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  1. Hi, I am not sure if this has been asked before, but I couldn't find anything about that. Also I have no comparison to Adobe right now - no subscription. Why is the mask in CMYK not really „alpha-masking“ the magenta layer but turning the edges grayish? How can I avoid that? thanks and cheers, Steffen CMYK: RBG:
  2. Uhm, this is not (yet) implemented right? +1 from my side
  3. Hi, I made a tiny screencast - this is in a code editor. So I don't have bold - but I set some text into quotes which could be any inline format in designer/publisher. Furthermore I could add some punctuation if the text needs some structuring. This should roughly apply to any list-like / table-like texts. I can select multiple parts of text by selecting lines while pressing alt Or I can add a cursor a line below/above by pressing alt+cmd+up/dowm One thing though: Here—in code—I edit multiple lines. In Texts it would make sense to set cursors at the beg
  4. @A_B_C Nice! Thanks for the hint! Haven't researched properly before. That's awesome. Regarding multiple cursors: I was editing a rather long list of paragraphs the other day which align about to that pattern: “bold-word em-space normal-text” But I received them as “normal-text space normal-text”. With multiple cursors all along on each parapgraph I could format every paragraph in one take. Other example: Another Text consists of a mix of paragraphs and consecutive lists - it would be nice to set a cursor on every next paragraph via a hotkey. So one could
  5. Hi, I am just editing a magazine in InDesign and I thought: Hey! I'd like to have multiple cursors like in common code editors and - it would be nice to be able to set custom hotkeys to paragraph and inline text-styles. Thats it. Would be nice if this could be considered cheers Steffen
  6. Hi, I am using https://imageoptim.com/macto further compress images for the web without loss of quality. It would be nice to have the options of the tools used in this program in Affinity Designer, too - they are open source - I hope their license would allow this. ... Otherwise I'd have to wait for scripting capabilities of AD ;) cheers Steffen
  7. Ah nice, thanks, yep yep, ok then i guess you are already behind it. just to express again what the crux is: While editing, AD renders the (open) line as centered in spite of being set to inside or outside. So AD makes a certain decision because of "some reason" - probably that reason you are referring to here "inside or outside stroke are shitty in svg 1.1" (which was also my thought then, actually) - so one thinks everything is fine and you expect an output with a center stroked path instead of a fill area because AD made a clever decision. But then it expands it anyway - al
  8. Hi, I attached my setup here Interesting thing and maybe nice for comparison: There are two buttons with seemingly the same setup - yet, if you group the "group me" items inside of each button, they behave differently. The one group stays, the other one vanishes. You should check the history of the document ... I wanted to replicate and isolate that behaviour from my original file. Failed at first. But then accidentally replicated it again - though at first I wanted them to be the other way around: left vanishing, right being ok. But you will see that in the edit history. So i
  9. Hi, i just stumbled upon this: I have a constraints group - and inside of that group I want to group two elements. When grouping them - they disappeared ... !? constraints-group-vanish.mov
  10. Hej, when I edit the constraints of an object inside a layer which has an outer border - that border gets clipped. It is a rather minor problem since I can set the borders inside - yet, it was kind of confusing first. It could be helpful that the assistant sets the border inside automatically and informs you about that. Or it doesn't do anything but still informs you about an consequence one might not have anticipated at first. Also it would be nice that the interface reflects that it is impossible or rather effectless to set an outer border to those layers. For example the button cou
  11. hej, to be more precise: you have to click on that text "namen eingeben" - in english probably "enter name". it is hardly readable though here at my place - but i don't know whats going on with the beta, whether that function might not work - but maybe have a look again for that hint where to click actually - sorry if I was imprecise! cheers edit: ah! just saw in your screenshot that there is nothing like "enter name" ... .... :( probably a beta issue!?
  12. Hej, it would be nice to be able to remove the doctype quatsch when exporting SVG files. I regularly embed them directly in HTML and there shall not be more than one doctype in an html file ... apart from that it is not necessary anyway when embedding in html ... <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" standalone="no"?><!DOCTYPE svg PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD SVG 1.1//EN" "http://www.w3.org/Graphics/SVG/1.1/DTD/svg11.dtd"> please! :) cheers
  13. Ah, aha - ok - i only found the popup when you click on the button in the red circle: "path component" in english. the screenshot above refers to the popup related to the button in the green circle - that one is new to me. well, basically i understand what you can do there - for example: i was putting a path description into the path component " ./subfolder/" which automatically exported that slice in that "subfolder" in the export folder. then you can also add "variables" which modify that path - or filename. for example the "slicename" variable will output the name of the s
  14. Hej, I would enjoy this: When selecting a export profile and changing some settings, the profile name in the export profile selection/display at the top would not vanish. Instead it could change the color (it would indicate that the current setting differ from the last selection) - also the settings which differ from the last selection would also be indicated. Then - I could choose to update the profile or save as new one. Of course system profiles could not be updated. How about that? : ) cheers Steffen
  15. I don't have this field? (Affinity Designer 1.5.1) Yet, I was also wondering how "path components" become useable and would like to see a short documentation about that. I couldn't find anything ... It annoys me that export paths are not saved per document - I tried dragging a folder into that window ... would be handy. Didn't work though.
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