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  1. I loaded 7 images to Photo version I attempted to scroll through the files in order to select the one that I wished to develop and save. Suddenly all the icons disappeared leaving just the top options, File; Edit; view;windows and help. I attempted to close down Affinity Photo, but it kept advising that a photo was being developed. From File I tried to load the Persona "Develop". Again errors telling me that a Persona was in use. My operating software is Windows 10. To exit I had to crash via Task Manager. Here is a copy of the screen
  2. I am using Windows 10 on Dell XPS13. recently when using the Selection Brush Toll during the ADD stage Affinity is crashing, shutting down causing unsaved work to be lost. This has happened now 3 times over the last two days . No error message. The work area goes Black then shuts down. Version 1,6.4.104