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  1. RevTim, Interesting tutorial. But my Live Procedure Texture panel ha no drop down list of presets. I have to open the Manage Presets panel to see them. I created a new category: Tutorial Textures. I dragged Checkered into it but I can't get it into the Live Procedure Textures panel in any form. When I click on the Drop Down Menu of the procedures panel I get 1 listing— Reset to empty So I appear to be stuck, unable to apply your techniques.
  2. Thank you, markw. This most likely means there is something wrong with my copy of Designer. May have to reinstall. I am not sure as to how to go about this.
  3. I attempted to open up a (Designer) file and the Anna ITC sc font was not recognized. I had to open the file in Publisher to edit the text. Apparently, the Designer function in Publisher worked. But not in Designer. I will attach the problem file and a PDF which show what it should look like. The correction was made… 2006 replaced "Gala" at the bottom. The numerals were distorted to appear the same size as the letters. I have only the Publisher file now because of the correction. But Designer still does not see Anna. Opening the Publisher version in Designer is the same as opening the Designer file with Designer was.. The font is Anna ITC sc (small caps) I invested in Quark Xpress because Publisher is not yet usable as a page layout app. Objects developed in Designer (and Publisher) can be arranged in Xpress. Type handling and color management are still too challenging and erratic in Affinity apps. Most things can be accomplished, but they can pose a challenge. 2020 Gala only logo K+032U.afpub 2020 Gala only logo K+032U.pdf
  4. Ihave the original Designer and Photo workbooks. Would LOVE iPad versions that are updated.
  5. It is really remarkable that so many knowledgeable forum members took time to analyze my problem. It still remains that a 1.7 MB .qxp file becomes a 690 KB PDF, while a 192 KB .afpub file becomes a 5.1 MB PDF. The artwork is virtually identical… done with the same placed images. The original Publisher filer is slimmer than the Quark file. So something besides my execution is at play. I think it's that quark has a superior PDF generator. Thanks for your help. Much of this was over my head, but I did learn a lot.
  6. It is my experience that PDFs generated by Publisher are significantly larger than those generated by Quark Xpress. This can be an issue in longer documents with many photos.2019 Journal cover.pdf2019 Journal cover.pdf2019 Journal cover.pdf2019 Journal cover.pdf2019 Journal cover.pdf2019 Journal cover.pdf Is this a fact, or am I doing something wrong? I am attaching two similar examples. The large file is of a Publisher file, the smaller from Quark. 2019 Journal cover.pdf
  7. Is it possible to specify a grayscale image (tiff, jpg, affinity photo) to print in a spot color. I know that duotones or tri-tones are not available, but it would be desireable to be able to specify and display a halftone in a match color. Adobe does it all, of course, but Quark Xpress, while not supporting duotones, allows graycale images to be specified as a spot color and be overprinted or not. I have not seen a reference to this capability one way or another in Affinity applications. I am not referring to duotones. Just assigning a spot color to a photo file. In any of the Affinity applications.
  8. Artwork slides under pasteboard rather than resting on top. When it happened in Publisher, restarting the app corrected the problem. In designer, so far, the situation persists. see attached. Anyone kno what's happening? iMac 5K running Catalina 10.15.1 Lots of RAM, memory & disk space
  9. Yeah, Adobe bought its way into web and vector design while placing tolls or tearing down bridges behind. Affinity had to re-invent lots of wheels to create their suite of apps. Probably a misuse of metaphor, but you get the idea. The vector blend/ morph wheel is just another barrier. I would like this ability, plus the ability to handle spot color duotones, tri-tones, etc.. I live in hope.
  10. Thank you, Bryce, the Resource Manager would have revealed my errors. Perhaps even informing me of the 2 copies of the same oversized halftone that were inflating the size of the file. I now know how to do this. I replaced all photos with what I knew were .jpgs and ended up with a reasonable 3.5 megabite file that loaded rapidly. Perhaps the "sandwich" file was the Affinity Photo file with layers. Resource Manager would have revealed this. I always check the links to make sure the process photos are CMYK. Now I know where to do it in Publisher. Thanks, again. MarvS
  11. Hi, BofG, I did revisit the file, and even though I couldn't find the source of the stacked halftones, I replaced all the halftones with what I knew to be Jpgs. The result was a 3.5 megabit file which was the equivalent of the Xpress one. Is there a "Usage" window that list the document's elements and links, with descriptions, such as Xpress & Indesign have? Adobe takes PSFs and makes compact PDFs. I wish affinity could do the same with their files. Must be tough getting around Adobe's copyrights. Thanks for your insight. MarvS
  12. I produce a 2-side mailer in Publisher that generated a huge PDF. I recreated the job in Xpress and generated a PDF 1/7th the size. There are other things that I don't like in Publisher (too many layers are generated, for instance) but they usually have work arounds & learning curves. Bloated PDFs are another thing. They are slow to load and quickly get too large for conventional email. In this case the Publisher file was 4 times the size of the Xpress file. The art in both files are the same. There are fewer options, as far as PDF creation goes, in Publisher than in Xpress. Both these PDFs are intended for print. The point is that if Publisher generates bloated PDFs, then it is not yet a pro application. Or have I done something wrong. Viera Mailer #4 APub.pdf Vieira Mailer #4.pdf
  13. Walt, thanks for your patience. I revisited my problem, and I don't know how I got all my problems, but I did discover how to set point size and leading. Once I discovered the identity of the proper icon, I no longer had difficulty setting the proper leadings, which is a function of paragraph settings (like Quark). I am amazed how good publisher is. I just have to adapt to the UI which, I know, can't violate the "look and feel" of the established applications. I am already using Designer and Photo with Quark Xpress. The printers have been able to use my PDFs. I will now finish with Publisher and see how that goes. Process work will not be a problem. Black and one or more spot colors may be. Duotones are not possible with anything but process colors. I think. I hope I am wrong about this this matter too. Again, I thank you for your generosity in sharing your knowledge.
  14. I haven't gotten into the Styles Panels, yet.My problem is being able to spec type directly into a layout, without deciding to set up style sheets.I just want to adjust the text in a two column box to result in two (approx.) equal columns.For this I select a readable size and adjust to fit (leading, spacing, hyphenation, etc..) I have sent a screen shot of an example. The text in the sample is 8.5 point Aveneer condensed with minimum leadings. I can't say how much leading, because there is no indication on the Character Panel or the horizontal bar above. The highlighted text reads 8.5 pt, even though it clearly isn't. The "Leading Override" box reads 9 pt… whatever that means. 9 points more? Than what? The Style Sheets are used in long or multiple documents for replication. Not for one-off application. So my question is: Can I spec a column of text in 8.5 Point on 9.5 pt. leading? And then make adjustments if necessary? Right now, the answer seems to be "no." I'll have to stick with Quark Xpress ( I no longer use Indesign.) I hope you guys show me otherwise because I think AP is almost there!
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