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  1. Hello, I had to throw away that file of 3GB. At that size it was unusable so I made a new layout in InDesign. In any case I could hardly send off the files. At a total of more than 4 GB, with my broadband speed it would take about 9 hours. It was a large document; 12” x 12”, 240 pages with an image on each page. I exported both at PDF/X-3-2003. Images were all at 300ppi and converted to CMYK via a profile. I did not adjust any settings, assuming they would already have been set to optimum for reproduction.
  2. No, I left everything at 300ppi for both Publisher and InDesign
  3. I see this topic has been raised already but with no solution, so I’ll add my three-penny bit worth. I have just exported a large file to PDF and the PDF file size is 3.32 GB . Gosh golly thought I. I created the same file exactly in InDesign and exported that. Same page size, same number of pages, same images already converted to CMYK with a profile, same text, same PDF option. The InDesign PDF file size is 1.03 GB A file size of 3.32 GB is unworkable at my end.
  4. I am not using beta. 'Updates' says 1.7.3 is the latest bought version.
  5. I am using 1.7.3 I have been working on a fairly long document, about 55,000 words. If I type in a sentence, perhaps just 10 words, it’s more than one and a half minutes before the sentence is entered into the page. A few corrections might mean another minute’s wait. It’s ridiculous. Restarting and closing all other programmes makes no difference. I have had to go back to InDesign on this document until something improves. There are 305 pages with these dimensions: 5 in x 8 in (13 cm x 20 cm). It is just simple text throughout with no images and all pages are linked.
  6. I have just done a test on file sizes. I embedded images on to 10 A4 pages with the Picture Frame and Place Image Tools. Then I linked images on to 10 new A4 pages. Then I simply dragged images on to 10 new A4 pages. After saving the files, I found they were all the same size. How come? Surely the file with the Linked images should be considerably smaller. Duncan
  7. Thank you to MEB and Fixx. So it seems when PSD allow upsizing in their Raw panel, they are just offering a convenience rather than giving any real benefit.
  8. Hello, Is it possible to resize a Raw file up to a larger size? I know resizing can be done in Photo Persona, but that is too late. I want to do it in Develop Persona while still working on the Raw file.
  9. Wish One A means of viewing and editing a batch of Raw files and then avoiding Camera Raw. Wish Two A lens profile for the Nikon 17-55. Doing a panorama where each section needs several exposures and HDR means every image has to be treated individually. AP does not retain the settings in a DNG file. All this means there is no point in doing the job in AP. Wish Three A way to add metadata into the final image. Duncan Wh
  10. Got it. I've just discovered the hidden right-click option for customising the toolbar. Duncan
  11. On my screen, in Develop persona there is no Develop Assistant button on the top bar. It only appears after I click 'Develop' then surely I'm no longer in Raw. In the new 'Maximising Raw Latitude' the top bar looks like my developed bar. Duncan
  12. Hello, In 1.5, what's happened to the 'Apply no tone curve' option in Raw? Duncan
  13. Hello, Is there a way of upsizing a Raw file, like with Workflow Options in Photoshop? I know there is Resize Document but it would be better to do it from Raw. Duncan
  14. Thank you but I think not. All my Photoshop JPGs and TIFFs always open in Photoshop. For them to open in Camera Raw I have to make that choice via Bridge. Duncan
  15. Hello, A slight problem. Exporting from Affinity, if I save as a JPEG or TIFF, when the file is opened in Photoshop, it will open in Camera Raw rather than standard Photoshop. This happens whether the file is 8 bit or 16 bit in Affinity. If exported as a PSD file, then it opens in Photoshop and not Camera Raw. I do not want exported files to open in Camera Raw. Is all this normal or am I missing a setting somewhere? Duncan
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