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  1. Thanks Gary, I'm not sure what's going on really. There is a master page applied to all pages with TOC on them. But the table of content isn't part of the master page, if that's what you mean. And it's definitely not locked either, as far as I can tell. I will go ahead and send the document tomorrow then...
  2. Okay, I'm not sure what the issue is here, but I can't even select or click into the first page of my TOC (the following pages are okay). I can see that I have modified master pages at some point, but I can't figure out how to fix that. I'm not sure if any of these issues are connected to one another? Also my 'edit all layers' is turned on. So technically I should be able to click on the text in that page without having to select the layer every time...?
  3. Thanks Dan, and no problem about the delay! So maybe before I send you the document, I should have a go at fixing that issue myself. How would I go about finding out if I have formatted the text in the TOC after the TOC has been created? And if I have done that, how would I go about fixing it? Many thanks.
  4. Thanks so much Garry and happy New year! I'm not sure if moderators will see this thread, but if so, could I ask for a Dropbox location? I'm not comfortable to upload the whole document here. No problem re holiday delays. 🙏
  5. No problem at all. I'm leaving some screenshots here, but if you need the document itself, please let me know where I can upload it. The second screenshot is after I have refreshed the TOC. As you can see all the formatting has been lost.
  6. Hi everyone, I have used this method to create dotted lines in my table of contents. The only problem is that every time I refresh/reload my table of contents, all the dots disappear and I have to manually press 'tab' on each line to recreate the lines. Is that just how it needs to be? Or am I missing a step or strategy that might prevent this? Many thanks!
  7. I read on one of the forums that it was suggested to have separate master pages for each chapter and to be honest I didn't thoroughly read the rationale for this. 😝 I just applied the same master page to all the chapters and it fixed the issue. So obviously the problem must have been to do with the master pages. Although I don't understand how this could have happened as I copied the exact same master page to all chapters. In any case, thanks for this. The issue is now fixed. Thanks anyway Callum 🙏
  8. Hi all... I'm formatting a book that's split into chapters, with separate master pages for each chapter. Today I changed the margins for each master page, as well as the corresponding text boxes. But as you can see from the screenshots, the text boxes for specific chapters are not fitted within the margins, as specified in the master pages. I understand that this could happen if I had unlocked/modified certain master page contents in the past, but how is it possible that this is happening consistently across whole chapters? For example, chapter 1 is working perfectly okay, all of chapter 2 is moved and not fitting into the margins, and then chapter 3 is working perfectly okay again. Any ideas for fixing this would be appreciated! 🙏
  9. I think I figured out how to do this, in case it's helpful to others... Create multiple copies of your book, then in each copy keep contents from one chapter only and delete the rest of the chapters. Save these as separate files and then reassemble your document again using the merge documents/Add Pages from File function. I think it should work but I haven't do it yet. I can update those interested!
  10. Thanks you so much Nathan. I have just uploaded these. I have also included a text file with more information that may be helpful. 🙏
  11. Thanks Nathan. Based on what I can see I do have a couple of those updates, but they are relatively recent and my issue was going on long before that. I do believe there might be a bug of some sort, so I'm not sure if anyone from AFP support could take a look at my document? I was initially using the normal Publisher and kept having the above issues and bugs. I decided to trial the beta to see if it would improve things, but it didn't make any difference. Do you think it's best to go back to normal Publisher?
  12. Happy Tuesday everyone. I have previously formatted a 200 pages book which has a lot of pictures and one overall text flow throughout the book. I realise now that I may have not done this the most efficient way. I have separated the chapters using sections and each chapter page (Lesson 1, 2, 3 etc) is a separate master page with the large photo of the bear on it. When I originally sent the book to print, I had a fair few issues with pages being laid on top of each other, images behaving strangely, AFP crashing on me once in a while and so on. I could not figure out the source of my issues and once I managed to get the book to behave enough to be printed I said to myself "that's it, you can NEVER do major edits to this book again!" 🤣 Because one small change and the whole document will go crazy again! So fast forward to today, I see no choice but to go back on my word and do major edits to the book as I need to publish a second edition. Certain sections will need to be deleted or added and I may even need to swap two chapters with each other. Please help me figure out how to do this in the least painful way possible! One thing that I'm realising I need to have done is to assign separate master pages for each section and to not do one overall text flow, but separate texts for each lesson/chapter. I created new master pages for each chapter but when I go to apply the new master page, AFP crashes. I assume maybe that's because I first need to break my text down into chapters? I'm not sure how to do that in the most efficient way either. Is there a quick way to break the text down? Or do I need to literally cut and paste into new text boxes and when I lose all my formatting and image placement, just deal with that and do everything from scratch? Any advice or suggestions would be very much appreciated! 🙏
  13. Hi Helmar, unfortunately your video doesn't open on youtube for me either. I am dealing with similar issues to what you describe here, so it would be valuable for me to watch your video if at all possible. Thanks.
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