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  1. PascaleC

    Huge file sizes

    I am using Afffinity Designer, not Photo. So we are talking VECTOR. And I still dont understand how a series of 7 illustrations can go from 120 MB to over 8 GB on iCloud backup. Is this a known issue?
  2. PascaleC

    Huge file sizes

    Hi GabrielM, OK, but even then, is it normal that 7 files (with a total size of 126 MB) ends up creating 8G of space on my ICloud backup? And also, I’m still puzzled about the discrepancy of file sizes between almost identical documents (1MB to 42 MB) Thanks!
  3. PascaleC

    Huge file sizes

    Hi there, I’m new to this program and was hoping to use it for an upcoming book project that I have. I did a series of illustrations on my iPad Pro to test it out and was surprised to find that the file sizes varied from about 1 MB to over 40 MB for very similar images (same dimensions and styles and number of layers - all vector.) Shortly afterwards I started getting messages saying that my iPad could no longer be backed up on iCloud. When I looked in my settings it seems that Affinity Designer requires over 8 GB to back up on iCloud. What is going on? Does anyone have an idea what might be the issue? Help! Pascale