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  1. It is not a driver setting, it is in the painting software called Krita. It seems they identified, there needs to be some cool API trick to get right click working in Windows Ink mode. The Inspitoy is a graphics tablet not a pen display - maybe there is a difference in the driver architecture. I tried a bunch of other software (ClipStudio Paint, Krita, Rebelle, Davinci Resolve, XNView, ...) - right click is working everywhere except Affinity. Maybe something to be looked into in the future - in end it is not a big issue. Affinity right click works in wintab mode which is good enough in most cases. Windows Ink is just better for me at resolving pen tilt and very light brush strokes. But that is subtle and I need it only for detailed painting, which I continue to do in dedicated software anyway.
  2. Sure: And a hint from Krita (in Krita the right click works as expected).
  3. Not better or worse but different. My experience ist, that a higher gamma gives a more crisp antialiasing (which is expected due to the way gamma curves work). But the effect can be subtle. With thin fonts at tiny sizes it can be obvious but with bigger or thicker fonts less so.
  4. There is the Text Blend Gamma preference. It helped me in some cases. Might not be a solution but at least something to try out. 8 point text created with various gamma values (value must be set before creating the text element).
  5. Regarding USB devices: There is a setting called "USB selective suspend" in the power plan details. This one controls whether Windows can limiit power usage of USB devices when they are not used. This setting can be on or off. Maybe it helps to set it to disabled in your case (but this is just a guess). Regarding ram usage: Best is to check it with the Taskmanager. It shows you how much ram is used. On my system I can easily exceed 8 GB with just a few app open and one big Nikon photo loaded in APhoto.
  6. @thegary The below is just a guess but maybe you like to try to disable the "page file". Windows is moving data from the ram into the page file (a system file on your disk), to free ram. It was introduced at a time when ram was limited. The issue with the page file is, that it is slow compared to ram. So, when it happens that Windows moved Designer data there but then Desinger needs the data again, it has to get it from the slow page file instead of the fast ram. As you have 64 GB in your system it is unlikely that you will encounter ram limits - but even if there is a lot of ram, Windows still moves data to the page file. I made a quick google search and came up with this information: https://www.makeuseof.com/windows-pagefile-sys-guide/ It includes a description how to disable page file in Windows. Again, all this is just a guess.
  7. Ok, that did not work in the past for me because the remote controller software did not support simulating mouse wheel simulation. This works now with the latest software. But, sorry, this leads to a new request: Add a feature to control the speed of the rotation: If you watch the video, you see it works in general (yea, rotate around pen tip cursor), but it is way to slow for fluent work. I set the speed in the controller to the fastest setting already but that seems to be not enough. If I use the "normal rotate" without alt, then the speed is fine (I think it uses 15 degree steps while the rotate with alt seems to have very small steps).
  8. APh on Win 10. When hitting a shortcut of a tool a second time, the previously used tool should become active again. E.g. Use the paint brush tool Draw something Hit E for eraser tool Erase Hit E again to switch back to the paint brush tool This is not working. I tried it with use shift key to cycle tool groups in preferences on and off. But it works with the color picker tool. E.g. Use the paint brush tool Draw something Hit I for color picker tool Pick a color Hit I again to switch back to the paint brush tool I assume it is a bug, that it works for color picker but not for eraser ?
  9. Thanks again. Regarding the cycling within a tool group: There is a setting in preferences called: use shift key to circle tool groups I have this active in my settings (it means only cycle throught the tools if shift key is pressed). I like to have the erase tool work like the color picker tool. But it seems that is not working as I expect it. I also tested with V1 now and it is the same there. So in general the "hit shortcut again" function to switch back to previous tools seems to work for color picker but not for eraser. Hm, bug, feature request?
  10. Using APh V2.1 on Win 10 22H2 I have assingend shortcuts to zoom and rotate canvas. Zoom respects the cursor position. Rotate does not respect the cursor position - it always rotates around the screen center.
  11. Thanks for testing. No, I have not changed the shortcuts for color picker and eraser - but others ones I did change. Can you be so kind to also try it with E (eraser)? If it works on your Windows system but not on mine it might be that I need to reset the preferences.
  12. Example in v1: - I use paint brush - I hit I for color picker - I select color - I hit I again to switch back to paint brush see also this thread: use shift key to circle tool groups in preferences is off. Now in V2.1 this is not working anymore. (and it seems the eraser did not work in V1 either but color picker did work).
  13. APh 2.1 Win 10 22H2 In the past it was possible to change tools temporarily with shortcuts: E.g. Select paint brush tool. Hit E shortcut for erase tool Hit E again to switch back to paint brush tool. I am trying this in V2.1 and it is not working. Hitting E switches to erase but hitting E again does not switch back to paint brush. Any setting I am missing I tried with use shift key to circle tool groups in preferences on and off.
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