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  1. Hello i have completely desinstalled V1 when I go the problem first. I finally got to the bottom of the problem (I learn from the forum). I run the report log and even if i don't understand 99% of it was able to see 'arial bold' several times; my documents is mainly in arial bold; so I went to one word and change to arial regular then back to arial bold; and it worked !
  2. Hello it is me again and once more PDF export does not work. It has been 3 days now I am trying to export in PDF and nothing works. I think it is really time for affinity to fix the bug. Report shows it might be a font problem with arial I have reinstalled the universal licence and nothing works to be honest I am quite desperate. V1 worked just fine. Since having V2 it is a real issue I have clients queueing now waiting to get their catalogues. And as already mentioned before, the icon of the file is Designer even if I created and saved the file as publisher thanks for your help pdflib.log
  3. Hello good news it works now I thought it might be a problem with the specific template I used for this catalogue. It was a template offered when I bought V1 and that I used as a base. And I started the catalogue with V1 and finished it in V2. In V1 no problem to export in PDF but as you know I couldn't export in PDF with V2 this specific document. So I decided to redesign entirely the catalogue in a new document in V2 (and I have desinstalled V1) and now it works perfectly when exporting in PDF. My guess is that particular template is not compatible with V2. I have other catalogues created in V1 for which I did not use a free template. the PDF export works perfectly well with these catalogues when using V2; Don't know if this might be a solution but just in case I left you know. hope this can help.
  4. Thanks Dan; I downloaded the file you sent me but it is still not working; same error message. Do I have to apply the double master page on all the document ? I though we could select whatever pages and not a double one as master
  5. I have sent the file. I have just noticed something strange; look at that. it is a .pub but the logo colour and name are indicated designer
  6. please note that it is an original template offered with V1 (it works perfectly in V1) I have made changed to it too. Thanks
  7. Thanks Dan attached the file pdflib.log
  8. Hi Thanks. It is really strange, after trying for 2 days, it worked yesterday evening but then I had to make changes this morning and it is not working. Before I was not able to export only in small format PDF (only HD worked) but this morning none of the export options PDF worked. If I have no solution, I will have to redo it completely on indesign. But I like Affinity but for now it is difficult to think redoing 2 weeks of work again. I will let you know too. but I have tried many things and none are working
  9. Hello everyone unfortunately, it is no longer working today. Even exporting in HD does not work. Does someone have a solution ? because I really need to send this PDF urgently today It is really an issue, how can I trust and design an full catalogue if I cannot export it at the end. thanks
  10. thanks a lot; I will do it tomorrow because guess what now it works; but not sure i will again tomorrow. I had the same yesterday. have a good evening Angel
  11. Hi so sorry I mixed up the app. I have been having a big issue with publisher so I am getting confused. Yes you are right. Thanks a lot
  12. Hello in fact I am trying to save a publisher file done in V2 in small format PDF but it is not working (only high resolution is working); So basically I tried alternatives with V1 as I really need urgently my file in PDF low resolution. The error message is similar to many 'export error to C/.......). Nothing works basically Strange enough, I can save other files done in V2 in PDF small format but not this one. I have redone the 36 pages in a new document and still can't export it in small format. It used to work before How to get PDFLib Logging ? I am getting desperate, I have been trying to get my file for 2 days now. thanks for your help
  13. Hello on persona. Here the pic; as you can see if I crop it is cutting the drawing thanks a lot
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