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  1. Could we add support for assigning colors to layers like photoshop? It just visually helps visually organize and navigate the layers manager.
  2. I find myself often times opening Affinity Designer just to copy over a Shape I've made in Affinity Photo, just to use Expand To Stroke, then copying back into photo. Is there any way we could simply add this Shape feature into Photo? Thanks
  3. Solved! this fixed the issue! You have made my day thank you so much!
  4. I'm on the latest version of affinity photo. I have not been able to create any text without it defaulting to have strike through text.
  5. I noticed in the latest version of the Affinity Photo for windows that the Strike-through option found in the Character panel is broken. What i mean exactly is, once you turn this feature on, Affinity photo will forever default all newly created Text to include a strikethrough. As you may have guess this can be very cumbersome. Attached a video to demonstrate the issue as well. I hope you can please fix this, it kinda drives me crazy. To reproduce: - create a new text - enable strikethrough - disable strikethrough - create a brand new document - create new text in the new document (it will default to have strikethrough) - now every text layer you create it will default to have a strikethrough even if you restart affinity or uninstall and reinstall it. strikethrough.mp4
  6. It appears that HEIC file format is missing in the New Batch Job tool. Which is odd because Affinity Photo has no issues opening the file, However I'm trying to batch a bunch of images and I can't because the files are not showing in the browse dialog when using the New Batch Job tool.... Why is this?
  7. JokerMartini

    Fix Adding to Selection Marquee

    CAN WE PLEASE!!!!!! Fix the selection to add when the user holds SHIFT. It's a pain in the ass trying to do this with a mouse and a wacom pen with this right-click idea....it's driving me nuts.
  8. JokerMartini

    Fix Adding to Selection Marquee

    Why don't they add some options to allow users to use mod keys instead of the corky mouse click combinations to do such a common task. I feel like the current implementation makes such a common task more cumbersome than it needs to be.
  9. Is there any options or ways I can change the selection marquee (rectangle) to append to the existing selection when holding shift on the keyboard? ideally: 'press Shift and click and hold left mouse button and then drag' to add to selection I believe most applications as far back as I can remember work this way. For example photoshop, gimp, google drives drawing...etc. I have had affinity for over two years now and still have no idea how to append to the (drag rectangle selection) I've tried so many combinations. I feel like at this point whatever the solution is, it's not what would be expected based on common applications. Any help would be great. Just a bit frustrated that it's sometimes difficult to figure out basic commands like this. Could we also please make it possible to create guides when in Pen mode?
  10. JokerMartini

    [Multi] Python API

    Any updates regarding and python or C# api for affinity photo/designer?
  11. It's certainly a bit of a bumpy road each time i try to add to my selection in the photo. In every photo editing software available to date, when users click on the canvas and drag out the selection rectangle, it adds to the existing one if the user is holding SHIFT. How come in Affinity photo they decided to break this decade long convention? I still have no clue how to add to a selection in affinity photo. Could someone help me out. Whatever the solution is, it's not what one would expect after a decade or working with applications like this. Any help is appreciated.
  12. You can not create Guides easily. You have to be in a specific tool. Guides are only creatable under specific situations which is very annoying when trying to draw shapes or brush strokes. In photoshop it doesn't matter what tool you are using, you can create guides by dragging out from the ruler.
  13. I would like a bitmap tracing feature in Designer. The feature would create a vector path based on the contrast of an image.
  14. How can I place an black/white image as a mask onto a group. Masking is some confusing compared to what I'm used to doing in Photoshop. In this case i drug the black and white pixel layer ontop of the group thumbnail and it appears to apply it as a mask but doesn't do anything? The workflow appears very unpredictable at times like this where I spend 30 minutes trying to figure out something so trivial. I'm going to guess the solution is not as straight forward as this.... In this sample I should be seeing a red background however I'm still seeing the black background that's part of the original image which should be masked out. Any help please?