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  1. Will try to be more useful now: What about to default into ADD mode (Selection Brush Tool) with New Document or launch of program instead of keeping it on last selected from previous session. It does not make any sense to have selected SUBTRACT mode with new document. Another great thing would be to add small + and - sign at Selection Brush circle to quickly see what mode (ADD/SUBTRACT) is currently selected. Its just quality of life improvement to speed up and smooth workflow. Photoshop has something similar in center of brush :
  2. Danielcz

    Crop Tool

    yep, cant click on them.
  3. Danielcz

    Affinity Photo Customer Beta -

    im black sheep here i like old ones, just enlarge them to higher res. at least they look good with AERO. If photo texture represents shutter geometry .. maybe more grey style icon would fit even more but i believe some other software already using that Aparature/Shutter style icon this way. On other way old icons look similar to ARTSTATION website
  4. Danielcz

    Affinity Photo Customer Beta -

    1) Procedural Textures are cool, ripples are close to Chrome filter i need from PS but results mostly with monochrome filters are too blurry. (low-res) 2) Love additional Perlin noise and Cloud options in PT! 3) Crop Tool visuals are still kind of not precise for pixels (lines are too thick and blurry), i would like to see Marque select thin line visuals 4) Dont like new Icon for Photo and Designer they looks kind of simplistic but in a bad way (i would just tweak the old ones, like removing that bottom tip + increasing size + some shape tweaking) PS: Cant find Voronoi Filter
  5. i have heard advance way is to use DCT blocks as place where to put steganography information sometimes i can use ProMotionNG and disable each individual color one by one until watermark pop out delete it, randomize erased area with rest and re-save it to pure and clean PNG with smallest implementation possible (NO XML, NO TEXT CHUNKS, redone compression) and you can always put it to HxDen for additional checks...
  6. Danielcz

    File Format Support - DPX

    Additional info: https://www.loc.gov/preservation/digital/formats/fdd/fdd000178.shtml https://www.fileformat.info/format/dpx/egff.htm
  7. i would like that too, but i guess do you need to pay patent license for HEIF/HEIC to MPEG group ? Maybe they are waiting for royalty free AVIF ? For curiosity: i kind of liked BPG image format as PNG alternative but i guess it was kind of grey/dark area from licensing view. There is something called FLIF but dunno how far is it, also PIK format in the making, closer to JPEG (better noise and gradients retention)
  8. i would like to have that TGA/TARGA support too. Im doing lots of 3D or game engine projects (older and newer). SlipperyBrick: To me Affinity Photo at this stage is something between Lightroom and Photoshop and its use cases tuned more for photographers. Its not yet prime Photoshop alternative. And what is bit sad is that roadmap till 2.0 feels kind of weak in this regard (if you take into account how long it takes to reach it). Maybe less free updates after 2.0 and use additional money for bigger Photo team if it would help?
  9. Danielcz

    Crashes while loading large JPEG

    I have done more test (JPG and PNG) and its looks like opened file SHOULD NOT reach or exceed file size of 300MB! If you keep below 300MB filesize it should not crash Affinity PHOTO but its not practical to edit, its laggy and slow etc... Tested Files: JPG image 39 693 x 32 256 (39K) file size 274MB - OK JPG image 40827 x 33 178 (40K) file size 288MB - OK JPG image 41 394 x 33 638 (41K) file size 294MB - OK JPG image 42 528 x 34 560 (42K) file size 309MB - CRASH -------------------------------------------------------------------------- PNG image 28 352 x 23 040 (28K) file size 268MB - OK PNG image 31 187 x 25 344 (31K) file size 317MB - CRASH if someone want i cant put files to dropbox... (Open source GIMP Opened PNG image 56 704 x 46 080 (56K) file size 914MB just fine, Photoshop is super fast and butter smooth with such file)
  10. Danielcz

    Crashes while loading large JPEG

    what is image resolution? Affinity Photo cant handle large pixel sizes yet
  11. dont know if i have same issue or its something else... im trying to do burn inside of jet thruster cone and i cant recreate it quite well with non-destructive technique (overlay) and not at all with "classic" burn tool. Feels like burn tool is to weak any idea how to make it more brutal, darker and gritty? like in PS if you un-tick "protect tones". Need to have that soot-like visuals. With non destructive technique im close but still not there. Its texture for some old game project so i dont want it take too much time its texture in style of 1998-2003 (colors, filters, fx, heavy use of Dodge and Burns...) PS burn: Update: I think im closer to what i need, so i will do it with custom brush with harder and smaller pixels which i have created and using Non destructive technique (overlay).
  12. Crop tool feels pixel-inaccurately, crop lines are too fat and soft looking so its hard to know where exactly pixel borders are if you need to be more precise I would like to have thin 1 pixel sharp crop tool lines (that grid rectangle) like Rectangular Marquee Tool is
  13. we can call it OpenRaster, now someone has to resurrect it from never ending draft
  14. it will not work like 100% interchangeable between Affinity and Adobe [PSDs], i guess its similar like working/opening MS Office documents in Libre Office... im transfering my all work from Adobe to Affinity Photo right now and im too paranoid to use PSDs, so im exporting png layer by layer and if project is more simple then im re-doing it completely again in affinity its bit time consuming but not that much... If font is present, then im make it again in affinity and tweak it to look close as possible to original PSD [tracking, line height...] but Crisp, Strong, Sharp and Smooth modes are missing thats why that OpenType variable fonts would be great to have, i could have tweak it even closer to original file from Adobe
  15. they are going Variable Fonts [64 000 axes] now: