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  1. That was a strange hiccup. Apparently, removing the entire folder didn't help. But restarting the computer did. Problem solved after restarting the computer. EDIT: But then it crashes again after a short while doing something else on my computer. Hmm... I might have to put in the time later to find out what is causing it.
  2. As soon that "Properties..." is clicked, it crash immediately. No chance to see anything. Program completely disappeared.
  3. Not sure if this has been reported before, but this is something I just found out today while exploring vector layer. Upon creating a vector layer, I right click to go to "Properties" so I can change layer color etc... but it always crashes. Currently using 1.6.1
  4. For those that might be interested. I think this is something the developers should take into consideration: http://polycount.com/discussion/77043/wacom-pressure-curves-suck http://www.davidrevoy.com/article182/calibrating-wacom-stylus-pressure-on-krita
  5. Interesting. Looks like I might have to upgrade to an "Intuos PRO" later on (?). Currently I'm using the standard ($99 range) and the latest "WacomTablet_6.3.29-6" driver only give me this.
  6. Krita has a built-in Curve that allows you to manipulate the pressure. Very useful if you don’t want to press hard on your tablet (for those on the low end). Is there anyway to achieve this for Affinity, either within the program itself (like how Krita does it) or Wacom setting somewhere on the system? I’m using Wacom Intuos (low end kind) and this setting is very helpful.
  7. Wow... no wonder. Down the road I switched to non-retina resolution (3200 x 1800). Who would have thought!
  8. artjourney

    3D graphics - is it possible?

    If you're on Mac, check out Art Text by Belight Software. https://www.belightsoft.com/art-text/ They have for Windows but Mac version is far ahead at the moment. I rarely do 3d texts but when I need it for a poster, I make one in Art Text, and since it’s 3D, it doesn't get pixelated when you copy the image and paste it on Affinity. For general 3d stuff, I recommend that you pick up Blender. There are plenty of tutorials online and if you're only interested in making mockup stuff, then just learn basic modeling and rendering. No need to get into advanced stuff with Blender/3D. At the moment, there are more important features that designers need such as text wrap/distortion etc...
  9. artjourney

    LUTs quick preview

    Thanks. Looks like there’s no way to preview custom LUTs at the moment.
  10. No wonder. I was doing it via the Dock and instead of launching Affinity, Mac’s menu popped up instead. I had to hold down CTRL via the Launchpad and that worked. At the moment, the only way for me to work with Fonts is via the Studio > Character panel, otherwise it will freeze if go through the contextual toolbar.
  11. If my memory is correct, I remember there being a way to quickly preview the LUTs without having to load it one by one? I find it tedious to have to manually load each new LUT just to see which one I like. I hope there’s a way to quickly preview these LUTs like how we do it with layer blending mode.
  12. I also noticed that I can’t reset Affinity via holding down CMD modifier while loading Affinity—It just load as if CMD was not pressed down. Not sure if these two problems are related (freezes via contextual toolbar and reset via cmd). I tried to remove Affinity completely (as best as I could), and wiped out all the com.seriflabs... folders associated with Affinity. Restarted the computer and reinstalled both apps via the Apple Store. Still experiencing the same problems. I remember everything was fine until I updated to the latest version. Or who knows what. Anyone here experiencing something similar?