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  1. I dont know if its that issue but i have found that if i uncheck embed ICC profile and embed metadata in Export -> More... exported image has better quality. its few months ago when i test it so dont know if its apply anymore.
  2. "I noticed that large saved files from February 2021 are not opening on the main computer." "That's why I don't understand why people keep writing about past versions." maybe possible issue with original text meaning after translation. the way i understood translation was, that some possible file save corruption was happening in AP versions released in February 2021 time frame. (1.9.0-1.9.1) resulting in 1.9.2 file crashing.
  3. February, its 1.9.0 or 1.9.1 ? i still have 1.9.0 (February 4th) installed so i can try to make some large files and upgrade to 1.9.2 and try it if it will crash? (i dont have 1.9.1 (February 25th)) Maybe something will be in eventviewer? winkey+R -> eventvwr.msc -> windows logs Hope its not memory stability issue
  4. I have tested your file and i have done lots of stupid things with it and re-saved and re-opened it multiple times and it didnt crashed, now its 1.6GB large. Maybe its that hardware acceleration issue? try to disable it in Edit->Preferences->Performance (dont have hardware acceleration because im on ancient win7 still, so i cant test it) Originally i though it was that filesize 300MB+ issue from 2018 just a 700MB mark now but it worked fine. have to add that im still on 1.9.0 build.
  5. yes i find this very annoying too. moving, merging and some tools design/functions in this regard, it adds additional steps which i always forget to do (sometimes too late) i dont have to do this in Photoshop. Affinity Photo sometimes feels very PIXEL NON PRECISE in default state (And some tools UI visualization didnt helping either -> that fat blurry Crop Tool representation compared to marque select). Photographers and hobbyist maybe dont care if image gets slightly blurry and some tools are non pixel precise but for me its kind of workflow breaking thing because im relying on pixel perfect operations without any resampling/altering of pixel sharpness. Sometimes i have feeling/suspicion its problem of Affinity software architecture , maybe its because Affinity Designer was made first as an vector image software so they maybe didnt needed any real pixel precision aligning by default (integer values / pixel arrays grids or how to call it) and whole pixel snap thing feels just like one big afterthought but if true then its really bad decision for pixel image manipulation software. The same with Move tool, its cool, its more "intuitive" by its feature to resize, rotate and shear directly but for me absolutely dangerous combination in one tool, if i need to connect 300+ tiles quickly by hand in matter of hours where pixel alteration must NEVER happen! its like nightmare not to accidentally touch some scale/rotate/shear spot on move tool gizmo by little tiny margin and see it too late -> start all over again. so I would really appreciated if i could disable any additional transformation functions (resize/rotate/shear) from a Move Tool too and keep just basic move function. And completely disable that blue move tool bounding box too (cant see properly with that blue borderlines exactly where is that last pixel clearly) or change the visuals at least to make it look more like marque select bounding box (its more sharp, thinner and feels more precise to see exact pixel borders) I know you can set to hide bounding box if you move it but i would like to see complete turn off switch. Or create additional tool which could be called "Basic Move Tool" without any additional transform functions. Safe for repeating/monotone fast and precise move operations without fear of changing size or rotation in the process. Thanks.
  6. Its off-topic but if you dont want windows 10 with bloatware and spying, there is Windows 10 Enterprise LTSC version. Also dont forget that lots of windows 10 telemetry were back-ported to Windows 7 & 8 in 2015 via windows update. https://www.extremetech.com/computing/213183-once-more-with-tracking-microsoft-backports-privacy-invading-windows-10-features-to-windows-7-8 They have also changed KB patch numbers and reintroduced them multiple times over the last 5 years because people where blocking and removing them.
  7. +1 for 1 bit bitmap its great for game-engine use for opacity mask creation
  8. +1 for this but its bit too early. 0.8.1 works kind of good but recent (daily) builds were wonky for me (quality/filesize ratio was worst and color tone shifted too) i would wait a bit for more ironed out releases. Also JpegXL comming next year too. GIMP added AVIF support just now but its only partial implementation, there is no way to disable chroma subsampling. For everyone interested i recommending to download AVIF CLI tools. https://github.com/AOMediaCodec/libavif/releases/tag/v0.8.1 Comparison : https://cloudinary.com/blog/how_jpeg_xl_compares_to_other_image_codecs On my website (signature) i have added .avif for projects thumbnails already -> better and more consistent results than WebP
  9. CPU - Intel Core i7 4770 (non-K)(Haswell v1) 32GB DDR3 1600Mhz AMD R9 290X Tri-X OC 4GB (Driver 20.1.1) (yes it still works - 2013 ) HAWAII FP32 5.6+ TFLOPS / FP64 700+ GLOPS Win 7 x64 Ultimate (SP1 + monthly rollup) Power Balance: High Performance For GPU score have to set OpenCL manually in preferences
  10. HW spec (or name/model of your computer) ? OS and update version ? Drivers? does affinity need some version of redistribute (c++)? exporting dxdiag? screenshot of your running apps from system tray or windows task manager -> processes? In system tray if some app is there from motherboard, sound card, ssd drive or something try to exit/quit/close all you can
  11. would really love to have tillable (seamless) generated textures (cloud/perlin and others), chrome filter, sponge filter etc with crisp/sharp results. Some Affinity Photo procedural texture output is kind of blurry or too soft (maybe because of interpolation/resampling?) its not that much usable for game assets now. (look at PS filters) Some basic normal map generator would come handy too. Or ability to draw tiled (seamless) patterns like in Cosmigo Pro Motion NG, i think that even Ph0tosh0p dont have it.
  12. you can just download 1.8 from your Affinity web account, Its full installer.
  13. Its not ready yet, at this time its more of a hybrid between Lightroom and Photoshop, they have added some generated textures not long ago (with varying results) but still no precision glow, custom curves (fx layers), Normal map filter, fonts below sizes 30pt looking kind of bad, cant open files above 300MB etc. Good thing is that its cheap to buy and free until 2.0. From above there is Photoshop, from below there is GIMP. Problem is that some tasks can be done by free GIMP or expensive Photoshop but not with affordable AffinityPhoto. (free->paid->expensive) If you need to do some smaller (2K/4K) seamless environmental textures for games (aberration, lens fix) with non-destructive techniques you can do it just fine. Im using Affinity Photo where i can and waiting how it will pan out but i guess it will take years for me to be able to switch completely. (its not just about features but workflow speed, tool precision and performance too) When i will be able to work with this filesize ? Even if this will get fixed, will performance be on pair for practical workflow? Last time i tried (1.6) AffinityPhoto performance started to choke around 12K files and later memory management kind of collapsed too. (free RAM but AffinityPhoto wasnt able to use it)
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