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  1. Its not ready yet, at this time its more of a hybrid between Lightroom and Photoshop, they have added some generated textures not long ago (with varying results) but still no precision glow, custom curves (fx layers), Normal map filter, fonts below sizes 30pt looking kind of bad, cant open files above 300MB etc. Good thing is that its cheap to buy and free until 2.0. From above there is Photoshop, from below there is GIMP. Problem is that some tasks can be done by free GIMP or expensive Photoshop but not with affordable AffinityPhoto. (free->paid->expensive) If you need to do some smaller (2K/4K) seamless environmental textures for games (aberration, lens fix) with non-destructive techniques you can do it just fine. Im using Affinity Photo where i can and waiting how it will pan out but i guess it will take years for me to be able to switch completely. (its not just about features but workflow speed, tool precision and performance too) When i will be able to work with this filesize ? Even if this will get fixed, will performance be on pair for practical workflow? Last time i tried (1.6) AffinityPhoto performance started to choke around 12K files and later memory management kind of collapsed too. (free RAM but AffinityPhoto wasnt able to use it)
  2. Another freeware software that can open large files too: Krita: freeware for concept artists and painters. Paint.net: Freeware program written in NET Framework. Pro Motion NG: pixel art editor based on ancient Amiga DeluxePaint can at least open it too without crashing... PS: can someone try legendary PAINTSHOP PRO? (i dont own it) or MacroMedia FireWorks dead fish right? SerifFailOpen.mp4
  3. Yep its same issue, I think this isnt something trivial for them to solve, because it taken so long, maybe they have to rewrite some big chunk of their code handling this (maybe thats the price to pay if you base bitmap software on vector one (Affinity Designer) and want to share same/similar core). This will probably take few years to solve not months, If you can use Photoshop or freeware GIMP meanwhile. (GIMP dont have non-destructive editing yet) but paid Affinity Photo cant handle this filesize yet. BigFilesIssue.mp4
  4. downloading, will try but last time in affinity 1.6.5 and before, this was issue: They said that 1.7 can handle better larger files (performance, filesize or both?) but i didnt test it yet on my 50K source png ORIGINALLY REPORTED back in 2017:
  5. can you make a video? In my case it takes few seconds to do 3000x2000px crop and export it, maybe i dont understand correctly what you mean. (for confirmation) I see that crop tool sometimes jumping 1px up and then down while moving it on canvas which isnt ideal, some kind of bug or implementation issue? APCropAndExport.mp4
  6. and here is 4500x3000px try to zoom in little more if you cant hit it or lower mouse sensitivity if you have 1920x1080 LCD (by zooming far out on huge pictures, pixels get interpolated maybe thats why you cant hit that 1pixel) Have 27 LCD 2560x1440 and i have to zoom little bit more and it took some time before i hit that 4500x3000 number on such large canvas (it jumped above or below a lot) It would be no issue but Affinity Photo is missing Auto-scrolling feature while being zoomed in and dragging/enlarging crop area like Adobe Photoshop, this would help with pixel precision marque or crop selection while zoomed in and cropping area behind visible part of canvas.
  7. About crop region tool i dont have any issue 3:2 to do 3000x2000 export (Jpeg) it out and recheck in windows size is 3000x2000. only with locked resize document if you downscaling from non 3:2 ratio, unlock it (click on yellow lock between numbers) and punch both numbers in and it will resize to 3000x2000
  8. Some rounding issue? Maybe because 4187x2792 isnt exactly 3:2 but 4187x2791.33 is? Try it with 4188x2792 = exactly 3:2 Use this calculator it helps a lot: https://calculateaspectratio.com
  9. i have heard advance way is to use DCT blocks as place where to put steganography information sometimes i can use ProMotionNG and disable each individual color one by one until watermark pop out delete it, randomize erased area with rest and re-save it to pure and clean PNG with smallest implementation possible (NO XML, NO TEXT CHUNKS, redone compression) and you can always put it to HxDen for additional checks...
  10. Additional info: https://www.loc.gov/preservation/digital/formats/fdd/fdd000178.shtml https://www.fileformat.info/format/dpx/egff.htm
  11. i would like that too, but i guess do you need to pay patent license for HEIF/HEIC to MPEG group ? Maybe they are waiting for royalty free AVIF ? For curiosity: i kind of liked BPG image format as PNG alternative but i guess it was kind of grey/dark area from licensing view. There is something called FLIF but dunno how far is it, also PIK format in the making, closer to JPEG (better noise and gradients retention)
  12. i would like to have that TGA/TARGA support too. Im doing lots of 3D or game engine projects (older and newer). SlipperyBrick: To me Affinity Photo at this stage is something between Lightroom and Photoshop and its use cases tuned more for photographers. Its not yet prime Photoshop alternative. And what is bit sad is that roadmap till 2.0 feels kind of weak in this regard (if you take into account how long it takes to reach it). Maybe less free updates after 2.0 and use additional money for bigger Photo team if it would help?
  13. I have done more test (JPG and PNG) and its looks like opened file SHOULD NOT reach or exceed file size of 300MB! If you keep below 300MB filesize it should not crash Affinity PHOTO but its not practical to edit, its laggy and slow etc... Tested Files: JPG image 39 693 x 32 256 (39K) file size 274MB - OK JPG image 40827 x 33 178 (40K) file size 288MB - OK JPG image 41 394 x 33 638 (41K) file size 294MB - OK JPG image 42 528 x 34 560 (42K) file size 309MB - CRASH -------------------------------------------------------------------------- PNG image 28 352 x 23 040 (28K) file size 268MB - OK PNG image 31 187 x 25 344 (31K) file size 317MB - CRASH if someone want i cant put files to dropbox... (Open source GIMP Opened PNG image 56 704 x 46 080 (56K) file size 914MB just fine, Photoshop is super fast and butter smooth with such file)
  14. what is image resolution? Affinity Photo cant handle large pixel sizes yet
  15. dont know if i have same issue or its something else... im trying to do burn inside of jet thruster cone and i cant recreate it quite well with non-destructive technique (overlay) and not at all with "classic" burn tool. Feels like burn tool is to weak any idea how to make it more brutal, darker and gritty? like in PS if you un-tick "protect tones". Need to have that soot-like visuals. With non destructive technique im close but still not there. Its texture for some old game project so i dont want it take too much time its texture in style of 1998-2003 (colors, filters, fx, heavy use of Dodge and Burns...) PS burn: Update: I think im closer to what i need, so i will do it with custom brush with harder and smaller pixels which i have created and using Non destructive technique (overlay).
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