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  1. Hi. Stroke/Style/Width button clickable area reduced to 1/2 half in 1.9.2. FYI macOS Big Sur 11.2.3
  2. I see. The difference between AD 1.9.2 and AD 1.8.6 --- both with the same macOS settings: Language *English* and Decimal separator "," (comma), and AD Language set to *Default* --- is that: > in version AD 1.8.6 (previous) > when I paste a comma-separated value > AD changes it to a dot-separated value, but > when I hit enter > it changes back again to a comma-separated value and it works. AD 1.8.6 100,5 px (comma copied) 100.5 px (pasted dot) 100,5 px (enter key) It works! AD 1.9.2 100,5 px (comma copied) 100.5 px (pasted dot) 1005 px (enter key
  3. In other words... When I copy *100( , )5 px* I expect to paste exactly *100( , )5 px*, not *100( . )5 px*, and much less get *1005 px* If I copy a comma-separated value I expect to paste a comma-separated value, not a dot-separated value that suddenly changes into a non-decimal-separated value at all. If there's no problem typing comma-separated values in AD, why it does not work when pasting them?
  4. Affinity Apps language is set to *Default*, macOS "Language & Region" decimal separator is set to *comma* macOS "Language & Region" preferred language is set to *English (UK)* (primary) --- Preferred language and Number separator can be defined separately in System Preferences ("Language & Region"), as shown above. There's no issue in using a non-English decimal *comma* separator with *English* as preferred language. Note: we do not have any problems *typing* decimal comma separated values in AF's Transform panel. That's is OK, it works, it's the expected behavio
  5. Hello. Help needed. If I copy a size value with a decimal comma from an object - e.g. 100,5 px - Then I select another object Then I paste the comma value I copied in the 'Transform' panel of this new object (in order to apply the same size value to that object) Then AD (and AF) changes the decimal comma separator into a decimal point separator after pasting it - e.g. 100.5 px - And When I hit enter the decimal point separator disappears and AD applies a completely wrong value without separator - e.g. 1005 px - (What!?) --- 100,5
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