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  1. Danielcz

    Crashes while loading large JPEG

    I have done more test (JPG and PNG) and its looks like opened file SHOULD NOT reach or exceed file size of 300MB! If you keep below 300MB filesize it should not crash Affinity PHOTO but its not practical to edit, its laggy and slow etc... Tested Files: JPG image 39 693 x 32 256 (39K) file size 274MB - OK JPG image 40827 x 33 178 (40K) file size 288MB - OK JPG image 41 394 x 33 638 (41K) file size 294MB - OK JPG image 42 528 x 34 560 (42K) file size 309MB - CRASH -------------------------------------------------------------------------- PNG image 28 352 x 23 040 (28K) file size 268MB - OK PNG image 31 187 x 25 344 (31K) file size 317MB - CRASH if someone want i cant put files to dropbox... (Open source GIMP Opened PNG image 56 704 x 46 080 (56K) file size 914MB just fine, Photoshop is super fast and butter smooth with such file)
  2. Danielcz

    Crashes while loading large JPEG

    what is image resolution? Affinity Photo cant handle large pixel sizes yet
  3. dont know if i have same issue or its something else... im trying to do burn inside of jet thruster cone and i cant recreate it quite well with non-destructive technique (overlay) and not at all with "classic" burn tool. Feels like burn tool is to weak any idea how to make it more brutal, darker and gritty? like in PS if you un-tick "protect tones". Need to have that soot-like visuals. With non destructive technique im close but still not there. Its texture for some old game project so i dont want it take too much time its texture in style of 1998-2003 (colors, filters, fx, heavy use of Dodge and Burns...) PS burn: Update: I think im closer to what i need, so i will do it with custom brush with harder and smaller pixels which i have created and using Non destructive technique (overlay).
  4. Crop tool feels pixel-inaccurately, crop lines are too fat and soft looking so its hard to know where exactly pixel borders are if you need to be more precise I would like to have thin 1 pixel sharp crop tool lines (that grid rectangle) like Rectangular Marquee Tool is
  5. we can call it OpenRaster, now someone has to resurrect it from never ending draft
  6. it will not work like 100% interchangeable between Affinity and Adobe [PSDs], i guess its similar like working/opening MS Office documents in Libre Office... im transfering my all work from Adobe to Affinity Photo right now and im too paranoid to use PSDs, so im exporting png layer by layer and if project is more simple then im re-doing it completely again in affinity its bit time consuming but not that much... If font is present, then im make it again in affinity and tweak it to look close as possible to original PSD [tracking, line height...] but Crisp, Strong, Sharp and Smooth modes are missing thats why that OpenType variable fonts would be great to have, i could have tweak it even closer to original file from Adobe
  7. they are going Variable Fonts [64 000 axes] now:
  8. What about add pixel size marquee selection info like in this video, not just under transform tab? MarqueeSelectionSize.mp4 Currently on big screens 27inch+ its uncomfortable to look so far to the right where transform panel is and by undocking it, it means unnecessary additional steps to move it closer to my center view [area of interest]
  9. Danielcz

    Memory Issues?

    im in similar situation, trying to get away from Adobe and Autodesk too I also hope that Affinity Photo will improve performance over time closer to Photoshop for large projects, even if this will mean some price increase or more frequent [yearly] paid upgrading to newer versions.. Affinity Photo for texture creation is already great alternative to Photoshop with its non-destructive editing and work quite well in 2K-4K area , it just lack some quality of life tweaks/options for workflows where pixel precision and fast menial work is more important than creative intuitiveness. Will also buy Affinity Designer soon
  10. Danielcz

    Memory Issues?

    if you need highest performance from your workstation with large canvas projects, you have to buy Adobe Photoshop, there is no competition at this moment, nothing can touch it performance wise for AAA large projects
  11. Danielcz

    Memory Issues?

    you can try undo limit: 1024 to 8 File recovery interval: to 1000+ seconds? maybe it will hold little bit longer before it crash i have tested Affinity Photo for large canvases [48K] little while ago [1.5 version] and it get quite slow and unproductive around 16-20K resolution compare to Adobe Photoshop [simple layer merging, flattening, copy and paste, 2 layers max] but no crash, just looong wait until operations finish. i will test it soon again and do some comparison videos I need high performance for large canvases [closer to PS], i hope that after Affinity Photo 2.0+ maybe they will try to improve it more, i dont expect it in the near future.
  12. Danielcz

    Brush not visible in the panel

    I cant replicate it... Unknown.mp4 can you tell which OS version you have ? or some plugins running too? UPDATE: i have installed German language pack to Windows 7 x64 SP1 Ultimate but i have realized that brush (pinsel) section is still in English so instead of Gemalde i have Painting still written here
  13. Danielcz

    Jagged brush lines on quick strokes

    Looks like i have reduced that heavy lag on Huion tablet by uncheck "support TabletPC" in Huion control panel. But jagged lines still remain, they are more random, some oval/round lines are almost without jagged parts Update: There is still same odd lag at beginning of some lines but its not as often
  14. Danielcz

    Jagged brush lines on quick strokes

    I have encountered this too when i installed Huion 610PRO to try it in Affinity Photo for Windows some oval shapes are somehow smooth but others are jagged... i also feel some kind of random lag (like stutter?) when drawing, but its not always and only if i draw faster, not with slower strokes Video from Affinity Photo: AffinityPhotoBrushStroke.mp4 you can see that randomly jagged lines and very strong lag especially that first one at second row (its 60fps video so you can slow down playback to 50% speed and see that lag well)
  15. Danielcz issues, Tabs Vanishing

    Asus AI Suit 3 (motherboard control software) is not affected... (AI Suite 3 dont contain any audio control, with z87-Pro it use separate driver for Realtek codec) so its probably connected only to this audio tech, originally i thought its some broader issue of UI framework of 3rd party software, because i had similar issue with older version of SAMSUNG Magician (SSD control panel) software when running in system tray in some video games