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  1. I have them and have been working extensively in APub in the betas, but have not noticed the same issue. Haven't done any testing in Designer. But it happens every time in Photo.
  2. Just tried it in another doc and same thing. Crash once I click on the replacement image file in the Open/Save dialog. Affinity Photo 2 Beta-2023-07-24-145153.ips
  3. Has happened several times in the latest beta 1903. Have a PNG with an FX on a page (only item in doc), then click the Replace Image button, select a new PNG and CTD when I click on the new PNG. Has happened multiple times. Document, linked image and Crash Report attached. Affinity Photo 2 Beta-2023-07-24-143818.ips CW Errol Cover shdw - full size.afphoto
  4. @Gabe Just tried opening the packaged file. Didn't select anything, just clicked the Photo icon and CTD. Affinity Publisher 2 Beta-2023-07-17-081056.ips
  5. I saw that and wondered the same thing, although it refers to Windows and I'm Mac. But nonetheless, it is hopeful a fix is coming!
  6. Just updated to b1903. I didn't see a fix for this in the notes, but thought I'd try it anyway. Still crashes when clicking on the Photo Persona. Affinity Publisher 2 Beta-2023-07-14-110549.ips
  7. @Gabe As per my posts above, in some cases I didn't even select anything, but simply clicked the Photo SL icon. In other cases, I had 3 other docs open and when I clicked the Photo link in one of the other docs, CTD. It only crashed when the doc I uploaded was open, either alone or along with the others, thus the suspicion that the uploaded doc had an issue. If I have the other 3 docs open, I can click the Photo icon without issue. But if the uploaded doc is open along with the others, or on its own, I don't need to select anything and it will crash if I click on the Photo icon. I just tried it right now, no other docs open, and it crashes by clicking on the icon. Just tried it again. Closed the other 3 docs, left the uploaded one open, quit APub, then restarted. Once opened (with only the uploaded doc open), I simply clicked the Photo icon and CTD. Affinity Publisher 2 Beta-2023-07-11-090832.ips Affinity Publisher 2 Beta-2023-07-11-091213.ips
  8. Aha! Found one that causes it to crash. Fairly simple doc (Errol editorial), but may be related to the prior issues with freezes/crashes with linked APh and ADes files. Can package and upload with a link if desired. And with that same one, once again crash. Interesting because it contains nearly the same assets/items as the other docs I'm working on, just rearranged for a different use. UPDATE: Yup, it is that one doc that CTD every time. As I said, can upload a package if desired. Odd since it has nearly identical content to a couple of the other ones open. And also of interest, it wasn't a layer/item in that problem doc that I had selected when I got the crashes. I was in another doc when I got the crashes, whether I had an item selected or not. The "catch" was that the now identified doc was also open in another tab. Affinity Publisher 2 Beta-2023-07-07-153420.ips Affinity Publisher 2 Beta-2023-07-07-153904.ips
  9. Just tried it without selecting an item/layer and it does CTD. Without any docs open, does not crash. Will have to start testing which of the 5 or 6 docs might be the culprit.
  10. I did just check and I can click the Designer Studio Link without a CTD. But the Photo button always causes a crash no matter what pic I have selected.
  11. Just tried it again and same. CTD. Yes, I do have installed and have used the APhoto 2.2 beta. Affinity Publisher 2 Beta-2023-07-07-122509.ips
  12. Working on a multi-page doc. Selected a picture, then clicked on the Photo Studio Link button and got a CTD. Crash report attached. Affinity Publisher 2 Beta-2023-07-07-122016.ips
  13. Initial test in v2.2 beta seems to indicate that this is fixed. Oddly, when opening all previous docs in 2.2 beta, it requires updating virtually all the linked resources in RM.
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