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  1. Just updated to 238 but now notice that the tabs for the open documents are barely readable due to a VERY small font size. I have the UI Font Size set to Large, but on my iMac 27" I can barely see much less read the names of the open documents in the tabs (normally have multiple docs open). I also noticed that the designation for a modified file now seems to be just an "M" rather than the full "Modified" making it even more difficult to tell when a file is modified. Is there any way you can make those tabs have a larger font size, especially when the Pref for UI Font Size is set to Large? Now I am having to constantly zoom the OS in order to select a tab to activate a doc. I am assuming this is a bug/change from previous version of the beta, although I work in APhoto far more often than APub. But I don't remember this being an issue in previous betas. Thanks.
  2. Just updated to 270 but the font size is still very small and much smaller than the other user interface font sizes.
  3. Just checked and I don't show it in Studio. (High Sierra).
  4. Aha! I was wondering if what I experienced on first trying 249 was a one-off or a problem. I had the same issue when first opening 249. Clicked on a link in the Studio panel but it went into editing the name with a single click. Double clicked and it opened the edit hyperlink, but when closed, the edit name was still active and I could not get out of it. Had to Force Quit the app. Has not happened in a couple other successive attempts after restarting the app, but still get funny responses with the Studio Panel. Almost impossible to double-click to open the link edit without it also activating the edit name. The only thing I've found is to double click to the VERY far right of the name in the panel. In the previous iteration, a double click opened the hyperlink edit dialog but not the name edit. Now it opens both which is causing problems.
  5. Links work, at least what I have tried, which are links to external url's. They don't "click" within the APub document but when exported as a pdf (with the Include Hyperlinks option selected), they do indeed click and link to the url.
  6. Trying out the new hyperlinks (needed ASAP for a client). I added a hyperlink (URL) to a graphic element, saved, exported as a pdf. Worked fine and as expected, making the feature usable. However, I then selected the graphic, went to the Text/Interactive/Insert Hyperlink (strange place for this since hyperlinks are very often used for graphic elements). The intention was to try to modify the link/url. However APub froze and I got only a "ching" trying to click on anything and most everything was greyed out. Had to force quit. After restarting, I just tried it again and it did not freeze this time on editing either the text link/url or the graphic link/url, so not sure why it did the first time. Thus checking to see if others are having the issue or if it was just a one-off. It would also be better if once you had applied a link to a graphic/text if the menu item changed to "Modify Link". Also would be much easier if the hyperlink editing could be accessed with a contextual menu item. Thanks so very much for adding this critical feature. Just hope we can sort things out to getting it running smoothly and with a slightly better access.
  7. On High Sierra the drop-down menu shows a normal up or down arrow. In prefs/shortcuts it shows a double-headed arrow for both. No real way to tell that it's referring to either Page Up or Page Down.
  8. Be sure when you export that you open the More dialog and select to export hyperlinks. Works fine for me.
  9. I was able to use the View/Studio/Reset Studio successfully.
  10. How about in the current beta 238? I also need this to work but have not had time to try in latest.
  11. Can't get the pane to open. Have restarted the app a couple times, created a new blank doc, etc.
  12. Yes, that is confusing. I had not got around to using those keyboard shortcuts, but would have used the normal arrow keys (which don't work). Should there not be a better/different symbol showing in the Document menu for the Page Down or Page Up? Can't say I remember any other software using those keys for a shortcut (other than their normal function), so can't say I have had a chance to see a symbol for them. In the Prefs/Keyboard Shortcuts I also get the question-mark in a box symbol for those menu items, so again, not very informative. But in the end, nice to know how to finally get Page Down/Up to work!
  13. Yes, glad that was pointed out! Would never have thought of that!
  14. This seems like it could be done with the now existing Studio panel without too much trouble. Let us add a link Name in the panel, then edit/add the actual link/url, then have a button to apply that selected link to a selected graphic or text.
  15. PROGRESS! Yes, had to reset the Studio in order to get the Studio Pane to open. Link Names – Well, sort of works in that in the pane you can single click the listed link and change it to a descriptive name, being careful to NOT double-click, which opens up the link dialog box. But it does not look like you can reuse/assign a link elsewhere. Really would be nice to have that ability with urls since many of a document's links go to the same url.
  16. Yes, just cross-posted in the Features forum. Reset Studio did the trick, whilst also destroying the very comfortable setup I had! They really need to be add the ability to save Studio setups as presets as in other software.
  17. You're correct. Reset Studio allows the new Hyperlinks pane to be used. Of course, it also destroys all the previous work of setting up the UI. Think it would be good to be able to Save studio setups like in other software.
  18. STUDIO PANE/PANEL FOR HYPERLINKS Just started working with the new hyperlinks in beta 238 and am very appreciative that this critical feature has been added prior to release. However, it would be GREAT if there were a Studio Pane/Panel listing all hyperlinks in the doc with a couple functions. One would be to be able to click on a listed link/url within the pane and see where in the document it was being used. Another function would be to allow editing of a link/url so that if it is being used in several locations, it could be easily updated/modified with a single edit. NAMES FOR HYPERLINKS It would also be nice if links could be named, thereby allowing the use of that named link/url in multiple locations. It would also allow identifying a url's "content" or purpose a little easier, which would be very important where certain urls are used in a document multiple times and through several upgrades/modifications/updates. CONTEXTUAL MENU ACCESS Be really handy to be able to add/edit/remove a link with a contextual menu item. Thanks again for adding this needed feature!
  19. I'm currently running CS5 ID and PS in a Parallels 14 macOS Sierra VM along with another critical app that stopped working in High Sierra. Runs fine on my iMac. Just create the VM using a USB drive containing the Sierra install app, then restore your new virtual HD from a Time Machine backup. No need to install the apps again.
  20. Just tried that and no crash. High Sierra
  21. Tried to open APub and got the Update to 192 notification. However, all clicks resulted in an error sound with everything locked. Could not even quit and had to do a Force Quit. Tried multiple times with same results. It had worked for me with a couple previous updates, so not sure what went wrong with this one. High Sierra
  22. Like the old ones MUCH better!
  23. As a side note to using CS5-6 ID and PS with macOS changes, it had held us back from upgrading to High Sierra. However, after some work and research, I upgraded my Parallels and added a Sierra Guest VM where my CS5 apps run just fine. After upgrading to High Sierra on the real HD, I find that my CS 5 apps work there fine as well, so still very usable. However, I'm going to keep my virtual Sierra drive for a couple other apps that died with the High Sierra upgrade. They all are running just fine in the virtual drive and I have copy/paste, file sharing between the real HD (High Sierra) and the VM, so it's providing a great workaround to keep my legacy apps working. On getting ID files into APub, as I've said in previous posts to this thread, it is critical to be able to do this. Our company has massive client files in ID and PS that have to be able to be used as the basis for revisions, etc. While I have used the Open PDF in APub, as stated by many, that method has a lot of limitations that make it only appropriate for small, simple file conversions. Anything complex, it simply won't import correctly. That means a huge cost to the client to rebuild the entire document in APub, something most clients simply won't pay. If APub is going to become part of the workflow, we really need to be able to use our legacy client files. When we switched to APhoto from PS, we had reasonable success in importing most (but not all) PS files, so the transition has been good for the most part (still missing some critical comparable features). But with APub, if we are to actually switch to it, we have to be able to get a majority of our client files into APub. Over the many, many years of doing this (going back to Aldus PM V1), we have never had the need to use IDML, so have no knowledge as to whether that will be a reasonable way to convert our thousands of ID client files. I hope it will work given that Serif has stated that they are working towards adding that. But that is an area where we have no experience. We have numerous complex corporate CS5 ID files that require conversion/import if we are to use APub in our workflow. That's why we're following this thread to see if this is going to turn out well. Love APub so far, but do need the ability to bring in old client files!