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  1. I have/had the same problem. I am using 144 hz monitor and when I set vertical sync from Nividia control panel to: adaptive half resfresh rate it's smooth. But still problem when exorting some pictures, really slow.
  2. Did another, with normal selection brush tool + refine, one bird flying. Good practicing :D. https://flic.kr/p/2gKzksX
  3. Uploading now. Some of my editing "high"lights Learning to master "Photoshop"
  4. I made the following picture from sequence of 2 bird flying. I used rectangular marquee tool + Select-Smooth to blend them a little better to the picture, just to show that autofocus is working. Is there a way to use blend ranges or blend modes to get faster/better blending?, I am total noob with using them.
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