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  1. Thank you very much to both replies. I still find this technical stuff a little bit foggy, but the further explanation of "stokerg" reply's by "SrPx", does give me a better understanding of the matter. If I understood correctly, to get the most ot Affinity Photo, I should set it to work with my CPU. I suppose I could fine tune a better performance directly in Affinity's Preference Menu. Also, if I didn't misunderstood, the GPU might be of some help of sorts for performance, but since it's a laptop version and also an old model, the boost in performance might actually be a very small one or maybe even none at all. I consider my question answered, but it begs the question, if Affinity does work better with CPU (like brushes which are one of the main features I use), why have a screen selection to chose between CPU and GPU? In which case does using a GPU is beneficial for Affinity Photo? Thank you both
  2. Hello thanks for the greetings I'm actually using Affinity Photo to paint an image with brushes, which I suppose enters in the "rendering to screen" subject. I'm no expert but I do believe GPU does help my case. So I feel my question still goes unanswered.
  3. Hello I understand Affinity Photo can benefit from the usage of a GPU, I have an Nvidia GeForce GTX 860M since it's a laptop. My question is, to ascertain that software does is working with the GPU, should I select the GPU selection in the Affinity Photo Preference Menu in the Performance Tab?, should I assign it directly in the Nvidia control panel? or should I do both things? Thank you
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