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  1. I was downloading to a default, c:Users/Mike/Downloads. Changed to c:/mydata/affinity
  2. Brilliant, many thanks to you all I now have version 9.1 working.. How? By downloading the 9.1 to a different folder, as advised. I will investigate why the default folder did not work. Once again thank you all very much for the advice given.
  3. I do not have another PC, my Mobile phone was used by the ancients. I will try the Wifes tablet and advise on the outcome
  4. I have tried all the above. I have used now 4 different browsers. Today I have downloaded 3 times from the message when opening Affinity and 3 times from the Affinity site (My downloads) Each time the file appears to download the correct size. The last 6 downloads have all saved with no errors, but when I run the the file, even as Administrator, I get I have searched the suggested exe and followed all the instructions including running DISM.exe etc. No errors. When checking the file properties there is no Digital Signature tab. Other software that I have downloaded v
  5. everything disabled, very dangerous, but I thought worth a try. Used Google What is blocking it?. No Firewall no Antivirus. Win10 Defender turned off.
  6. I disabled antivirus I disabled firewall I change browser. Still Windows 10 gives me the error and will not let me override it. No other symptoms, after the download is completed I receive the error as it tries to install. If I just permit a download only at the completion I am advised the the file is corrupt and should be removed.
  7. win10 is possibly the worst operating system ever. It is so bad that it will not let me download the latest Affinity photo upgrade. No product should be that dictatorial, warn yes. Bring back XP. Even Win 3.1 was better. My next laptop will not have the MS operating system. Never again. I have had so many problems . I am now resigned to not having the upgrade.
  8. I use Microsoft Edge. I have not had any win10 upgrade for 18 months because I am fed up with errors and having to carry out a restore and instisting I stop work whilst Win10 upgrade. I wish that I could swap back to XP
  9. I have downloaded a further 3 times, the first two reported that they were not exe files. The last one completed the install. I checked properties and there was no TAB for Digital Signature. I have turned off ALL windows security, my own Anti virus and firewall prior to downloading I received this message when attempting to install I also noted the when downloading the file size showed as 527 mb and the Affinity site bar for 9.1 displayed the size as 552.34. To date I have attempted to download the file 7 times, 2 ended up with the file showing as exe. Note: I h
  10. I have managed to download the file but Windows 10 will not permit me to install it. I have made changes to Update & Security then For Developers. No mater what I do Windows stops me installing, even running with Administrator. It is my OC I am the only User
  11. I have twice downloaded the new upgrade executable file. As the download completes Windows 10 advises that the file is dangerous and not recognized. My anti virus does not report this, it comes from Windows 10. Please advise.
  12. I Run Windows 10, I have three times tried to run the new upgrade. I receive a message, THIS APP CANNOT RUN ON THIS PC. The download is thus During the download it gets to 50% then advises that the download is complete. Before running the Downloaded file I close ALL windows and applications. Have also rebooted the PC.
  13. I loaded 7 images to Photo version I attempted to scroll through the files in order to select the one that I wished to develop and save. Suddenly all the icons disappeared leaving just the top options, File; Edit; view;windows and help. I attempted to close down Affinity Photo, but it kept advising that a photo was being developed. From File I tried to load the Persona "Develop". Again errors telling me that a Persona was in use. My operating software is Windows 10. To exit I had to crash via Task Manager. Here is a copy of the screen
  14. I am using Windows 10 on Dell XPS13. recently when using the Selection Brush Toll during the ADD stage Affinity is crashing, shutting down causing unsaved work to be lost. This has happened now 3 times over the last two days . No error message. The work area goes Black then shuts down. Version 1,6.4.104
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