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  1. 1. Yes the app is from Microsoft Store. 2. Microsoft Store Version 12011.1001.1.0 3. RuntimeBroker version 10.0.19041.746 4. BitDefender Total Security.
  2. My Affinity Photo just upgraded to the new version (from Microsoft Store) and it asks me to register/sign up to acces the brand-new content sync feature. But, when I try, it says "Error while constructing request or parsing server's response, there was an unexpected problem while handling the server's response". Can someone enlighten me on this issue, or is there any official ways to contact them? Thank you!
  3. In other photo editing software, in the Levels window there's three pickers with which I can set black point, gray point and white point in a picture. Does Affinity Photo have something similar? The sliders are good, but often I need to be sure that in a certain point of the picture there's the absolute black level reached. Or white sometimes. Thank you.
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