugs forum and attach a file that shows this regression (tell us which part you copied and what version of ID you are using to do the copy). Thanks" Using the first beta, I was able to copy/paste entire pages from multiple ID files (CS5 v7.0.4) into APub pretty successfully and most all text blocks came in correctly. I also had success Placing PDF's of those same ID docs with preserved text blocks. However, after upgrading to the second beta, any and all copy/paste from the same ID files now brings in a new text frame for every line of text. The ID text block now comes in as a group of individual text frames for each line of text. I've deleted APub prefs, deleted the app, restarted the computer, reinstalled the first beta, etc. Cannot resolve why this has changed and is no longer working. macOS Sierra on an iMac. InDesign file attached and screenshot of a copy/pasted ID doc. Northumbrian_Aero_Start_-_Print.indd
  11. I also just deleted all affinitypublisher prefs found in the Library folder, deleted the app, reinstalled the first beta. It still has the prefs I set for the working area background color, interface size, etc., which indicates it is not starting APub from scratch.
  12. I also looked at this posting on Resetting Prefs, but none of this resets all the prefs.
  13. In Sierra??? Control/Ctrl is a contextual menu and can't be used with Open.
  14. No, looked at that but it only resets certain limited initial settings and not all prefs.
  15. Sadly, the ability to copy/paste from ID files apparently no longer works after the last beta (58) and newest (128) updates. Now get all text as singles lines of text and not the ID text blocks. Same happens when using Place with a PDF. Can't even select a single ID text block and copy/paste. End up with multiple lines of text as a "group" but not functioning as a text frame (block). Opening a PDF does keep most text blocks intact, although it also ties multiple blocks together that don't belong together. I hope they get this fixed since we can't really proceed with much testing since everything we do is related to past ID docs needing updating or serving as a template, etc. Running Sierra on iMac.