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Does AffinityPhoto have a Digital Asset Manager similar to Lightroom, or even like Adobe Bridge in Photoshop 6, and if not is there any plan for one now that Lightroom is going down the rental path along with Photoshop?

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I read the first thread and there were references to DigiKam. Is this compatible with Affinity Photo? It wasn't clear from the discussion.



Affinity Photo, V 1.7.1    Affinity Designer, V 1.7.1

Imac OS 10.13.6 ( High Sierra)

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in one they were working on for a release early 2016, in another they are working for a publisher replacement first, in a last one, they are not working on a DAM.

so best bet is to get photomechanic for fast culling and cataloging/viewing your images. maybe there will be one for 2020 ^_^

Lr, ON1, Capture One has one and Luminar is coming with one as well, so these are also some option. Alienskin, Paintshop Pro and ACDSee have image browser?

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Serif produced their own DAM that they gave away with PhotoPlus 8 (I think that's the version I got my copy with) called PhotoStack.

It has some limitations but it is fast and I found it surprisingly good, thought it's not the same as LR.

It supports the following formats:

Supported photo file formats

Common raw files1




.cr2 .crw


.dc2 .dcr .kdc .k25



Adobe Digital Negative




CREO Photo








Pentax, Samsung






AVT, Panasonic, Casio & Leica

.srf .sti, .sr2, .arw



Standard file formats





Graphics Interchange Format


High-Definition Photo


JPEG 2000


JPEG 2000(J2K)

.jpg .jpeg .jpe .jif3

Joint Photographic Experts Group


ZSoft Paintbrush


Portable Network Graphics



.ras .sun2

Sun Raster Image

.tif .tiff

Tagged Image File (TIF)


Truevision TARGA Format


1 Lists the raw files associated with the most popular camera manufacturers; many other raw images are supported.

2 Not supported in 64-bit PhotoStack.

3 Lossless JPG is not supported in 64-bit PhotoStack.


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