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  1. Hey, When I ordered the workbook, I got an order confirmation email shortly after placing my order. The next day, I got an email confirming they had dispatched the order and received it following day after that. There was no parcel tracking as far as I could tell. I was surprised to receive it so quick actually but I would say be patient. I think when I placed the order, delivery was estimated between 5 - 7 days so if it takes longer, I would try contacting their Facebook or Twitter directly but if its only been a day or two then its still well within their estimated delivery timescale. Hope you receive it soon! It's well worth the wait. Cheers, Tj Edit: I took this snippet from their help and support page (https://affinity.store/en-gb/help/) if its any help: How do I check my order status? You will be sent an email as soon as your order is dispatched. You can also receive your order status by emailing affinityorders@serif.com. Please remember to include your name and order number in your request. We will provide a prompt update during business hours (9.00am-5.00pm Mon-Fri, GMT).
  2. Hi, I recently bought the Affinity Designer Workbook and have really been enjoying the practical examples and working my way through it. Just a minor error that I'm not sure has been reported or not (I don't have Facebook or Twitter to contact directly so posting on here) but I noticed a formatting error on page 109 - half of the words at the start of each line seems to be cut off a bit. I included a screenshot below. I have to say that the book is excellent so far, I've always found most design software to be quite intimidating and time consuming to learn but the workbook is getting me to grips with the software really quick and it's been surprisingly intuitive to use. If I notice anything else as I work through the book, I'll use this thread to continue posting.
  3. I already posted a topic on this, thanks very much again MEB for your response! Just thought I'd add my name in here to those eagerly anticipating the inclusion of a perspective warp tool.
  4. Hi MEB, Thanks very much for your prompt response! The information is really much appreciated. I'll have a play around and see what I can come up with. I don't have Affinity Photo yet unfortunately, but I will look forward to getting it in the future and seeing what else can be done. Great to see the list of new features listed to be implemented at a later date too, its awesome to see you guys have such an involvement with the community!
  5. Woah, that's really impressive! Really awesomely done! I hope I can do something like that one day.
  6. I tried finding this question posted but couldn't seem to find exactly what I was looking for. I'm trying to modify a Mobile UI Mockup that I did in another application, I want to place it on top of a screen on a phone at an angle which involves screwing the imported image in Affinity Designer. I know you can get this effect using 'convert to curves' with a vector shape but I can't seem to find anything equivalent for imported JPEG or PNG images. I included pictures in a couple of links, as an example of what I'm trying to accomplish, in case I'm not being very clear. Any help with this would be very much appreciated! I'm sure I saw this being done in Affinity Photo but can't figure it out in Designer unfortunately. http://designshack.net/wp-content/uploads/iphone-mockup-psds-24.jpg http://visionwidget.com/images/2016/0123/Isometric_Perspective_MockUp.jpg Thanks very much!
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