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  1. It looks like meshes were used. The Affinities won't show them correctly (or at all) in any case.
  2. You are not doing anything wrong. The file is simply not saved with the PDF "compatibility". AI is a locked format, so the Affinities are only able to interpret the PDF part. Attached a hopefully repaired AI. halloween_symbols_2.ai
  3. Definitely. The main reason for me buying the applications. 😂
  4. You will never get the same result. See attached screenshot, where the correct italic is grey and the skewed is cyan. In worst case depending on the font, italic characters look totally different to the regular characters. So best advice is to install an italic font if possible.
  5. I am not happy about this workflow, there may be better ones: Make sure, that your Image Placement Policy is "Prefer Embedded" and drag the image TWICE onto the document. Do not copy and paste the first placed image to get a duplicate, otherwise the images behaves like a symbol.
  6. I don't know your used font. Perhaps converting text to curves, ungrouping and dividing the curves and after that removing the unwanted parts could work for you.
  7. Turn off hardware acceleration within AP via Preferences > Performance and try again.
  8. I guess hardware acceleration is on in your AP. Turn it off within AP via Preferences > Performance.
  9. The main requirement to be on the payroll at Serif is, to have a cat or at least a dog, who likes cats. 😂
  10. Nothing to worry about. You can hide the overflowing text (but the overflowing text is still there).
  11. Good question, next question? 🤷‍♂️ I guess you have to give it a try.
  12. Any specific reason for using the Contour Tool? I changed a few things without a Contour and still being an ellipse with no problem so far (had to turn of Antialiasing for some areas). So I would say the Contour Tool is causing the problem.
  13. @PeterPeterPeter What a joyride! How did you do these strange ellipses? They looked strange the way the boxes are. After converting ellipses to curves the output looked fine to me.
  14. It could be useful that you upload the problematic .afdesign file to the forum for others / devs to check.
  15. Yes, this is irritating, but if you hit the Relink button, select the correct folder by hitting the button "Select folder", then APu "magically" relinks the missing images.
  16. You can "paint" with the Erase Brush Tool ... if this is what you are looking for?
  17. Yes. Place the text cursor into the wanted cell and use File > Place or cut an image and paste it into the cell with text cursor active. Yes. Click the image and use the Hyperlinks panel for that.
  18. You right-clicked the page not the Layer for your Master Page in the Layers Panel.
  19. Go to the last page in Pages panel, right-click on the Master layer in the Layer panel, select "Edit Detached", remove the page number and click the button "Finish".
  20. You can place a PDF in Indesign, but you cannot edit the PDF in Indesign. Unless Adobe changed something since CS6 ...
  21. It works, when your layer is a Pixel layer and not an Image layer, as in your case. So you have to rasterise the Image layer first.
  22. Maybe I do not understand the problem, but I am able to assign an existing style (which could be global or use the method tudor proposed) to the hyperlink from the Hyperlink panel.
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