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  1. Original post title: Find command doesn't work To replicate: Create new file and insert some text, or open an existing file. Press command-F. The "Text" menu flashes briefly, but nothing happens. No Find dialog appears. Version:, downloaded today. MacOS 10.14.3. Thanks!
  2. Colin_Fredericks

    Find command doesn't open a collapsed Find pane

    Ohhhhh oh that's not better. So what's happening is that, like folks said, the "Find and Replace" box is hiding in the left panel. If that panel is collapsed, hitting command-F or using the menu item does not open it in any way. Typing after pressing command-F just puts text into my document (or rapidly switches tools) rather than doing findy things. If I remove the Find & Replace studio... thing... pane? Let's call it a pane. If I remove that pane, command-F brings it up, but if it's collapsed, command-F doesn't change its status. Hitting "Reset Studio" did fix this, but not for long. Rearranging the studio so it's all on the right-hand side, and collapsing the Find & Replace tab, puts me back in the original situation. This is a problem because I don't have the screen real estate to keep that open all the time. I can at least get to it now (thanks for the suggestions everyone!) but it's definitely still a bug.
  3. Colin_Fredericks

    Find command doesn't open a collapsed Find pane

    Yeah, just got that. Turns out .249 has the same issue.
  4. Colin_Fredericks

    Find command doesn't open a collapsed Find pane

    Huh. And now that I read the forum, another potential bug: Version seems to think that it is the most recent version. When I ask it to check for updates, it says I'm up to date with the most recent version, while .249 seems to be the actual most recent.
  5. Colin_Fredericks

    New image has entirely too many handles

    Awesome, thanks!
  6. Me after inserting an image: "Huh, I wonder why they chose a thick solid blue as the border when you're editing the wrap outline." Me after zooming in: "Oh. Oh no." Interestingly, this does not happen to me with every image, but it does happen reliably with specific image files. I've attached not only screen shots of what this looks like in situ, but also the original file that gave me trouble. Maybe there's something weird about it? Thanks!
  7. Colin_Fredericks

    New image has entirely too many handles

    I just get the image without the enclosing group. There are still a bajillion handles when I edit its wrap outline. @MEB seems to be correct - re-exporting the PNG with transparency turned off is a workaround for this bug.
  8. Colin_Fredericks

    New image has entirely too many handles

    Hmm. Sorry, I still can't find what you're talking about. I expanded the image in the Layers panel, and I see a "Group" item that has an "Image" inside it, but nothing else. It doesn't matter which of those items I have selected when I click "Edit Wrap Outline", I still get a thousand handles. Nothing with the words curve, clip, or object.
  9. I've found that having object styles available makes it easier for me to place graphics faster, as I can set a standard text wrap and apply it quickly. I've also used it to create standardized sidebars with simple designs when I don't want to create new graphics for all of them. I've also found a few other features that other folks suggested that I also liked (e.g. book files), so I've been using the "Like" button to indicate agreement rather than posting my own thread or adding more posts to theirs. Not sure if that's the right way to go about this, but hopefully the admins will be able to see that. Thanks for your hard work!
  10. Colin_Fredericks

    Object Styles

    No, they're a cool feature but they're for a different purpose. Symbols allow you to make multiple copies of the exact same object in multiple places. If you alter one of them, you alter all of them. For instance, if you're writing a game book and you want to have one particular shape that means "this takes two actions", you could change that from an arabic 2 to a roman II and it would change in every location where you placed that symbol. (Which is great.) What I'm looking for is something that, for example, sets the color and border and wrapping of a text box but allows each instance of that box to have different text inside. If I made my sidebars as symbols, every sidebar would have the same text - unless I "detach" it, in which case changes to the original no longer affect it.
  11. Colin_Fredericks

    New image has entirely too many handles

    I can find the image in the layers panel, but right-clicking on it or using the cog icon doesn't give me anything about clipping, and there don't seem to be any relevant menu items with "clip" in them.
  12. Colin_Fredericks

    Locked into View tool

    Thanks for making this beta available! I'm enjoying it already. One issue that I'm having is that after using Publisher for a while, whatever tool I've selected stops being the active tool and I end up with only the View tool (the hand). I hadn't selected that tool, and couldn't change out of it. If I see this bug again I'll try to figure out what's triggering it; right now I'm not sure.
  13. Colin_Fredericks

    Locked into View tool

    Probably, yeah. I use that combination all the time, especially on smaller screens. I can't get it to replicate right this moment, but it's certainly possible that's the issue. Trying to replicate it brings me new bug, though: "zoom out" sometimes loses the center of the screen. The document can entirely disappear off to the sides or especially off the top.
  14. Colin_Fredericks

    Two small suggestions

    The "esc" trick works for me. Type in a frame, hit "esc" and you've got the text frame tool again, hit "v" and you've got the move tool (pointer).
  15. Colin_Fredericks

    Hide frame edges / Preview

    Does selecting View -> Hide All Guides do what you want?

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