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  1. If Serif has moved to a Mac Store only model, I'm happy to rebuy it - I want to support these guys.
  2. I just wanted to thank the Affinity Photo team for publishing the Affinity Photo Workbook! I've come to realize that for me, as a Photoshop user, there was just no way to figure out Photo by myself, and the tutorials were too specific - what I needed was an overview. And panic was setting in, because when I get a new Mac, I have to upgrade to Catalina, which means finally ripping off the bandaid that is Photoshop CS6. It's taking effort and time, but nothing has made me more optimistic than going through the absolute learn from beginning chapters in the WorkBook. As I'm finally seeing how Affinity Photo works, I feel like I'm making the software my own. As soon as I can finally mimic my most common photoshop tasks, it's finally good bye Adobe for me. I feel like giving back, so I've decided that once I finally feel like I can generally use Affinity Photo, I'll try to make some videos specifically to help those people coming off of Photoshop to transition. It's a false sense of familiarity - Affinity Photo LOOKS like Photoshop, but it is operated so much differently. Here's to finally reaching Steve Job's original dream of being able to sell software like Photoshop for only $50. My one request: Could you also make the WorkBook available in digital form so I could refer to it on my iPad? That would also allow you to cheaply update it to keep it current. I fondly call this instant classic "The Pink Book". - Jeff
  3. Hi Cecil - I should have mentioned that I have the Mac Desktop version, but not from the App Store - I bought it directly from Serif.
  4. I searched the online docs and found that Affinity for Desktop i supposed to automatically check for updates and download them. However, mine is still on 1.7.0, with no obvious way to update to 1.7.3 with all its GPU goodness. 1) Is there any place on the Affinity website where I can download the latest version? 2) Is there any way in the Affinity App to force it explicitly to check for an update? Thanks so much, Affinity crew! - Jeff
  5. Walt, thanks so much for the feedback. I'm going to wait until I'm in an environment without any firewalls and see if there's any difference. BTW, I'm actually not completely against buying Affinity Photo a second time, because it's not that expensive and I want to support Affinity. But if I can make the Apple Store version work, then I can put that money into books to help me learn it.
  6. OK, that all makes sense, but like many other users given this advice, I see no such links on the Welcome screen. See screenshot attached: Unless it's the "view samples" link. If this isn't what I'm supposed to see, I could try completely removing Affinity Photo and then reinstalling it to see if that helps. Update: I tried the View Samples link - lots of cool samples but no link to the Affinity Website.
  7. I purchased Affinity Photo from the Mac App Store, and as such, I cannot access anything on the Affinity Website. I do not feel I should be treated differently than people who bought directly from Serif (I would happily have had I known), and I would like to set up an official store account with my licensing information. I understand that Apple would not share their information with Serif, but I can. Let me know how to proceed. There are a *lot* of other customers in my position. Thank you. - Jeff
  8. I have EXACTLY the same issue and need real help. I bought Affinity Photo from the Apple App Store. Now I'd like my own account on the Serif store, but there seems to be no way to do it. And unlike Walt's reply I too confirm that there are no links of any kind to create an account for Serif - only for the forum. Is Serif going to force us to buy a second copy just to get an account? Is there any way to reach them for comment? Thanks, - Jeff
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